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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Is it just me or is there an undercurrent of deviancy with minors accepted in this state?

Lew Jeppson

"The editors decided to wait to see if Garn advanced in the primary before deciding to publish a story or not." Given the degree to which Deseret Media support the Republican party, I doubt you would have anytime.


For those who keep saying it was a mistake, you really should look up the meaning of the word. This was a deliberate action by Garn's own admission. He didn't mistakenly converge with the child in the hot tub, he did it on purpose and for a reason.

Oh boy!

A standing ovation? The legislature's reaction to this incident is as much a story as the story itself.

I hope that all involved can heal and move on. At the same time, it's time for Garn to step down.


Are you people listening to yourself! He was a kid! She is coming forward now to ruin his life! How could hot tubbing haunt her all these years! She is money grubber!!!!


Did he use his campaign funds to pay the $150,000? If so, he should be investigated for ethic's violations.

Not From These Parts

I have my fingers crossed that this fine publication, which obviously adheres to the highest standards of Fox journalism, will allow my comment.

I have a question after reading the comments. Is a 15 year old girl considered "fair game" for an adult male in Utah? Is it still OK if the adult male is an african american or mexican and the 15 year old is a cute little white sophomore? Or would that get the interest of law enforcement?

Be honest.


It's amazing to me how quickly "rule of law" conservatives in this state are so quick to set that aside for one of their own. Garn should resign and have charges filed against him. She was FIFTEEN. Forgive him if you like, but don't set aside the rule of law. Wake up people.

Bad decision by paper

Not only is Garn's past coming back to haunt him, but the D News' decision not to run the story in 2002 is coming back to haunt them. I'm sure the editorial board agonized over what to do, but I believe it was the wrong decision — terribly wrong! It was clearly an important news story involving a public figure. This will significantly damage the paper’s credibility. How many other important stories is the paper sitting on? Did the paper protect Garn because it has a Republican bias? It takes guts to run a good paper, and unfortunately, the D. News blinked! Both the D News and Garn would have been far better off to come clean from the start!

Confused Repub

Wouldn't this be an example of the moral equivalency that we always lecture everyone else about? That means that right and wrong changes as convenient for us? It almost sounds like we're a bunch of religious hypocrites, but that can't be the case, can it? I better talk to my minister and have him explain this away for me.

Defenders of Garn...Really

What is it about Utah and the people's willingness to defend this kind of twisted behavior? In any other state you'd be hard pressed to find any defenders for this kind of person. He would have either been put in jail or run out of town. Instead, I'm finding that the majority of people here are quick to blame the girl and while praising the virtues of the ADULT, who knew better, and did this to a teenager.

get over it

it was 1985 man!!! bush snorted coke about that same amount of time before taking office. it was skinny dipping for crying out loud. bad thing to do, but get real. she comes around when she knows she can make money off the guy... doesn't make me feel sorry for her too much. she was like 32 yrs old when she extorted him, that's a bigger deal in my book.


You people make me sick. As a 28 year old he got naked WITH A JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. I don't care how well he was able to hide it for 25 years with his money, but that's sick WITHOUT sex involved.

And just because he said there wasn't any, doesn't mean there wasn't any. You think he's going to admit to anything when he could be charged with STATUTORY RAPE?

If it had been another adult, then yes, 25 years is too long to hold this against him. SHE WAS A CHILD.


Garn wasn't 28 years old as the article (and his statement) says.

He was 30 years old, and married, with kids.

Some Thoughts

1. From a strictly legal perspective, had he been arrested the next day he likely would have been charged with a misdemeanor but not any kind of felony. The statute of limitations has now long since lapsed.

2. From a moral perspective, he made a serious mistake and one that his wife and children have known about for a long time.

3. From a practical perspective, it is HIGHLY unlikely that, assuming no sexual contact occurred, this event has played a role in the woman's mental and substance abuse struggles that she has admitted to.

4. I am sorry for anyone who struggles with pills and alcohol as this woman has admitted. A close family member of mine has struggled with pills for years. The unfortunate reality is that it causes people to act very unreasonable - in ways that they later greatly regret. My experience tells me that if this woman is currently struggling with pills, she is likely doing and saying things regarding this story that she will later regret once she is clean.

5. Political parties are a curse to our society. I long for politicians who legislate according to common sense and reason - not ideology.

Concerned Citizen

She was a minor for goodness sake. He a 30-year-old man!!!! There is no statute of limitations on crimes against children for a reason. Treat this like any other indecent exposure. People who are convicted of lewd acts against children get put on the sex offenders' list for life, whether the act occurred 1, 10, or 60 years ago. The fact that he publicly apologized (after paying hush money and because he had no other alternative) doesn't make it right! And it's pricelessly because he is a lawmaker that he should be held to a higher standard. Throw the bum in jail. And throw her too for extortion!!!

Idaho Doc

When I was 28, I would not have done naked hot tubbing with a 14 year old girl. Does it bother anybody else that the only people who would have are currently running our country. How do people like Grover Cleveland, Kennedy (pick one) and John Edwards get elected? We need a system of government where men with good judgement like George Washington are put in charge, even though they are not eager to do it. Throw the bums out next election!

He was wrong

What he did was wrong - a crime - and he knows it. That is why he paid hush money. It is inappropriate for a 28-year-old man to be naked in a hot tub with a 15-year-old girl. The law protects minors. Don't make her the culprit.

Interesting that he says "almost half my age" instead of "15" -- like hoping people won't do the math?

For all those jumping on the Pres. Clinton bandwagon - the woman he was involved with was of age. I'm just sayin' ...

marv albert

dont worry , u letterman , tiger will get by with a little help from your friends as you made a carreer of it ...pushing the button.


I forgive Ted Bundy for what he did, but that doesn't mean I'd let my daughter go for a ride with him. I forgive Mr. Garn, but I'm not sure that means he should be running the legislature. Forgiveness is one thing, but the public has a right to know who they are voting for. Maybe everyone went hot tubbing (and whatever else happened) with a 15 year old when they were 28, and then paid her 150K to keep her mouth shut, but I never did. Guess it's not a big deal, judging by 90 percent of the comments here. In my opinion someone else should run the state and Mr. Garn should get a nice job in the public sector.

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