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Published: Friday, March 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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bv fan

We are so proud of all our boys. Way to go and keep up the hard work. We are behind you all the way. Thanks for making this a great season. Love ya kids.


Don't bother showing up tomorrow because the roundy boys will lead us to the golden trophy.GO BV

"Here We Go"

Here we go, more fans talking about the "Golden Trophy" People, really its usually just made of fake marble and wood or something like it. It gets stuck in a trophy case for the rest of it's life to collect dust. It's called a State Championship which will live on in your heart and mind. Please stop calling it the "Golden Trophy", which I've seen it called on so many of these blogs on D news.

Piute Fan

Nice job B.V. way to play ball and win the game. Now beat Monticello. Go B.V.!

Reg. 20 Fan

Good Job BV, and good luck tonight. Monticello is a tought team. Rebound, rebound, defense, and making good passes, are the keys to winning the game. Don't rely on the three, go inside and get the big man in foul trouble. If you go inside the outside shot will open up. Keep your heads in it, no lazy passes, no dumb fouls. Box out and get the rebound, step over and take the charge. "Offense wins games, but DEFENSE wins Championships". You can taste it, so go get it. Younger guys on the bench, take note of the feeling, keep your starters up. If you get a lead tighten the noose and take care of business. Good Luck


its just a way of describing the win. Dont take everything so serious. You must not have ever won a state championship. Let the kids say what the want or the fans. Everyone has the right to enjoy the MOMENT

Weezy F

We came we saw we kicked some butt!! TOnight we better show up and play or were done for. GET SOME BV!! Dunham should start tonight cause hes the best post player bv has!

tiger fan

go rich

Panguitch fan!

Dunham is the only one that bumps inside. while the others watch the shots go up!!! and run to the other end!!

Good Job BV

Always nice to see Tabby get beat, they have always been a good team over the years but they sure do like to whine a lot, want some cheese with that whine.



Pang. Fan

Great job Region 20 ! The South has risen again!!

Tabby Fan

Tabby you played great! You had a great fun season! Way to go Tigers! Sad the season is over already! BV Great Job way to take it all the way! Good for you guys.

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