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Published: Thursday, March 11 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bear Laker

To Anonymus at 9:31. State your sources! It is easy to make a claim like that with no back up. Where is your proof. I say you can't prove it!

I chose the Y

I could have gone to Columbia or to USU or to the UofU with a presidential scholarship, but I chose BYU with only a one year scholarship.

BYU was the only place I wanted to be and I made the right decision for me. Might not have chose the right major but that is a seperate issue.

It's a great place to be and I am glad I came. I'm also glad I graduate in less than 2 months!!

C.E. Winchester III

re: Now watch all the BYU fans... | 8:23 p.m. March 10, 2010

Didn't Dubya go to Harvard?

RE: Alpine non-Cougar

Of course you can have a good education anywhere as a Mormon. It is awesome for many, such as myself to go to BYU, but for many others it is better to go elsewhere. It actually really bugs me when people think that good Mormon kids "have" to go to BYU and I am one of those "good Mormon kids" who did go to BYU.

Re: Anonymous

Utah is ahead of BYU according to who? You? Just another UTE homer that can't accept the fact that a nationally acclaimed magazine states fact based on data that they've gathered vs. your highly acclaimed Mr. Anonymous? Who the heck are you anyway?

Oh, I know, another BYU hater that can't accept the fact that the UofU is 2nd fiddle in just about every category, except for having a Med School, that is just about all there is...Oh, I forgot about Women's Gymnastics...face the facts buddy the UofU just doesn't measure up...as stated by US News and World report, and just about anyone else that thinks and uses objectivity...

re: anonomous

Really? Name 10, with sources cited please. Or are you just some idiotic person who can't stand to see BYU #1 in a category above the likes of Harvard, MIT, etc? My guess is the latter. BYU is such an awesome place to go to school, but we don't expect anyone outside of it to ever understand. I graduate in 2006, and I know more about the world than many people who have never lived in Utah.

Former Cougar

I graduated from BYU and had a great time. Four years ago my daughter was accepted to both BYU and Utah State. She choose the Aggies because they offered her a scholarship and BYU didn't. She had a wonderful time at USU. BYU is great, but it isn't the only place an LDS student can have a great experience. In many ways, USU is better.


Went to BYU and loved it. Transferred there from a small, eastern state school where I also loved it. THere are lots of schools where you can be happy and LDS, but it was easier at BYU. However, loved both, it was the right place at the right time for each one. By the way, BYU was academically the tougher school, by far. Great education, much less expensive. Don't knock it, and BYU grads will NOT be eaten up. If they made it through, they are worth their salt, as are those who make it through other prestigeous programs.


Mormons who apply to a mormon school want to go to that school if they get accepted. This is such an achievement for BYU!!

Don't forget the cost

I was accepted to Stanford and BYU. It was an easy decision in the end - $75,000 in debt versus no debt for the same bachelors degree.

BYU's low tuition is a major differentiator.

Hittin u from the 019

Congrats BYU you officially beat Harvard in a category that does not even matter. BYU has high academic standards but let's be real, Harvard is Harvard. It may not be the right place for everyone but if BYU has to publicize that they beat Harvard in one random statistical category which basically affirms that Mormon kids want to go to a Mormon school I tip my hat to BYU. In fact, this is the greatest national news that has ever come out of BYU. Yo Max Hall how's your draft status taste?

Re don't forget the cost

A BYU degree is not the same as a Stanford degree. These rankings mean nothing.

BYU is a good place

had a four year full-ride scholarship offer to any State school in the State of Washington. I turned it down, attended BYU for my undergrad and went to the University of Washington for medical school.

I felt very well prepared for med school with my BYU education. BYU has very good representation at UW medical school. The medical school and dental school instructors have commented that BYU students come to graduate school more prepared than those that come from other undergraduate programs.

I had a great time, received an excellent education, and have no regrets about attending BYU. But, I think a person can get a great education wherever they go to school... after all, it's up to the individual to put forth the necessary effort to learn what is needed to be successful.

Juan Figuroa

After one lame year at another college, went to BYU and had a rough time catching up. Then went on to earn graduate degrees in law and journalism. BYU was tough and prepared me well for graduate studies and for real life. Frankly, grad school was a breeze compared to most of my classes at BYU!

Wait a minute

Someone is complaining that people want to be with people such as themselves? BYU has an honor code, for those of you who don't understand that, it means you actually have to agree to certain standards and then live by them, you know honor a contract. I feel sorry for the kids that graduate from a school that's living off past glories and a liberal puff education. BYU is building it's name and reputation, Harvard is living off it's name from fifty years ago. Who do you think got us in this financial mess? Your basic, non graded Harvard MBA Grad. Thanks but I got out before it got bad:). I must be a dumb Mormon, proud of BYU.


I've attended four different colleges: UVSC (now UVU), BYU, the University of Washington, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. I'm convinced a practicing Mormon can have a fulfilling college life just about anywhere, but at the same time, there's something special about BYU. I reaped a lot of benefits from BYU's emphasis on undergraduate research and faculty mentoring. It also doesn't hurt that BYU is a private school; the resources available to students are phenomenal, especially considering the cost of tuition. BYU can offer a wide variety of classes because of its large student body. This was important to me; I ended up taking several classes that almost certainly wouldn't have been offered at a smaller institution due to insufficient interest and resources.

BYU isn't a perfect school by any stretch of the imagination, but for committed students with strong Mormon convictions, it's a fantastic place to get an education.

ER in AF

Grew up In Utah county. Went on a mission and found many, many fellow missionaries who said they wanted to go to BYU. I couldn't understand it until one young man explained he was the only member in his high school and was tired of having to think about the church membership thing every time he looked at a girl. He said he just wanted to go to a place he could go to school, make friends with girls and not have to think about membership compatibility. If he saw a girl he thought was cute, he could focus on talking smoooooooth... rather than thinking about eternal progression.

That BYU is a very good economic bargain and is ranked well in many academics is a boon. I think BYU was ranked in the top 10% for law students having jobs before graduation. Its accounting school is #1 or 2 every year. Great athletics and a great locale for outdoor sports. My daughter did not choose it and I graduated from the U, but I still can easily see why so many would want to go. Good job.


Congratulations! I didn't get into BYU at the time, due to Lost ACt exam. I instead went on mission, and went to another college. I think, despite how they have an honor code, that not all schools have, and can be hard to follow, it kind of shows that people, who have principles, are willing to go to a school, that will have an environment that encourages it. A degree is not any different from one school to the next. Math is still math, english is still english, etc. The diference may be the price it takes to get that degree. As far as being Mormon at other schools and being eaten up? What???? Mormons prosper everywhere. They might be in schools where they have to decide whether or not to participate at an event that might not occur at BYU, but in life, you have to make choices. And those that hold on to their values, they do well. Those who don't, have problems. And you know what? It's the same at BYU.


#6 is Yeshiva? So what does this poll in a business magazine, USNWR, measure? Loyalty to where you applied. I am not surprised that the Y came in first. It should have.

It may also measure something else, the inability of the applicant to see the broad view of education and the future. They apply to only one place. Hmmm. Well... as a college professor I encourage my students to think and act globally. My children I advised to choose an array of possibilities, and they did, and they have done well. Do not put all of your eggs into one basket. Not a good idea in this world that is constantly moving.

This is news? Yeshia in 6th?

PS -- you gotta hand it to USNWR, they get some excellent publicity for reporting data. coooooool.
Take a hundred out of petty cash, mr. marketer, and go shopping will yah.

RENow watch all the BYU fans...

3...2...1...BYU is not just the Harvard of the west"... but, they're actually better than Harvard. You can take that to the bank.

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