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Published: Friday, March 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Let's not fool ourselves. "Approval to merge" is merely a euphemism for the destruction of all that is unique and special about the College of Eastern Utah by the commissioner of higher education and the board of regents (both intentionally left uncapitalized as no respect is deserved to either IMHO).

This will save NO money in our difficult financial climate and will only serve to further diminish CEU by hiding it under the ridiculous misnomer Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah. Real brilliance behind this choice.

A VERY sad day in the annuls of Utah higher education.


There was a College of Eastern Utah? Hard to miss what you never knew existed.

A few obvious facts

Looking back over the past few years - I've read many more administrative problems associated with the small school campuses, than those of the larger institutions. Not all "that is unique" is "special" about CEU. The ability to deliver a marketable degree at the lowest possible cost should be the desire of all Higher Education campuses. If the large school's audit staff have kept better records on finances, then they've helped keep programs intact. Class size and the ability to get to know a Professor will only change in Price if USU/CEU enrollment skyrockets. I'd prefer the red clay over Grad Student teachers and Old Main any day. Now if the legislature will seize the day and look at the opportunity to merge and purge a few more Administrators at all levels of the Education Industrial Complex - we'll really be on the right track!

Saddle USU with more debt

I fear this will saddle USU with more debt and financial instability. USU already has laid off or forced early retirement hundreds of faculty and staff. With CEU's financial troubles, will USU be further as risk for financial instability? I see another brain drain at USU on the horizon!


I am a non-traditional secondary education student that is graduating from CEU in two months.I will proudly stand with the last class to receive a CEU degree.
The College of Eastern Utah has been a wonderful experience for me, with small classrooms and professors that personally care.I have been appalled at the horror stories from relatives, describing classes at the large Utah universities where the instructor is trying to teach an auditorium full of hundreds of students.
Although I am looking forward to the additional programs offered by the merger, I hope that USU doesn't turn the small college experience that I and my wife enjoyed so much into another diploma mill.

Lame Name

Calling it USU-CEU is lame. They need to just call it "USU-Price" or "USU-Carbon (county)." Why is there a need in Utah to confuse people with a constant barage of acronyms?

Look at the name spelled out... "Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah" (Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department). Saying "Utah" twice in the school's name is ridiculous.

Besides, it's not really in Eastern Utah as much as Roosevelt, Vernal, Moab, Blanding and Monticello are. Divide the state into fourths vertically and Price is not in the most east section. Close, but not quite. Just because it's east of the Wasatch Front doesn't mean that it's in Eastern Utah. The only argument that can be used is that it is CURRENTLY the east most college in Utah. What happens when the community of Vernal decides that their "ATC" should become a college... will they name it College of More Eastern Utah (CMEU)?


A degree from Utah State University is more marketable than a degree from CEU, especially in Education. Top 5 college in the country.

CEU debt

Does CEU have debts? Someone should have told USU that before all the glad-handers signed on the bottom line. Something smells fishy.

@ CEU Debt

I'm sure USU has no idea if CEU has debts. It is not usually practice for financial records to be thoroughly reviewed during mergers of large business entities.

You better write USU a letter warning them, or hope that they somehow come upon your message.


I'm very excited about the move as it will further help our football team achieve greatness. CEU will now become a main feeder program for us much like Ricks was for BYU during the 80's and 90's.
Watch out Boise, Utah, and BYU. We are on the rise.

@@CEU Debt

"@ CEU Debt", thank you for your message. I got a good laugh from it. Some people leave the dumbest comments. "Someone should have told USU that before signing the bottom line" Oh, what a genius idea. I'm sure that no one even considered that throughout the entire lengthy process of merging. Wow! Where did you get your degree "CEU debt"; USU? or CEU?


Your from Blanding and asked, "where do you work?"
Utah State University College of Eastern Utah San Juan Campus. Or USU-CEU-SJC. Talk about ridiculus! How about we just become USU and leave it at that.

To: Powerhouse

It would be a great football feeder program if they had a football team. Duh!

If you read the articles

USU and CEU know exactly what the expectations are. Budget for the campuses will remain separate, according to several articles I have read, and teams of experts from USU have made several trips to CEU to review everything from registration, to finances, and infrastructure to figure out how best to team up and where the challenges are.


They should start a football team again for sure.


While the CEU folks are understandably nervous, they will find the USU folks to be experienced and conscious of their needs. They will be pleased with where this merger will bring them.

BYU Student from St. George

Does anyone know if this is the kind of thing they were thinking of doing with the U and Dixie State College? I am from St. George, but I was serving a mission when that was being talked about. If so, I think it would have been good for Dixe, just as this will be good for CEU. Instead Dixie is not doing as well as it could have.

CEU Alumnus

Naming the school Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah is a compromise. It allows the school use USU's brand, but maintain its tradition and local identity. The name might be long, but that's what nicknames are for. Don't take the CEU out of USU-CEU.

If you're from Utah and have never heard of CEU it's because you didn't read the literature your high school counselor gave you. Don't discount a school because of the size of the town it's located in.

I was initially worried about the merger, but it's a sure thing now. The best that I can do is to hope for success and hope that you would all do the same.


There is this notion that linking up with USU or the U of U, following the Missouri or Penn State model will be great. Not! SUU, UVU, Weber, the former CEU, the former Dixie College, Snow (fading fast), UVU, Weber are Utah's 'teaching' institutions. U of U and USU are income driven research machines. There is a world of difference. Those of us that have average intelligence and have been blessed to experience the 'teaching' and 'income driven research environment' know the difference. It is deep sadness for the bulk of us average students that I have followed the metamorphosis and eventual demise of the former CEU. :-( For students that are in the upper 1 1/2 standard deviation of the intelligence curve, the merger is more of a drag on the meager resources available for their professors to do research. After all, that is why the U of U and USU exist. The next step for the former CEU will be the broadcasting of virtually all lower division courses from Logan. I guess that is consistent and cohesive with the MTV/I-pod/gizmo generation? Is this truth offensive?


No one can put political white wash on something like higher ed.
Within five years, the name will change, sports in Price will stop and when cuts come in the future, the 'core' in Logan will be preserved and the 'periphery' in Price will take the brunt of the cuts.
Is there ANY language in the merger that guarantees otherwise?
If there is any thought to have a state-wide system, it looks like the U and UVU are being beat to the punch. They snooze, they lose.
USU already broadcasts classes all over the state. What will be new and different in Price?

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