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Published: Monday, March 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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a LONG basketball season, can't wait to see KWhit get back to work.

Looking forward to see how Wynn has progressed, and which LB's/DB's will step up. Not to mention seeing the stacked D-Line go to work.


spring ball already ? wow cant wait to see the boys play ball ! go utes !


a Yewt fan that admits that their basketball season was horrible. Whit's looking for a few players, but Boylen's looking for 12.

Paul B

You know you've arrived when you have a mini fridge within arm's reach.

Can't wait!

I'm so excited for the new season!

Henry Drummond

I wonder how Coach Kyle's office compares to Urban Meyer's at Florida? Kyle has a mini fridge and water cooler, I bet Urban has his own chef. :-)

It is nice to see Spring Ball though. It means it's Spring!

And just to get things off to the right start I wish our cousins at the TDS all the best year.

Hey dude

isn't it basketball season? Why can't we read anything about the runnin (ha) utes?


Damion Payne will be a starter!!!!

Respecter of Utes

Can't wait to see the boys get back on the field again. I'll definitely be at the Red-White game! Go Utes!


These yewts don't stand a chance. Max Hall will make mince meat of them again. Go Cougs!!!!

Respect the Team Down South

Can't wait to see the boys in red get back on the field again. BYU is going to clober them.


I can't wait for this football season. The Utes should be good and they have a great schedule.

I hope everyone can stay healthy during camp. I'm looking forward to seeing Asiata and Wide in the back field - a fullback set would be tough with those two.

I love the over-confident coog fans... The "year of the coogs" is over and you didn't win the conference in either sport - that's a shame.

Go Utes!!!

Ute Fan

Yea Utah's basketball team is nothing to cheer about. But Cougar fans commenting here are just covering up their fear of the Utes this year. The Utes D-line is absolutely looking fierce. And the running backs look scary also. Also, Utah's line is experienced, and should be good. So, they are strong on the line on both sides of the ball. They will have a great running game to control the clock. Other development areas, such as receivers shouldn't be a problem with a solid line and running game to set things up. And with the D-line stacked sky high, the development areas with the back 7 will be able to get it done, especially with Whit being defensive-minded, and the Utes' history at producing a top defense. What I am saying is, that the most important areas, the line, and the running game and the QB, Utah is absolutely loaded. Other areas that need work will be able to thrive since the core is set.

Be scared, Cougars. Be afraid. The Utes will beat you by 20+ this year, with 19 of those 20 points being Max Hall revenge points.


why does anyone care about BYU? This is about Utah. Cannot wait for the season to start. Utah has a great schedule this year. Should be fun. Let's hope the holes are filled with great athletes that gel with one another. Go UTES!

I Bleed Blue

It was a good thing to see Kyle stay at Utah. He shows a great deal of class and Utah is lucky to have him. I enjoyed watching him play when he was at BYU and he brings the same type of intensity to his coaching. I wish the fans of both schools would realize how lucky we are to have two solid programs and give it a rest until November.

To bluehoo

What do you mean that Max Hall will make mince meat of the Utes again? Max Hall is gone. He graduated. I see you don't follow your team very well. GO UTES!!!


I got my MUSS tickets and can't wait for those three huge home games(Pitt, TCU and BYU), not to mention the away game at Notre Dame. Hopefully some of the new guys will be able to fill the shoes of those that left, including Beadles and RoJo. You know it's gonna be good fun. GO UTES!!1!

Hawaiian Ute

Can't wait for the season to start!!! BCS #3 Here we come!!!! GO UTES!!!!!!

RE: To bluehoo 10:39

You're assuming he's actually a BYU fan.


You have gotta love Coach Whittingham's commitment to Utah football. It is a great sign for things to come! The Utes are going to be very strong this year! I can't wait for the season to start! Good luck, Utes!

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