Comments about ‘Marshals arrest clown-faced man in Ogden burglary’

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Published: Friday, March 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Good to hear!

that hes found


Not to smart to have tats like that if your chosen career is crime. No that these guys are Rhodes Scholars to begin with.


The Bozo look ought to go over well at The Point!


You put this tatoo on your face, and then probably wonder how you got caught by the police so soon.

What is your I.Q. ?

Mug Shot Title

I think we should call this photo "Living the Dream".


You can call me-------JOKER!!!!

It'd be pretty hard for this guy to "blend in" with the population and escape detection. Belder Conehead would have an easier time of it!


what the?


This is not clown makeup this is 'The Crow'


Where is the red nose?


His mother must be so proud!

Kinda hard not to spot in a crowd!

Lay off the guy

Clowning is low pay and he was tired of always putting on and taking off his makeup. He's way smarter that any of us. The dude just wakes up and goes to work.

RE bob

And that makes it less strange?

Not a place to have TattooInk..

CROW/Joker//////Happy is Caught By Marshals


I have no problem with self expression...but i also feel bad for people that do things like this and split their tongue in two like a lizard or tattoo every inch of their body with puzzle pieces.

Now thats real Drama..Chucky!

Laughing out Loud>>>


I don't get it.



Makes you wonder...

what went wrong in his life to do this to his face.


why so serious


This is the VERY first clown in my life to give me a grin!

IMHO clowns are the creepiest of the icky!

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