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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Garn is a very decent man. Mistakes that long ago need to be forgiven. I for one don't expect public servants to be perfect.

Disgusted on many levels

D. news kept quiet!! Can they ever be trusted again? Garn and Killpack what a pair.


Since the girl broke the terms of the agreement, does she have to return the money? She can't have it both ways.


How many of us have done things we later regretted?

Everyone raise your hands ... come on now, be truthful.

Now then, let's move on and worry about the things that affect us now.

Just one more thing, he needs to get his money back ... plus interest.

let it go.

25 years is a long time ago. I say they need to put the girl in the clink for blackmale. She needs more money so here she is again. lets all move on -


Its good to see a man willing to admit a past flaw. Rep. Garn is good man. He has worked long and hard to see that his constituents in Layton are well represented. And in all honesty, I am actually glad that the Deseret News acted with integrity in leaving a "story" that wasn't much of story alone. Rep. Garn had acted in good faith and was straightforward in his actions then, and he is doing so now. I look forward to voting for Garn again.

Forgive and Forget

The D. News is not and should not be part of the sensational tabloid crowd. Once Garn lost in the primaries, what purpose would be served to let "disgusted" in on the story? I for one am just as interested in knowing the backgrounds and values of those who express such outrage and righteous indignaton at some of these events. I am betting that their lives, under a microscope, would not be as pure as they pretend.

In so many ways, Garn is a man to be respected. Mistakes happen, even stupid mistakes. Garn has and will continue to pay a price for his error in judgement. It is NOT our role to exact that price, except to potentially without our vote at the ballot box. Figue out if the 2010 version of Garn is worthy of your vote and leave the rest of it alone.

Good luck Kevin. Thanks to the D-news for not resorting to the tactics of the grocery story tabloids. I don't need to know everything.

All Humans make mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Some more than others. Some mistakes are doozies. On the doozie scale, this one (28 year old ought to know better) with a 15 year old -- is a doozie. But after so many years, time to move on. I'm glad to see that the Deseret News acted in a thoughtful and responsible manner. So many press operations today do slash and burn regardless of whose lives they ruin in the process. Journalism and ethics (not an oxymoron) should go together and editors make weighted judgement about the public value of private information, the impact on innocent family members, etc. More interesting question is, would Deseret News have run the story AFTER the Republican primary? Would have likely handed the election to the Democrat candidate, depending on the timing. This is messy indeed.

of course she's haunted

Of course she is haunted. What do you expect?

Haunted for extorting $150,000 for something that was clearly as much her fault as his.

Haunted for failing to keep her promise in exchange for the $150,000.


I don't personally know Kevin Garn and the type of person he is. And obviously I don't know the women either, but it sounds as though she spent the 150k and probably was coming back to get some more money and Garn decided he was not going to pay anymore. Good for him that he said no and was willing to take a stand and suffer the consequences of a poor decision he made long ago. I am just glad the indiscretions of my past are not under the same public scrutiny......YIKES!!!

I wonder

I wonder if she is now going to pay back the hush money?


"I did not have sex with that woman!" Heard that before?


He belongs in prison. She was a child.


She waited to go public for long enough that she couldn't be prosecuted for extortion.

Why is he a Hero?

While I agree that this shouldn't be a big story since it was a stupid mistake a long time ago, why is Garn being treated like a hero by his colleagues for "telling the truth" when he only came forward because his indiscrection was about to be revealed anyway? Again, I don't necessarily blame him for not coming forward earlier since it's a personal issue and hopefully he's changed (we are all too quick to judge and we've all done stupid things), but don't treat him like a hero either.

It is stated:

"He that lives by the sword shall die by the sword." Garn has voted on laws that eliminate the statute of limitations for child abuse. He.himself, has helped pass laws dealing with child abusers - there is no forgiveness in the eyes of the law. If the county attorney doesn't file charges, then that is also a criminal offence. He needs to be fingerprinted and put on the sex offender registry he helped create for people like him.


So, Garn opted NOT to reveal this in 2002 because he was "scared" of being publicly judged. You don't suppose it had anything to do with the fact that he was running for Congress and feared it would cost him votes, do you? I wonder if the House Republican leaders would drape their arms around a Democratic colleague who suffered the same fate. Or worse yet, a non-LDS Democrat, or a non-LDS gay Democrat? These guys are so phony.

Yea, RIGHT!!!

He got naked, got into a hot tub with a naked girl 1/2 his age, and didn't touch her and she didn't touch him? This sounds like a former U.S. president saying, "I did not have sex with that woman." This had better be investigated by the police and charges filed just like would happen for a democrat who did it.

Extortion is the real news

I don't like Garn, but it sure looks like the real news is not so much the stain of a decades old incident, but rather that there was extortion that resulted.

How about some more investigation on the woman's other actions.

If Garn resigns from politics for good, it would not bother me. If he stays, it would not bother me.


Not just "a mistake"; the man is a pedophile. It was against the law then and against the law now.

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