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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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If a public servant

can get away with it, why not a sports figure? Garn had to have the whistle blown on him, Tiger Woods openly admitted his wrong-doing and he doesn't represent anyone other than himself. Yet, his endorsements are gone. His reputation is shot. I say we boot Garn out of office. He is a bad example and we should be ashamed of him.


Garn says he made a mistake; he didn't make a mistake, he commited a crime. There needs to be a full lawful investigation.

Pegasus Records Reminder

Pretty disgusting to me that posters are saying "it was a long time ago" or "who didn't make mistakes". Some of the posters are worse and blaming her or thinking she was at fault as well.
Get real. She was a teenager younger than 18 years old. That's not a lapse of judgement in a weak moment, that's a crime. You can't prey on young teens when your a married man of almost 30 - twice her age. We'd call that a Predator today-which might land you on the Sex Offender Registry today. This is hitting the national press.
I'd forgotten about the Pegasus record store-didn't know Garn was the one who owned it. I spent a fortune on records at that place.


He was an adult and she was a child (yes 14/15 is a child). Who cares if it was 5 years ago 25 years ago or 100 years ago it was still wrong. He needs to resign and go away and not be around little girls again!


I hear you JOHN PACK LAMBERT 4:37. No need to hide the sinnerS sin just because he is LDS. It really amazes me when this man "Garn" had no morals to even be honest enough to tell his wife the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The main person to tell the truth to would be your spouse.

John Pack Lambert

To the 9:08 commentator,
While the fact that Garn was married may effect any past or present action by the LDS church, I do not believe it has any relevance on the criminality of his action.
From a legal standpoint, which is the one we need to use to consider his fitness to fill out the rest of his term (the rules for possible re-election are different) the quesion is this, is a 28 year old man being naked in a hot tub with a 15 year old girl a crime?
The answer to that question is not effected by his marital status. If he was a single 28-year-old man it would have been equally as criminal.


Was the Deseret News paid to NOT run the story disclosed in 2002?

Why would the Deseret News assist in a cover-up of sexual abuse and political hush-money?

Consider all of the other people and source that knew about this: Why did all hide the truth?


The little extortionist girl will not be "healed" at all by manipulating someone and by her publicity-seeking. Ms.Maher, a curse upon you for attempting to destroy someone, for your own gain. You will never, ever feel good about what you have done. Rather than allowing you to "move on with your life and heal" as you said, destroying someone will fester & infect your personality. Forgiving and forgetting is the only thing that would have healed you. This will destroy what little is apparently left of you, and your problems in your current life are NOT someone else's responsibility. Grow up.


Wow. The reaction here is quite telling. Utah is huge on supposed morals and values, and yet a newspaper chose to omit the little detail of hot-tubbing with a 15 year old because it was too close to the election? I wonder if the same consideration would have been given to one of those liberal candidates?

@John Pack Lambert

Let us not be naive, a 30 year old married man with children entices a 15 year old child who was under his religious and employment authority to a secret naked encounter in a hot tub; and that is all there is to the story. Get real, this is as bad as the Catholic church scandal of child molestations. This needs to go to a legal court.

String of crimes

The cries that we not judge because all of us are imperfect ring hollow. Our world is based on laws that have nothing to do with how "pure" the jury is. In a criminal proceeding, the judge does not instruct the jury that they can only find the defendant guilty if they, themselves, have never done anything wrong. And as a public, we ought to demand more of our elected officials, REGARDLESS of our own personal shortcomings.

There is a string of problems here: at 28 he preyed upon a little girl, in 2002 he did his best to hide his crime, and he ran for public office several times without disclosing a SERIOUS criminal offense. Now he wants to come clean, not because his own conscience is bothering him, but because it has become public.

I don't care about Ms. Maher's shortcomings or involvement - she isn't an elected official. Mr. Garn ought to be investigated and prosecuted if applicable. Let God judge his soul; we have a responsibility to hold him to the standards of our own laws and standards. A man who hides these kinds of sick acts should not hold elected office.

to Alan

seriously what is wrong with you? do you not see anything wrong with what Garn did? you are the one who needs to grow up... most 5 year olds begin to know the difference between right and wrong, but apparently you haven't reached that yet.


I hate it when you pay hush money, and they don't stay hushed.


"Twenty-five years ago, I made a mistake that has now come back to haunt me. I was 28 years old and I foolishly went hot-tubbing with a young woman nearly half my age..."

This is a very carefully worded disingenuous confession. Using the words "mistake" and "incident" to make is sound like one encounter is incorrect. "Foolishly" equates to "foolish youth" when in reality a married 28 year old cannot dismiss his actions to foolish youth. And "a young woman nearly half my age" merely deflects naming the actual age (15) and the fact that this was a child/minor/teenager. "Young woman" implies that this GIRL was mature enough to be blamed.

The "confession" is not genuine and those of you standing up for this man and blaming the victim are disgusting.


It is shocking to read all these comments supporting Garn -- along the lines of "he who has not sinned, cast the first stone." I have never and will never go hot tubbing or have any other types of encounters with underage girls or a woman who is not my wife.

For those of you who know him, while he may be a good person, he obviously has some serious issues. So maybe you don't know him as well as you think.


Bravo to the Deseret News for having the integrity to not publish Garn's story in 2002 just to get an uprising in readership.

C'mon now Utah

Lets think reasonably, there must be more to the story if she's willing to come out and make this public AFTER they made an arrangement for her to keep quiet and risk him suing her for the money back right? I'm pretty sure something illegal happened in that hot tub or somewhere else. Also, IF something illegal happened, that hush money was actually be a bribe and how awesome would it be if he paid his lawyer to document his illegal bribe!


Let it go and leave him alone. I say this and I am a woman.

RE: Sue @ 6:26

Yep, Sue. Sue Garn. I am a woman, too. I was once 15 and I think Garn hasn't paid enough. An adult who would take advantage of a minor and then turn it into a media circus has not paid the price! There is a civil case that could be pursued here, too. I hope the woman sues him and cleans him out entirely. What he did on Capitol Hill to try to gain pity and support was reprehensible. His public statement was pathetic and probably added much to the abuse he has already dealt her. SUE AND SUE AND SUE.


This is absolutely unbelievable. Here is a now grown up woman talking about something foolish that happened 25 years ago and she basically black-mailed this lawmaker. Sure what Garn did was probably a misdemeanor at best and pretty stupid but come on, it happened in his twenties. Most guys don't really grow up till there married and in there thirties anyway, ask any woman this. If Garn is faithful to his wife and doesn't mess around anymore I think this is best left in the past. Nobody is perfect and he did not sexually assault this girl. I think we are getting to a point where you have to be a saint to be a politician and we all know that most politicians are anything but saints. Remember Bill Clinton. And he didn't even resign. Lets grow up people and get real.

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