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Published: Friday, March 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I am sure the police love it when criminals like this are so stupid that it makes their job a whole lot easier. In my opinion the police should have a right to arrest you just for looking like an idiot.


Poor man. I have to wonder how he was raised and if he felt loved or respected or accepted ever. I know a lot of you will make fun of my remarks, but he was a cute little boy years ago and I have to think that no one cared how he turned out. There but for the grace of God go I.

gustavo gonzalez

i dont no why everyone has to make fun of this guy. anyone know how painfull that must be to tat up your face like that? he's actchully pretty heroec for going threw all that and coming out on top in the end. i wonder if hed ever wanna hang out when he gets out of the slammer?

The Only Thing

That could make this better is if he had called the police to report the theft of his marijuana.


It is not heroic to get tattoos on your face. This guy just looks like a loser. Especially since he robbed a place and didn't think that he would get caught.

Rickey Smiley

What a CLOWN!!! LOL!


I can see how he might have been forced to turn to a life of crime. The circuses just aren't hiring like they used to, and I can't imagine who else would hire him. I wonder if anyone explained to him that tattoos are PERMANENT!!!!

Not so "Happy"

He might just have to have to turn that smile upside down.

Judy Colins' tears


Tony Alexander Pete

Has not been found guilty of anything yet. He is a suspect in a burglary and charged for trespassing.
Why people are making fun of his face. I don't know his reasons for tatooing his face like that.But He doesn't owe me or anybody else an explanation.
Can't we show some respect? (No, I don't have any tatooes in any part of my body)


Why so serious?


WHAT A PATHETIC JOKE.....hope OBAMA signs him up for health insurance or Medical Czar.....would fit right in with his advisors.....

NOT heroic

That has to be the stupidest comment I've ever read on a board before. This guy is a complete loser, as are all of his juggalo friends. These clowns are a menace to society, one of the worst gangs in the history of our country. They like to claim they're not a gang, though, just a tight-knit group of "brothers" who happen to defend each other to the death and get into all kinds of drugs and crime.


3:51 comment

We can even print the word "Socialism" in front of his picture just like obamas joker picture.

3:53 comment

The worst gang in the history of our country and even the world is the NWO.



Re: Tony Alexander Pete

Commenting on this guy's tattoos doesn't show disrespect. The guy is making a public statement with his tattoos. Are we supposed to pretend we don't notice? Are you like the people who say, "It's what's on the inside that counts." Well, people advertise what's on the inside on the outside. And not responding is like ignoring the advertising. That might be disrespect. His tattoos are pathetic.

Pepperoni please!

I suppose his dreams of delivering pizza have to be put on hold for a short time. I sure would love my $10 pie to be deliverd by this savvy motivator.


street name is happy? jail name slugo!!! If he is so happy why the long face? he makes me feel like throwing a baseball at his head to win a prize! what a freak!


I bet his mother is proud..."Look at my son...what a clown!"
He is beyond idiot...

Truly an Einstein

Anybody with an IQ above the outdoor temperature in January knows that you don't go into the crime profession with a tattoo like this.

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