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Published: Tuesday, March 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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@Re: Compare

Yup, it's the reverse of last year, when the Aggies were ranked, and all the Y could talk about was the fact that the Y had beat USU earlier in the year. Years, pass, the advantage shifts slightly, but idiots on both sides make the same silly arguments they castigated the other side for the year before.

Welcome to the party, and here's your sign...


The aggies may not be found in the rankings but does 71-61 ring any bells?????

Re: Batman and Robin

Actually, someone on campus has a old piece of junk geo metro or something that is spray painted black, has bat wings welded on the top, and the yellow batman symbol on the hood. I don't know who it is, but it would have been awesome if Bill and the other kid would have pulled up to the Spectrum in that hunk of junk. Maybe next year they can find the owner and work something out. haha.

Re: Pablo

The interesting thing about us cheering for Fresno was that yes, it did start out as a taunt, but when a team does that poorly you can't help but feel a little sorry for them. After a few minutes of that, many of us were actually sincerely cheering them on in a manner of speaking...at least hoping they'd make the game a little more interesting. But wow, I've never seen the Aggies play defense like this. It's happened twice in the past two games. Limited Hawaii to one point over the final 10 min. of the first half and then shutting out Fresno for the first 10 min. of the game. Wow.


I hate to sound critical, but the guy in the photo in the red cape next to Bill looks like a complete wannabe. He needs to add at least 100 lbs to his frame to get the right effect.

nna nna nna nna . . .


The only thing bad about the Spectrum is that it's 90 minutes from my home. So we only make it to a couple of games a year. It is the best sports venue period!

Go Big Blue!!!


If they missed free throws, I can see why. Ick! Good job Aggies!


71-61...... Stop crying


Some of my most memorable moments at USU were going to basketball games...Batman and Robin brought back some great memories of USU fans in the Spectrum.


That photo is disturbing

the Joker

That photo is one of the greatest photos of all time.

Batman and Robin are true aggies

What have you done for your team?

Ask not...

...what your team can to for you. Ask what you can do for your team!

Bill Sproat's motto

Bat Man And Robin ride in style

It is Logan, no pintos allowed, Bat Man and Robin arrive in style in a Big Ford F250

2 hours

My kids and I have season tickets and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this year! We live in Pleasant Grove - 250 mile round trip. SO worth it! Go AGGIES!!


meaniningless win under the fraud.

re: another

Explain yourself. You're talking about a team that includes 3 players expected to play NBA at the next level. Meaningless? Granted, they have a hard team playing AS A TEAM, but they are as talented as it gets. And, who's the fraud?

Dallas Aggie

Love this team. Go Aggies!

Idaho Aggie

Great Defensive effort by the whole team. The offense really didn't need to perk all that well but they did anyway and as a team. Everyone contributes. Love this team.

Re: all the comparers

If Utah State's compared score over Fresno somehow proves that BYU is a lowly, good-for-nothing team than I guess the fact BYU swept Utah and blew them out in the Huntsman means that the Aggies are absolutely terrible and will not see anymore success this year. The Aggies already beat BYU this year. All we can do is wait and see how both teams finish off the season-it doesn't really matter who's "better" at this point.

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