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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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What bothers me is not that he did the hot tub thing as a young man. It is 1. Paying hush money instead of caving to blackmail, all to protect a state legislative career, and 2. the moralistic attitude of the GOP, while at the same time engaged in shady behavior either present or past. Is this our version of South Carolina? Utahns have seen plenty of GOP hypocrisy. It would be a good and correct thing to vote Democratic and restore balance. The GOP leadership is arrogant and untouchable, and they know it.

Bad lawyering

If lawyers were involved, this shouldn't have happened. If I were Garn, I would sue her to recover the money he paid for her confidentiality.

This is why you should never settle blackmail cases.


To help with the healing, he needs to go back and sue the now "adult" woman for the "silence" $$ and make her pay the money back since she broke her word, as an adult. Just sayin'. And I would write an article to the lady's local newspaper in NH about how she extorted $$ from him and the "demanded" $$ for her silence and how she broke her word. It matters what happened, and it matters that she broke her word. 20+ years ago.....come on folks.....20+ years ago. Kevin, you keep on truckin' and continue to believe in yourself and your family. I do not know you but you seem to have very good people surrounding you which leads me to believe that you are "good people".


Would any of us want our worst mistakes published in the paper?....not me! Thank heavens for repentance and forgiveness.

Blackmail never ends

and people who think they will make a one time payment and be done with it are deluding themselves. It is interesting that at the same time our society becomes more permissive, things like this become bigger political issues. We're talking, it is claimed, a one time incident in 1985. If that is indeed the case, this doesn't seem to be a big deal.

It Figures

Maybe now he and his buddies will stop wagging their fingers at everyone else who doesn't live the life they think we all should lead.

I'm sure there's more to this story that will surface.

If Obama had done this...

...the outcry would be deafening.

A Utah GOP politician does it and it leads to a standing ovation.

The insularity of our One Party Rule is stunningly toxic and dysfunctional, but I would bet my house it will remain for the next 20 years, easily.

I predict a second version of the "Strengthening Democracy Commission" as a nauseated public turns further away.

Kevin Garn

I've known Mr. Garn for nearly thirty years. He is a very selfless and kind man. He is a man of great integrity and compassion. Most would have ignored what happened and said nothing and let things pass over. There was a time in my life that he helped and gave me great compassion. Yes, he admitted to a mistake yet his service of love is so much larger.


I am not hearing that the public and Deseret News understand the gravity of this situation. A little quick math shows us that "nearly half my age" when he was 28 means that the girl was 14, or maybe 15 or 16. The fact that he did not actually state her age clearly indicates that she was in fact a minor (or else he would have unequivocally stated her age). Why would you get into a hot tub with a 14- or 15- year old unless you were sexually attracted to them? Even if there was no sexual contact, this guy intentionally put himself into a situation where it became much more likely. In the English language, we have a word for this: "sexual predator". Is there any doubt that he would have been prosecuted if the police had come upon him during this encounter? And yet we're being asked to look the other way because it happened "so long ago". Even the woman is being called "unbalanced"...maybe that's because an older guy preyed on her when she was younger!


I think it might surprise most people of they were privy to the errors most people have made in moments of weakness. Certainly if our own lives were up for minute examination, very few would come out perfectly clean.

Congratulations to Mr. Garn for admitting a mistake and trying to move forward, having learned a difficult lesson and impacted those most dear to him with a day of poor judgement. It would be nice if all those who wish to cast stones would purify their own lives first.


Before any of you "cast the first stone," consider your own youthful (or mature) indiscretions. I personally hope Garn sues this woman into bankruptcy.


I don't know anything about Garn, but kudos to him for coming clean in the way that he did. He didn't make excuses, and he's clearly ashamed. I'm actually impressed as well with the way the Deseret News handled the incident--keeping their word with Garn, and not publishing something that happened a quarter of a century ago because they knew it would have an impact on the race yet was of very little news value. I hope Garn continues to serve.


Will Garn be on the sexual predator list?

A Garn Guy

I am saddened by this. I have known Kevin for a long time and I believe him to be a good man. He has been a champion for ethics reform and has represented those of us who live in his district well. While he obviously made a mistake years ago I hope people will be willing to look at all the good he has done since this indiscretion and continue to support him. He is one of the few really great leaders we have in Utah.


If we demand perfection from our leaders, we will have very few of them. That said, this was a very serious incidentthat resulted from spur of the moment extremely poor judgement. Time is the best indicator of remorse. He seems to have been innocent since, let's move on.

RE: Disgusted

Um, "Disgusted," I used to work for a newspaper outside of Utah. Actually, it's fairly standard practice for a paper to sit on a story when the allegations are highly damaging yet largely unproven and there would be little public good done by releasing it. If we'd released every rumor we heard about, we'd have been called the National Enquirer. Newspapers do their best to use common sense and good judgment, too. If they DIDN'T, the question you ask would be 100% valid.

Hey Disgusted

For once, it appears a news organization did the right thing. Perhaps you should only read the National Enquirer for your news.

Do you not have mistakes in your distant past that you have done everything possible to repent of? I believe, like the Deseret News, that this man did enough to put this behind him. Why would you choose to bring this up when he has repented and it is not relevant today?

I live in Georgia and have never even heard of Kevin Garn before noticing this article so I am as unbiased as can be. I only read this article because I had the chance to meet Jake Garn once 30 years ago and this headline caught my attention and I wondered if this was his son.

Since you are apparently without sin, I guess you have the right to cast the first stone at him.


How many other stories is the Deseret News sitting on, to protect the myth that Utah's political and religious leaders are all squeaky clean?

Disgusted ain't half of it!

As a longtime DNews reader and former journalist I say Garn is not the only one who made a mistake and should have known better. The DNews clearly was wrong not to report the story.

What happened to a commitment to journalism? DNews, did you ever consider your responsibility to your readers, to voters? What business are you in? Protecting those in power who engage in conduct that is clearly inappropriate?

You failed to meet the most basic journalistic standards here. Your top editors owe your readers a public mea culpa just like Garn delivered.

The credibility and reputation of a once fine newspaper slips a few more notches. It's sad to watch.

Now DNews, surprise me by posting this critical comment!


The big mistake was not made in the hot tub. It occurred when this slimy politician thought he could buy silence. It's nice he recognizes the mistake 8 years later, but he should resign for trying to cover it up. This guy's no different than Richard Nixon.

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