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Published: Thursday, March 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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come on we need to get somewho better. a good tall post player


Looks like the Jazz find another great player. Matthews #23 and Jeffers # 6 they all wear LaBrons numbers and play like him. Play Offs here we come.


I don't see how this helps the Jazz. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think you can get someone better than what we have at the wing out of the D-league.


So they were crowded at the wings and they got rid
of Brewer to bring in a wing....Do you think its
time Jazz fans demanded KOC have a psychological examination?


This is ridiculous we don't need another gaurd! What we need is a center. This just proves that the Ronnie Brewer trade was about the money. D Will is not going to like this at all. Way to go O' Conner.

What the &#%@

A guard??? Now let me get this straight...we got rid of Ronnie Brewer why? Didn't Kevin O tell us that we were log jammed at that position and that was why we needed to trade him for a future asset? If Jeffers is just going to sit the bench, why not sign a big and maybe get a diamond in the rough. Kevin, please tell me what i am missing...you know more than i do, but it looks very much like we got rid of a valuable asset to the team, just to save some money and not because it made the team better...something you said you would not do.

Nevada fan

This organization isn't serious about a championship! They just want to stay good enough to compete at a medium level and get in the fans pocket. This team is good, but isn't great like the Lakers, or the Nuggets nor will they ever be with the management or the owner. Hopefully they will prove me wrong.


Bone-headed move

Kevin if you were trying to piss off Deron Williams for the remainder of the season, congratulations... you did a great job. It appears Deron was right, you made the team worse in order to save a few bucks. That's why Deron signed a 3 year contract.

@ Sokol

I seriously doubt Jeffers will be getting any minutes. The Jazz are pretty set on their rotation now. Signing a 13th man is just a mere formality.

Would have it been nice to pick someone up like Ilgauskas, Finley or any of the other bought out players? Yes. But, that would significantly alter team chemistry.

Good pick and anything Jeffers can contribute is a bonus.


Anonymous, yes you are missing something. you want the Jazz to win this year. but the Jazz are looking to the future. another lottery pick that they can sale to offset resigning booozer. sounds like a will win win. just not this year.

@ What the &#%@

Jeffers won't be seeing many minutes. Plus, we already have three centers on the roster, we don't need more stiffs.


This will for sure be the move that puts the Jazz over the top! Hahaha. This is becoming a joke and ever more apparent that the moves this year are not about winning. Folks, we are getting fed a huge helping of bull and false advertisement with this product.


"I don't see how this helps the Jazz. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think you can get someone better than what we have at the wing out of the D-league."

You really think this?

Look, the Jazz need a D-League swingman as much as they need a center or a point guard--NOT VERY MUCH. In fact, they probably need a swingman more, in case of injury to Kirilenko or Korver.

There is no "need" on the Jazz that can be filled with a D-League player. They might as well get the best possible player. They have no need that can be filled by a player that doesn't require a huge contract.

You also need to go back to the Brewer trade. He won't be back next year, and he isn't crucial to this team. So, the Jazz got something for nothing.


I agree. This makes no sense at all. This is exactly what we don't need. How in the world can he contribute? The only sense I see if it is a placeholder until we can sign an existing player like Ilgauskas, who isn't deciding until the weekend. Like "What the..." said, if you're going to just throw away the money and position, at least get someone who - if they do turn out to be good - is someone we can actually use.

Gaines was a good choice because we needed a third point guard. But we do not need another wing. We still have six players who can play the #2 and at least four who can play #3. Even if this guy is great, he would help only if two or three of our current wings were injured. We need a big, strong, tough center.

Fortunately, this is only a 10-day contract, and we can always sign someone else even before the contract is up if we can make a deal. KOC had to sign someone, so maybe that all this is. Nothing against Jeffers, but let's hope so.


Just proof that its all about the money I hope the fans dont buy any more tickets untill we get management that is realy intent winning a championship

to @What the &#%@

how about actually reading my comment before you comment...i was making the point that since he will not get any minutes, why not take a chance on a big that might turn out to be a "diamond in the rough". Clearly we don't need another body at the 2/3 either, but since we are bringing somebody in, let it be a big that sits the bench...who knows, he might turn out to show us something. A guard that shows us something will still get no playing time, but a big that shows us something may find a few minutes, given the lack of talent at the center position.

Pleasing D-Will?

Who cares what this primma-donna thinks? He's paid to play not manage, and for the rest of you negative posters no one was going to help this year, and this is just a 10 day contract so cool it a little instead of showing your ignorance. What that saying about-thinking about something you don't know nothing about is one thing, talking about it removes all doubt I bel;ieve.

7 footer

we need a big denfensive minded, good rebounding center but he should have some good go to moves on offense. know any one? he could help against pau dwight and shaq u know?

Weird Al Yankovic

Why the heck did they trade Brewer and then sign a sub-par swingman? It makes no sense at all. They should have kept Brewer. They have been doing slightly but noticeably worse since they traded him, and I think that is not a coincidence.

in the mean time...

the team lost to Clippers and Kings.
How pathetic!!!

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