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Published: Thursday, March 11 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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"BYU is the only place you can go and have fun being a Mormon." That's a load of crap. I graduated from BYU but I could have gone to many different universities (even Utah) and had "fun being a Mormon." Don't get me wrong...BYU was a great experience, but life is what you make it, and you can have a great time anywhere in the country or world...and be Mormon.


This article makes me happy! Of course, there is a strategy with how BYU does this (early applications), but nonetheless it is good to know that people commit to BYU. It is a good school, #71 in the nation. To think that #71 is picked over #1! Of course, that is actually quite common (some people pick #126 over #71, for example). Way to go BYU!

Most popular?

Shouldn't be a suprise. Mormon kids want to go to college with other mormons, the real college world would eat them up.


No surprise here. Mormon kids want to go to a Mormon school...


Very impressive.


You won an accolade. So?


Most popular? is mostly right. Perhaps if I grew up in a high density LDS community, I could've had the "Mormon" experience in HS that most popular? implies. But I grew up in the East and I was tired of the lack of breadth and creativity in the parties and wanted to go to a place where simplicity and innocence were fun and not made fun of. I finished first in my class of 728 in HS and could've gone most anyway but in the end I only applied to BYU also. And it was every bit the experience that I could've hoped for but, as Anonymous points out, it too was what I made of it. [Eventually I did go to grad school in Boston; somehow even with my pitiful Florida education and my near inability to copy with real college, I spanked everyone there too!...humbly, of course.]

Most popular, huh?

Cool. Way to go! Great for the popular kids. That's awesome, really. In news that matters to me, my daughter will go to either Vassar, Stanford, Brown, Loyola or Emory. Or maybe Northwestern. She's still undecided.


LDS kids want to be with their peers? And this is news? Because a magazine ranked them? Wow, that IS news!

To Most Popular?

I was born and raised in California. I went to BYU, graduated and then moved back to California. Before I went to BYU, I went to Junior College for a year in Oakland and worked as a DJ at frat parties at UC Berkeley. I saw plenty of the real college world, dated lots of girls from the real college world, had all of the real college world I wanted. It got old, it became pointless. I am not into drinking alcohol, and the other extracurricular. There are plenty of us that just chose a more fulfilling college experience that the real world could never offer.

Now watch all the BYU fans...

Come out of the woodwork and start saying that BYU is not just the "harvard of the west"... but, they're actually better than harvard




re: Most Popular

That was a very uneducated comment, and I'm guessing you've never been to college.

I'm LDS, and attended college where there were hardly any other LDS members... but made tons of friends and had fun.

Somehow I wasn't eaten up???

1st choice

They should also have asked students what their first choice of schools was. BYU would have ranked first in both Provo and up on the hill at the U too.


To "WOW": Why burn the energy required to actually type the words "WHO CARES!" if you don't actually care?! Seems logically inconsistent.

Since there are BYU fans who are enjoying this little factoid, why does it get you so riled that they want to comment about it?

Pop a chill pill, relax, and stop reading the comments if all the people who DO care cause you such apparent distress.


Utah is ahead of byu in nearly every category in terms of good education.

Alpine non-Cougar

I have numerous relatives who are Cougars and they have had a great time at BYU. It is a good school with a unique student body.

However, it is not the only place you can attend for a wonderful experience as a Mormon - not by a long shot. I attended a small Midwestern Lutheran liberal arts college and had a ball, as a Mormon. They were curious about me and I was curious about them. I sang in a campus choir and had the duty to sing in our beautiful Lutheran chapel every third Sunday - delightful!

Some of the fun of my experience was because the school was 1/10th the size of BYU - in a small pond, you don't have to be great to participate in extracurricular activities, and my freshman year would have been such a bore without the athletics, the concerts and the other things I could BE IN and not just attend.

Like many other places, BYU is a good school but not for everyone. If you are a Mormon who is happy and determined to live the life, there are hundreds of great places to go to college. Um-ya-ya! Go, Oles!

Way to go BYU!

Way to earn the #1 spot! I grew up in the Provo/Orem area, attended preschool at BYU, summer programs at BYU, school field trips to BYU, and even church at BYU because of my dad's church calling...and then decided on Utah State to get away from the BYU thing. LOVED it!!! By then I knew how to find my own friends with worthy standards (of many different faiths) and didn't need the total-Mormon atmosphere. But I think BYU is great for kids who didn't grow up surrounded by other LDS peers and am happy they earned this #1 designation.




I'm in shock with this report! Good job BYU! Way to spank the country (including the Utes up north).

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