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Published: Saturday, March 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Welcome aboard, O!

Cali Marty

Welcome Big O to the NBA!!Hopefully, you keep that vibe througout your NBA Career!! Good Luck! Peace, and I am outtt!!!


Welcome to the Jazz,O,work hard and who knows maybe you can stick,Matthews and Gaines came in worked their tails off and are helping out.Sloan and MOST Jazz fans like players that give it their all,Matt Harpring ring a bell.Lazy unproductive players are a dime a dozen

Good Luck "O"

Hopefully you will make it here with the Jazz, but if not I truly wish you the best in professional basketball! You have had enough of the hard knocks, now it's time to get a few breaks.


Welcome to UTAH O!!!

Do what ever it takes for this team, and enjoy the ride into the playoffs, Oh Yeah , and as Bolers says Buckle up!!!!

Down the stretch we go.....

Dump cj

with Jeffries we do not need cj!


Glad you are here Othyus. Hard nose defense is what Mr. Sloan likes. Good luck and welcome to Utah.


Welcome, OJ, hopefully you will get an opportunity to prove yourself. The Jazz can never have enough tough, hard nosed, aggressive players. Show us what you can do and have fun.


The only way the Jazz keep Othyus Jeffers is if he shows more potential than any ONE of the others he'll be competing with for time. Otherwise, the Jazz will go after some big like Mikki.

Personally, I'd like to see O work out here. He SOUNDS like the type of player that can work well in this system. Hard-nosed defense, and a slasher.

IF he does have quicks and CAN score consistently, he'll be a keeper.

Good luck, Othyus. (cool name!)


He will be gone in a week. And unless we are beating a team by a lot we won't even get to see him play. He will be lucky to get another 10 day contract so Othyus tell your coach in Iowa don't give your roster spot away cause you'll be right back.


Enjoy while it lasts,

you are only going be here 10 days.

Negative Utah Fans

Just like politics the fans hear are just "negative". Why would any of you make comments like -tell your Iowa coach to hold your roster spot & your only going to be here 10 days? Let me tell all of you negative people one thing for sure. He hasn't proved to himself or anyone else that he can't make a NBA team and contribute, But Mikki Moore has proven he not very good at all, otherwise he would have stuck with"SOMEBODY". We don't need rejects here, we need players that show effort and desire to get better. Oh well I should have known after spending 70 years in this state that some of the jerks would pop off!

re: bigjazzfan

Like most who comment, you have, most likely, never touched a basketball floor, but a tv coach you are. Good Luck O. Knock em dead. Great to have you.

Moon Rivers

If you want to impress Sloan,get your nose bloodied or a tooth knocked out your first minutes of the game. that will get you a contract in no time at all. Sloan likes tough players. yo know Matt Harpening, now thats tough! good luck and welcome to the beehive State.


He might stay, but Sloan needs to give him a chance to prove himself. He hasn't entered the game against the Clippers. But we are up by 19 with 3 to go so maybe O and Sundiata will both get a chance.


I think that when Othyus Jeffers get the chance to play he will do just that and Jerry Sloan will not be disappointed.

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