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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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BTW - I notice that the D-news caption terms Garn's incident a discretion. Others might say sexual assault. While a district attorney might say statutory rape.


Interesting to see the positive tone on this forum.
I recall much harsher response to the Clinton sex scandals.
Double Standard?


Background checks are required for public employees such as teachers and police officers. Now even classroom volunteers are being asked to obtain background checks. I understand this as these people as in a position of trust. Question? Are background checks required amongst the Utah legislature? I would be curious to find out.

It's Not Fair!

I propose that the national laws be changed so that Utah males are exempted from being considered legal adults at age 18. It's clear from so many comments that the populace doesn't believe that this poor fellow was equipped to make any kind of legal or ethical decisions at age 28. It sounds like most males in Utah must not get away from Mama until closer to thirty, and then they need some clarification on what the law means. This is the evil 15 year old vixen's fault!

Not Ok

I'm republican 23 and male and what this man did is not ok. I mean 28 years old when he did this? Wow.

Hard to say whether it was extortion or whether he went out of his way to keep her quiet but it doesn't look to good from either side. Sad story.

A 15 year old should be smarter but a 28 year old should be a LOT smarter!


I'm angered that Deseret News wouldn't report on something like this when it comes to our elected officials. This isn't a private citizen, this is someone who represents us. They put themselves in the public eye. I don't really care to get in people's bedrooms (or hot tubs), and I don't care about individual's sexual escapades, AS LONG AS THEY ARE LEGAL. But this behavior clearly skirts legal lines, which is very relevant to voters trying to determine who will make their laws. Who are you a paper for? What sort-of puppet strings were pulled as you talked to him? Did Garn offer you hush incentives, too? I have a brain, give me the information and allow me to make up my own mind.


If Garn, like Clinton, had lied under oath about this incident, I would say he should be thrown out. But an indiscretion 25 years ago should be forgiven if Garn has lived clean since then. I myself refuse to run for public office because of some dumb things I did 40 to 45 years ago, and it wouldn't be hard for an investigator to find out all about these discretions when I was 14 to 16 years old.


Shame on the D. News. I know Kevin Personally but they refuse to post my comments. mikeleach61@msn.com if you want to hear the truth about kevins past.


Roman Polanski is considered a hero among his fellow Hollywood Liberals......for doing the EXACT same thing that GARN did.......I am more out-raged that this woman BLACKMAILED this guy then I am about Garns 25 year old Polanskylike indiscretion!

If you take money for sex.....are you not essentailly labeling yourself a HOOKER?


Everyone who is praising Garn, imagine if the 15 year old was your daughter or someone from your young women class?

This man deserve to be locked up and added to the sex predator list. I really hope he is not a Mormon. Last thing we need is another one of this type of people.

John Pack Lambert

In many ways I feel the Deseret News should have gone public with this story.
Still, when they have gone public with other accusations they have been accused of druming up hate against specific individuals. It is a fine balance, and although I think they should have erred more on the side of public knowledge, I will with hold the unmoderate attacks that assume that newspapers have a duty to bring up questionable actions done by an indivudual 17 or more years ago.
On the other hand, I think at least by modern laws this would count as criminal sexual conduct, so calling it a "mistake" is too weak. It was a crime, if I properly understand the laws, even if Garn and Maher had no phisical contact, which is a big IF.

RE: Rich

If the "dumb things" in your past involved illegal activities then I applaud you for not running for office. I wish more people would follow your example. No one is perfect but most of want legislators who have not been involved with illegal acts at any time in their lives. Believe it or not, most of our current legislators could pass such a criminal background check just fine.


no substitute for the truth..........a lie is a lie, and either way you deal with it , it is still an untrue story.........


1) To the idiot who invoked Polanksi — Misdirection is a cheap tactic. And maybe quit with the labeling of 15 year old girls as hookers.

2) I don’t care what this guy did 25 fricken years ago. And I don't care that he paid off the girl. Let the polls be the only judge of this man.

3) The newspaper that didn't report on this information is the villain here. It did a great disservice to its community and only further damaged the already soiled name of journalism in this country.

John Pack Lambert

To Lew,
The Deseret News is not a particularly Republican press. They are one of the most ardent supporters of immigration reform there is.
It is just that you are such a die hard democrat that their refusal to push a die hard Democrat agenda makes you mad.


Sure, let the polls judge this man.

But, if this is a felony, should Garn be allowed to vote for himself at the polls?

Sick Now

I honestly think that I'm sick after reading the many comments of defense of this man and his actions and the attacks made to this woman. He was a married adult and he did these things with a young girl... How can you people just shrug off the things that he did and then blame and attack her? I am sick.


How odd that so many people want to justify his bad behavior by saying that "everyone makes mistakes". That he regrets his actions does not change them. The age of consent is not 15 so even if she "knew" what she was doing, what HE did was illegal. Do not get lost in bad logic. This guy has some serious impulse control problems.

Feed Up

Garn said this mistake was coming back to bite him, and now that the 15yr old (then) is talking it was a bad idea to pay her the money. It sounds like Garn is sorry that this has become public, not for getting naked with a 15yr old girl!!! The deseret news did not publish the story because he was retiring anyway. THEN WHY DID THEY NOT PUBLISH AFTER HE RAN FOR THE SENATE 2 YRS LATER. Garn should resign at once, if not for 15yr old then for paying the hush money.

I can't believe it

How is it that we are still blaming the victim? She was a child, he was an adult. Garn was never charged, never put on trial, never had to pay and if we look at this 'friends' on the hill he never will. Of course she's haunted and she always will be until he is arrested, charged, and put on trial just like any other pervert in our pretty great state. Justice has a way of putting personal demons to rest. Garn do Utah a favor, resign, plead guilty, and do your time.

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