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Published: Friday, March 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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charter school

Now I remember. Charter schools won't in any way take money away from public schools. We promise. Unless we can figure a way to make a late night change and sneak it through without the voters being aware. After all we are the best politicians that money can buy. Never forget we take care of our friends.


So apparently the promise to do a better job for less money was a lie? Every year charters come back complaining that they are not being funded like traditional schools, and every year their buddies in the senate give them more money at the expense of the traditional public schools. I thought the goal for charters was to be different, more effective, more efficient. Apparently the goal is be funded like traditional schools but have flexibility unavailable to traditional schools. The agenda becomes clearer every day.


Thank you house members for choosing to make a debated informed decision, instead of a quick rash decision.

One shining moment for House.


Fred - how about just a flat per student funding - and it goes where the student goes? I pay taxes - I figure my property tax money should go to my kid. Traditional school didn't work for my kid - the administration in our our huge district just doesn't get that a one size fit all education doesn't work for every kid. I have a bunch of kids - have done both charter and traditional school - with a bit of private preschool thrown in - some of it even spent in a title one school - which was hands down the absolute best elementary school of the four we've now attended. Funding and class size was key at that school - and hands down - it does make a difference. Parent's should have a choice - and if traditional schools are cutting it - they shouldn't feel threatened....

By George

...I think you've got it!

My Choice!

"I pay taxes - I figure my property tax money should go to my kid."

I also pay taxes but have no children. Would you also support the "choice" for someone like me to CHOOSE what school my property tax dollars go to?

If you can choose, why can't I choose my property tax dollars to go to the traditional public school where my niece and nephew go! Great Idea!


To anon: You just don't get it do you? There is no such thing as a flat rate for each student. Every child has different needs, and the more needs a child has the more it will cost to educate them and conversely the less needs the less it will cost. How about we let you take "your property taxes" with you to any school to educate all of your kids. I doubt that would go very far.

The point is that we were promised that charter schools would not take funding from our traditional public schools and now our legislators have changed their minds...not that I am surprised.


Charters originally were set up getting the money from the Districts. That created a very hostile environment. I am quite sure going back to that will once again bring up bitterness.

The state SHOULD pool all the property taxes and distribute it evenly per pupil. That would help balance funding everywhere. Of course this would upset people who have the most funding, and it would never fly.


Another 11th hour sneak attack--doesn't matter what state or what party, this is what politicians do...they're all scoundrels.


If you agree or disagree with this bill the timeing by Senator Stephensen is certainly interesting. This component should have been included long before last night. This is typical of the approach that certainly creates a lack of trust. This issue should have been included in the discussions from day one. It is hard to believe that Senator Stephensen didn't have this planned long ago but waited to introduce this issue until he was in a position that was more powerful. This is not the way to change public policy!


The ugly head of the 'voucher movement' now appears again. While we need to address funding for charter schools if we continue to allow them, bringing this legislation up at the last minute is not right nor fair.

Our politicians wonder why the pubilc does not trust them? This is great example of why that is the case. To me it appears sleazy and unethical. We need the citizens version of ethics reform, not one orignating from our legislture. They can't be trusted. I have idea - Let's vote them all out and begin with fresh folks and fresh ideas. It certainly could not be worse than what we have now.

Up with the people! Down with politicians!


The district should fund charter schools IF they have decision over granting the charter. You can't have the state grant the charter and then tell the district it's your problem, pay for it.


Why didn't Stephenson take this idea to the committee? Why did he wait until the last day of the session?


to thelma12

One reason....political pressure while holding the public ed budget hostage!


Why does Senator Stephenson continue to try and find ways to punish public education? It is time to vote him out of office. Its time to impose term limits on the Senate and House of Representatives.


Best news I heard all day. I do not support charter schools


Vouchers, charters, district splits, teacher layoffs, administrative salaries, Board controversies, 7/8 in high school, patrons complaining about increased taxes yet pushing 6-7 kids per family into the public ed. system? Thank goodness I have got my 30 in and can sit back and watch the self-immolation of education unfold before my eyes with little personal ramification. Short sighted adults, you will pay so dearly for this within a decade. I can't wait to see it. The only real solution? We all know it but are prevented from stating the obvious . . . a head tax. But I don't care. You can disagree all you want, but you'll eventually get it.


...Governor Herbert for being a voice of reason with the Senate. This was the correct decision for this funding bill.


I pay property taxes and have no kids, so therefore I should have a choice to not pay property taxes to schools.


If districts have to pay for charter schools then the voters should decide to allow new charter schools to be built or not. Otherwise, the state school board has a defacto ability to raise property taxes on voters every year. I don't know about you, but my right to vote on a property tax increase is important to me. With this new scheme, that right would be taken away and given to the ever growing state government and a small group of people on the state school board. I sometimes wonder if our legislature prefers some other government than our current republic, because they sure don't act like it.

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