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Published: Wednesday, March 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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C. Nickle

re: Just a thought | 10:02 a.m. March 10, 2010

I agree and in theory that is the way it s/b done. But, people are too obsessed w/ reality TV and prefer to expand their waistlines.

Then, the lobbyists on K Street in DC might have something to say as well.

John Pack Lambert

To Evets,
The amount of land a chapel sits on varries greatly. Currently the Church is in the process of building a chapel in Massachusetts on 1.3 acres of land.

John Pack Lambert

To the 9:53 commentator,
You ignore many factors. The first one is that no temple has been torn down. The revisions of the Ogden Temple will not be a tearing down, and they relate to updating the efficiency of the building.
The issues with chapels are much more complexed. For one thing the Church does not tear down chapels at nearly the rate you claim. Secondly, there are some they sell off instead of tearing them down. Thirdly, and by far the most important, over time the programs of the church have changed, and thus the types of things needed in chapels.
Fourthly, and most importantly, as people relocate the Church builds chapels where they are. The Church generally does not build in anticipation of growth, which leads to gripes about how long it takes to get chapels in mushrooming neighborhoods. When I was on my mission in Las Vegas there were at least two wards with multiple LDS chapels in their boundaries due to relocation of members from certain areas of Las Vegas to other areas, while there were chapels in other areas with four wards meeting in them.

@DesignerGenes 9:53

As an example of how wrong you are, and that the Church does restore historic buildings rather than tear them down, take a look at the Garden Park Ward on 1150 Yale Ave. It was recently restored at a cost greater than it would have cost to tear down the old building and build a new one in its place. The restoration is gorgeous. Kudos to the Church for its sensitivty to historical as well as green values.


Now if the Church would apply the same ethic to the grounds surrounding its chapels, and xeriscape instead of installing acres of lawn, that would really be progress. I can hardly imagine the amount of water that would be saved, which in turn could be used to support the population growth that the Church is famous for.

@John Lambert 9:16

"If the 7:53 person is right that the lights are for outdoor seurity, why in the world would they turn them off?"
Simple. Outdoor lights don't help security during daylight hours. They waste energy and money if left on during the day.


To the Xeriscape commentator:
Since 2005-2006, the Church has had Xeriscape landscape designs reflecting different geographic regions that along with SMART controllers has reduced water usage by 50% or more. Just visit recently completed meetinghouses and you will see beautiful, drought tolerant landscape. Way to go Church leaders for being sensitive to water usage concerns, especially in arid regions.

Mark B

One easy thing: no suit coats/sport jackets allowed on any day that the A/C is operating. Why crank up the A/C so the building will feel cool for people who are overdressed? And so women who are wearing summer-weight short-sleeved dresses or blouses have to bring a sweater to keep warm?

All it would take would be one word from the brethren.


Using recycled steel has nothing to do with going "green". It's a cost effective way to make buildings. The amount of money wasted in "green" projects, that produce little to no benefit to the world, is astounding. As members of the church, i'm sure you've all heard "We are in the world but not of it". We should be above this green fad.


Yes, the Garden Park was retrofitted--because it is so beloved-- but will the Yale Ward building on Gilmer Dr. be? There are many rumors regarding the potential tearing down of the building because of the cost of retrofit. You can build 4 stake centers in South America for what it would cost to retrofit Yale Ward's building. Keep the Yale ward, don't sell it, don't tear it down. We've torn down too much of our past already.
The facilities management folks are insane wanting all our building to be alike. If I had to attend one of those chapels without windows, I would go insane--or leave the church.

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