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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Witness tampering

Exposing yourself to a minor is a crime that ends political careers.
Tampering with a witness (by paying her off) is also a crime.
Garn knew better both times.

Not a big deal, move along

Come on, people, let it go. It was 25 years ago. He made a youthful mistake, like we all have. Nothing happened between the two of them, and he's tried to make it up to her since. If he wasn't a Republican then this wouldn't be news. The Dems do lot's of things worse than this.


Are the Church and Deseret News culprits?

"Deseret News editors decided not to run a story about the indiscretion at that time, since the GOP primary was only weeks away and the incident had occurred years before."


Sounds like someones political alignment got in the way of their reporter sense. The only reason this story wouldn't run is for political reasons. Even if you argue that this was nothing more then bad judgment the people should have been told about this because if Garn has bad judgment in his personal life, how can he have good judgment in his political dealings.

To Utah Dad

Thanks for your comments Utah Dad! The most reasoned (and probably realistic) interpretation of the events so far.

seminary man

whats the difference they're both in position of trust...geez thats why is so accepted here and the outside world views Utah as hicks!


Why is so much of this article a feeble attempt to exculpate the D-News? I think waiting for this to happen to publish anything about it is journalistically irresponsible.


I'm surprised nobody has brought this up yet. Kevin is a former bishop and stake president. Was this ever disclosed to the Church authorities by Kevin? How many disciplinary councils did Kevin prside in where the conduct was similar to Kevins? This brings up a LOT of unanswered questions.

re: Prunoid

certainly at a minimum the judgement by the Des News Editor was rally bad. What about the Trib? If the News knew, its pretty sure the Trib did too. Incredibly poor judgement by both. I doubt there was a crime by either of them though.

It is a big deal.

First to Cowboy and Utah Dad. Nice and thoughtful. To Not a Big Deal, Move Along, I don't care if Garn is a Republican or Democrat. He was 28 at the time of this Encounter. 28 is not a young age and for those of you using that as an excuse, you should be ashamed. If I made that mistake at that age or even at 20, I should have been arrested. I know better and he knew better. The "extortion" request is certainly not a right move by this woman (separately, she should answer to this as well) but that doesn't exonerate Garn. In fact, by paying her to "heal" and not disclosing it makes it worse. Moreover, he was no longer "youthful" when he paid this money. Bottom line, I'm an independent. When it comes to the voting booth, this incident will influence my vote.

Ron Gibson

Forgive him He's paid enough. Although he should probably leave office, she should be looked into on tax or blackmail charges.

So close...

If I understand the Des News's rationale, they didn't report the story because it was too close to a primary election, so they sat on it, then Garn lost so there was no story.

Does that mean that if Garn had beat Bishop and went on to face the Democratic contender, they would have then reported the story?

I think I've gotten it - the Des News wanted a Democrat elected from the 1st district and knew this was their only chance - 1st, hope that Garn gets the Republican nomination and then in the general election report the story and destroy his campaign.

They came so close!


I'm a Democrat and absolutely do not condone this kind of behavior from any Democrat, e.g. Rep. Massa. But the sight of a bunch of self-righteous Republicans giving a standing ovation to a pedophile who pays big hush money to keep his peccadillos private is enough to make me gag. They should all be ashamed of themselves.


Optional | 12:49 p.m. wrote:

"I'm surprised nobody has brought this up yet. Kevin is a former bishop and stake president. Was this ever disclosed to the Church authorities by Kevin? How many disciplinary councils did Kevin prside in where the conduct was similar to Kevins? This brings up a LOT of unanswered questions."

It sure does!


It's amazing the folks wanting to put this in the past. Garn should have been on the sex offender registry. That's the way to look at it. And his fellow colleagues gave him a standing ovation. Despicable.

Hear, hear!

Excellent comment, Jud. That is just about as slimy a display as I've ever seen in American politics, and we know how slimy that is. One guy was apparently weeping for his poor comrade, who had to admit to convincing a 15 yr. old employee to take off her clothes for him after years of hiding it. Waaaaah.

Just look again at that photo. Disturbing. They believe they can do anything to anyone and that god supports them. They continue to take America into a cesspool.


If this incident had happened last week, Garn would have been prosecuted. She was a minor. That it happened 25 years ago shouldn't change that.


If someone working with Obama made a dumb political remark when he was 20 conservative use his words to condemn him. When it's a local conservative, they want to forgive him and move on. This is moral relativism.


You just gotta love the comments that are willing to forgive Garn. Will those same people now forgive Polanski? Hypocrites who hide behind their faith while committing sin. Secondly, does anyone really believe that this was an isoloated incident with only one girl. Where there's smoke there's fire.


To all the people that are praising Garn!!!!! Do you have daughters? Would it be okay for me to come over and get in the hot tub with them??

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