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Published: Wednesday, March 10 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Other concerns???

Isn't there anything else going on in Washington D.C. that can keep you busy right now? The BCS should be way down on the list of concerns.


I think there are other injustices in the nation that good old Hatch should be worrying about other then football. Come on Orin work on something that matters in the long run, quit worrying about this distraction and do something that will help all people. What a waste of time and recourses, but that’s what he is surrounded by, a bunch of politicians that do nothing but waste time and resources. Why don’t you focus on something that matters. BCS, it’s not going to change so Hatch why don’t you look into trying to stop child/sex slave trafficking in our country that would be a great place to start, no you have to fight the injustices of college football, way to go big Scooby…………

Yea I might sound way to seriuos but so are some of the issues that these Guys skirt around


Get over it, Hatch. Direct your simple-minded populism somewhere else.

Fix the health care first

Come on government!!


Go for it Hatch I couldnt agree more with you on this matter. Someone needs to step up to the plate and fight these money hungary BCS people. The only thing worse in this world right now is Obamas health care package.


Mr. Hatch, with all that is going on right now why must you put any energy after this. It is so time for you to be put out to pasture. I hope republicans don't get the idea that the tea party anger is against only democrats. its about lame politicians who use their time incorrectly as much as it is about the misuse of dollars. You have far more important things to be doing with your time than worrying about football and music. I'm sure he must think that he's standing up for Utahns as he fights for our rights to compete for bowl games. I am so convinced that all politicans in DC have totally lost their foothold on reality.

don't let the door hit you on the way out the door.


Here's an idea. Why don't all the schools that do not belong to the BCS start behaving like the BCS and just have their own National Championship. If people got on board with this and declared a national champion (undefeated of course), the BCS people would go crazy and then, I believe, it would force a play-off system. Just beating them-up in regular games is just like water off of a ducks back. True we would not get the money for a few years but isn't that what is happening now?


...there is nothing else constructive that can be done. Obama has his Democrats in Congress all tied up in a knot because they cannot pass his precsious Obamacare - nothing is moving through Congress.

If focused are you lazy?

It is called multi-tasking. I'm sure everyone does it. So get off of the "isn't there more pressing needs" argument. It does not hold any water.


I applaud Sen. Hatch in pursuing the BCS. It's about fairness and money in college football.

I am so supportive of his actions that I think it is worthy to have him step down from his current position as our Senator and chase this as a high note to end his illustrious career.

In the meantime, we can have a Senator in Washington that has the interests of his constituents in mind as he raises his voice to counter the absurdities that are occuring in the running of our federal government.

Do it for us Orrin!

Clovis fan

Thank you Senator Hatch for your efforts. The BCS system is one of the biggest frustrations of millions of college football fans everywhere, and not just fans of the non BCS schools. Many argue that there are more important things to spend your time on. There are lots of important things and fixing the flawed and BCS system that borders on fraud is one of the important things for you to do.
With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake and millions of people affected. This IS worth your time. A true division I college football playoff would add tremendously to and already great sport.
Keep up the good work!

Dear "Other Cocerns"

If my vote won't change the war on Iraq, Abortion, and Obama running this country into the ground, I am going to care about getting rid of the BCS. Football brings me joy, others things, not as much. period.


Go Senator Hatch GO!

re: Dear "Other Concerns"

Funny, I'll bet your vote previous went to George W. Bush.

Who ran this country into the ground on his way out the door.

So see, your vote does make a difference.

worth the time

If you do not think sports are a priority, then look at the number of comments that are made on most sports stories.
usually they hold at least eights spots in the top ten most comments.
Sports are what people care about more then anything else.

Appropriate use of time

Senator Hatch is doing something appropriate. Complaining that he should be fixing abortion, Obama, Iraq etc. is yielding to the insane delusion that Congress can fix those things. The BCS -- now that may be fixable.

If Congress would pass fewer bills, and the federal bureaucracy would create fewer regulations, things would be better in this country, not worse. Gridlock in Washington is a GOOD THING!

The reason.....

for Hatch to keep this going is to sooth BYU fans.

By June, Utah will be announced along with Colorado as new members of the Pac-12.

TCU could be on the move to replace Colorado in the Big 12.

And BYU will be left, along with possibly Boise St., to fend for the scraps from the BCS in a terribly weakened MWC.

So before you guys kill Hatch for this, just think of it a preemptive strike on behalf of distrought BYU Cougar fans.


If the good senator wants to take this on then let him. I am getting sick of all you haters.


All you guys writing about how horrible President Obama is really need to get a life. It would just as bad if Senator McCain, or former Governor Romney was running the show. You all need to show respect to the President of the UNITED States of America. If you don't like how things are being run, why not change your pathetic lives and do something about it. It takes a big person to run for these different offices, but anyone with a keyboard can talk trash behind their computers. Calling the President simply Obama is a disgrace. Also, for those of you complaining about Senator Hatch, look up something called the Sherman Anti-Trust Act as well as countless other bits of legislation. What the BCS is doing is illegal. Who cares if it's only College Football? Apparently we all do, because we read the article and took time to post our opinions. That is all. GO UTES

we'll see

"By June, Utah will be announced along with Colorado as new members of the Pac-12."

sure they will, and cows will fly

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