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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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i didn't even come close to this and no one forgives me...just labels me...label me the unforgiven but i'm liven!


"mc | 10:33 a.m. March 12, 2010
Its nice to see from many of these posts that all of you Democrats are so clean and pure."

Well, I haven't ever gotten in a hot tub nude with a 15-year old girl, if that's what you're asking.

Amazing how quickly the GOP preaches moral relativism when it's one of their own.


yeah i believe him, not. gotta love fools.


Would you still feel the same forgiveness to Garn if this 15 year old girl was your daughter?

Double Standard

There does seem to be a bit of a double standard. A member of the Religious Right who has a sexual transgression is a repentant sinner. a member of the Religious Left how does the same thing is an immoral reprobate. An undocumented immigrant who comes to America because he loves his family and want t care for them is a criminal. A 28 year old who get naked in a hot tub with a 15 year old has made a stupid mistake.


Please MR. Garn, take the high road for once on this issue and resign. "It was a long time ago" might beat the justice system but if we are to trust your words of wisdom from your calling, you need to come completely hot tub clean, she will.


Typical, and telling how the most publicly pious are the most privately perverted. Garn deserves all the scorn he has heaped on others far better than himself.


Reading the comments has been the most humorous part of my day. The thought processes of my fellow men and ladies are enlightening and amusing.

Political Parties Stink

I am so sick of the polarization and hypocrisy driven by political ideology.

Issues should be decided soley on reason, logic and common sense and involve honest collaboration by our leaders for the good of the citizens they represent. There are so few politicians who have that mindset today at both local and national levels.

The responses to this story are driven largely by ideology and political party as well. I find nothing more pathetic and weak than to make decisions based on what a particular ideology encompasses - whether it be a religious or political ideology - rather than using your own reason and common sense and having the courage to make decisions that do not fit into a particular box.

Independent thinkers who weigh ALL the evidence, facts and circumstances of something issue by issue seem to be so far and few between into today's extreme polarizing landscape where the only voices seem to be the extremes of the left or the right. Moderation, common sense, reason, and collaboration are almost viewed as weaknesses in today's toxic political environment. To me those should be the MOST important virtues of our politicians.


If it was your daughter in the hot tub would you still forgive and vote for him?


Teacher gets accused of inappropriate relationship with student--- Career ruined, name smeared all over the D News and legislature calls for more background checks

Legislator admits to exposing himself (at the least) to a child--- Standing ovation and hugs from fellow legislators, D News buries the story, and apologists aplenty defending him because of political affiliation.


Utah Dad

As a dad with adult daughters and a fifteen year old daughter, let me tell you how I see this story.

There's a fifteen year old mormon girl, a ninth grader, a MIA maid, who works for this nice guy. He takes her out of town, to some kind of secluded hot tub where they bathe together in the nude. He tells her to keep their shame a secret and she does, for many years. She lives with her unresolved guilt.

Victims of this kind of abuse suffer. The event does spiritual and emotional damage. It wounds the spirit.

Then, she's a young women's leader and she sees that the same man might get elected to high office. She talks to a reporter.

The next thing she knows the man is working through her bishop to get her to kill the story. Her husband tells her that her silence is worth $150,000. She complies. The wound doesn't heal.

Finally she decides that unrighteous men must not be allowed to force her into bad decisions. She goes public and gets attacked by a bunch of self righteous party line ideologues.

I hope she heals.


My compassionate side tells me that this was a regrettable incident long ago, and by gones should be by gones.

My rational side tells me, this man committed a sexual offense against a 15 year old girl while he was in his late twenties. Without the details I have a hard time accepting his story at face value, ie, there was no sexual conduct. He also kept this secret from the public for twenty plus years. His public service and "good" life was largely directed by the misfortune that he wasn't arrested at age 28 for his clear crime. I am 28 years old now, and just don't believe I could write this "indiscretion" off as a youthful mistake.

Lastly, his willingness to submit to obvious extortion, bespeaks questionable integrity. How can we justify a public servant who is willing to continue breaking the law by participating in extortion. At the very least this ENTIRE incident deserves a thorough independent investigation, up to and including criminal prosecution of the woman in question for blackmail.

It should be obvious, but I ultimately have to forsake my compassion and side with rationalism here.

To Utah Dad

Very interesting and insightful perspective to this story. Thank you!!



["Since the girl broke the terms of the agreement, does she have to return the money?"]

She should. And if she doesn't someone should look into if she paid taxes on it.


I'm amazed at the rationalizations that you folks come up with, to defend both Garn and the DesNews.

That he was naked in a hot tub with someone 25 years ago is not very interesting. That his naked companion was 15 at the time, while he was 28, should be of great interest both to the news media and to the criminal justice system.

The hush money deal was potentially criminal on the part of both parties, and is again highly newsworthy.

And according to this article, none of this was merely a matter of rumor, even eight years ago. Mr. Garn admitted all of it to the Deseret News, but they didn't print anything.

Perhaps it was reasonable to delay publication until after the election, since you wouldn't want voters to know part of the story but not all. But there was no excuse for the DesNews keeping this secret for 8 years, while Mr. Garn continued to serve in the Legislature.

No excuse. The DesNews participated in a cover-up.


28 years old is a grown man. 14 years old is not a "young woman", but a "girl"! Forgive? Sure. Downplay what happened? No way!


Getting caught is not repentance. Jail for men that abuse minors!


This woman is a gold-digger and an extortionist. That is a fact.

He never should have paid her for a foolish mistake when he was young.

He's got to go

It was a crime. He paid her hush money. It was not about helping her, if that were the case, then why so much later was the money paid? Further, and this is very important, Garn ran for public office, took money to fund campaigns and never disclosed this. Voters were defrauded because many if not most would not have voted from him (or gave him contributions) if this was known. He's got to go. Not acceptable at all.

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