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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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No Jered @ 8:17

If it was only blackmail then yeah, let's be done with it. It isn't. He was an adult. He had a position of responsibility with her. He paid the hush money and then called the DNews every couple of years to see if more was going to be said. I don't think he has told the whole truth.
Also, who cares about Clinton? What does that have to do with a Utah man committing sexual crimes and then covering it up with money and tears and help from the staff of the Deseret News? See related articles on how much the Deseret News knew.


I cannot believe that our elected officials would stand up and clap after a so called "respected" official reveals his dirty dark secrets, which by the way is illegal. If Garn would not have resigned there would be many people appalled and I think this would stay in the lime light for a long time. Utah already has enough dirty dark secrets, remember the polygamists who married very young girls and now that I think of it they still do. Please remember those who represent us are not perfect but they definitely should not be criminals, and take advantage of young girls. It is too bad there is a statue of limitation otherwise Mr. Garn would find himself in a cell where he belongs. By the way where did he come up with $150,000.00 to pay her off? Remember the elected official from Idaho who resigned after sliding his foot in the restroom which is not criminal and he still resigned. It appears that almost every few days there is a story about a politician who cheat, lied, and stole, whatever. By the ways I see Ms Maher as a victim but also as an opportunist.


I am so ashamed this is the standard of our "leaders". Ashamed, as a group they would get up and clap for this man who, even today, can't speak the truth and whitewashes what he did.

The multitude of offenses he committed are a sad tale to many in our government. We need good, upstanding men as our leaders to set a high bar for integrity and ethics. Anyone getting into government needs to make sure their house is in order and without skeletons. And yes, I believe there are men out their who live lives without despicable histories.


Yes what he did was wrong but it also happened more than 20 years ago! And 25 years ago there weren't the kind of sex laws that there are today.

This woman was a victim back when she was 15, that isn't the case when she willingly signed an agreement in exchange for cash. She basically settled the matter for $150,000. Looks like the money ran out and she was out for more. But this time he was stupid enough to pay her off. Best to just own up to it and move on.

What, Stephanie ?

Do you know the laws? I don't. His paying any money was most likely tampering with a witness. I don't think it is legallly possible to agree to silence in child abuse. He didn't own up, he threw a tantrum! Owning up would be going to a police station and confessing quietly. Then they could corraborate the story and charge him appropriately.


Another victory for great journalism in Utah....not really surprising though

To String of Crimes @ 9:23

Right on! Total agreement!

Also agree with String of Crimes

A fifteen year old is a minor = Child. Consent does not enter into the equation in this case.

Garn had been downright lucky to get so far without exposure. He tempted fate and it has caught up with him. Well, he can relax now and pay the true price, and start living a life of peace out of the public eye.

The DesNews probably made the right (tough) decision the first time. However, when he decided to run for office again, they should considered their obligation to the public. He had confessed to a legal offense for which he had never been made accountable. The self-serving Hush money (what he called "healing" money--oh my, how corrupt!) is evidence of a lack of true remorse.

I have no sympathy for the timing of his announcement. Pure selfishness.

Make no mistake, DesNews Readers, it's a big deal. And in these times, if we have something this serious to hide, best to lie low unless our motives are pure as new-fallen snow and we've nothing to gain. Garn's behavior does not pass that standard.


Beware of those who scream "family values" the loudest. Garn fits into the axiom that the more a politician goes out of his way to find immorality in others (gays, etc), the more likely he is to be hiding something about himself. But I didn't know that newspapers actually help politicians be hypocrites.


Garn can spin this all he wants but he will have to answer to GOD for what he did. You can't omit and carefully select what information you want out there in the eyes of GOD Mr. Garn.

And of course you must

know it was not just a "hot tubbing" incident! It is ridiculous to just believe that. The woman claims they had a relationship...
It is pretty naive if people just think that one act didn't lead to others...
And it is true that no matter what transpired a juvenile is never held accountable and can't "consent" so people should not blame her. Of course, she could be dishonest now...we can't be sure of that. But if he admitted to "nude hot tubbing" it is very naive to think there wasn't more...


This story is wrong on so many levels-not one person in this story behaved appropriately. Garn should not have been in that hot tub-he most certainly should not have paid her that "hush money"! Deseret News should have published the story when they had it-what happened to the newspaper reporting the news!? She should not have extorted money from Garn, that was wrong. Those "on the hill" should not be treating him like a hero-he did 2 very wrong things, one was 25 years ago and one was 8 years ago-now or 30 years ago, it still goes to his character. This is just awful.

Let it go

It was a long time ago. The only people that care about this are people that want to make political gain for themselves and their group.

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