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Published: Tuesday, March 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Interesting observation, "But if Rose quit coaching today and Boylen won his next 67 games in a row, Boylen would still be one game behind Rose's career record as the Cougar coach." Interesting because that is about the same number of NCAA tournament games the Courgars would have to win in a row to have the same winning percentage the Utes now enjoy!!!

What's up?

I guess you got to write something about this game.


go back to under .500
Go Cougars and Jimmer get well soon.


In reality, there is really not much on the line in this game.

BYU is basically locked in to the #2 seed for the tournament. Utah is the 5/6 seed. BYU is a lock for the big dance. Utah is locked out (barring a miracle in LV).

I can't think of a Utah/BYU game over the past 10 years that has meant less than this one.


Miles' comment should state that Rose doesn't lose two regular season games in a row.

Every year he's been the head coach, he's ended the season at least on a two game losing streak. He has always lost the final game BYU has played in the MWC tournament followed by the opening round loss in the NIT/NCAA.

Ernest T. Bass

If rose would win all his games then he would win all his games.
we would be undefeated and win all the games if the refs didn't call us on fouls.


Interesting how very few kewgs are talking about the game tomorrow. Deep down they know a painful lose is coming to zoobie nation.

Kewg is looking at a 3rd place finish in the MWC.... seem's like it was just yesterday when Kewg was spouting off on how they would beat NW by 15 and win the MWC.



Keep on living in the glory days of the past. Works for some of the Cougar fans and I'm sure it will work for you.

For tomorrow's game I hope both teams play as well as they each expect and are capable. That way no one will be surprised when the Cougars return to Provo with a 27-4 record.

Frozen Chosen

Way to mail it in, Dick!


Hilarious, anonymous. Interestingly, you're right -- Cougar fans aren't really talking much about this game. Hard to get up for relatively insignificant game against a .500 opponent who has turned out to be mostly irrelevant this year....

When does the tournament start?

It's now March

and it's time for MADNESS!! Did the Cougars peak and are now sliding into the tournament? Have the Utes finally started climbing a peak? The game will be tight! I hope ALL the fans show class and enjoy the game as an epic battle between two rivals and don't turn it ugly in any way. Respect the Coaches, respect the young Players and respect each other so that everyone can enjoy this game. GO UTES!!!

Not a lot at stake

I found myself agreeing with the first paragraph. I think the utes have the inside track on this game because the rivalry with BYU is more important to the school up north than a championship and the Cougars were so focused on a 4-peat that they won't be able to get up for the utes last gasp at respectabilty this year.

But it might be better for BYU really turn it on in a rematch with New Mexico at the conference tournament, instead of losing energy by spilling it all over the utes.

Please, Dave Rose, don't waste a sick Jimmer on the utes.

Stan (again)

In my 10:15 p.m. comment above I did not have the exact numbers for the post season basketball comparison. But I do have the exact numbers for the same comparison for football bowl games. Mr. Harmon's quote would read "But if Utah quit playing in bowl games today and BYU won his next 59 bowl games in a row, BYU would still be one game behind Utah's career record!!!" (If they were consecutive years, that would be the year 2068!!!!!!!!!) Mr. Harmon, your comparison is "right on" in all three evaluations of the two school's athletic programs.


Here is one Lobo fan hoping BYU holds serve against Utah. I usually favor Utah, but in the best interest of the MWC I favor a BYU winning out their regular season schedule. I have the highest respect for Dave Rose. He is one of the classy coaches in the NCAA. A BYU loss will only serve to erode their RPI, national ranking and a favorable seed in the NCAA. To say that nothing is on the line is plain silly.

Lost the chance for the title?

I love how Dick has just written off the regular season title as impossible. Unless my math is way off, BYU has three losses with two games to play, and New Mexico has two losses with one game to play. It's at least mathematically possible (maybe highly unlikely) for New Mexico to lose to the jabronies they play this week and for BYU to win out, leaving each team at 13-3 in conference play, thus sharing the regular season conference title.

But Dick is having none of that. The Cougs have lost any chance at the title according to him.

--MT in MD

sad but true

There really is very little on the line for either team. The fans who I know are not as jacked as usual. Plus, the outcome is all but certain. Utah, as "scrappy" as it is, is not as good as BYU.

Re: Anonymous | 7:38 a.m.

Who is NW? Northwestern? Let me guess, you go or went to Utah?

Re: Stan (again) | 9:06 a.m.

Congrats, your bowl wins are awesome, you guys consistently beat 7-5 teams that are there on vacation. Also, once you guys beat BYU at football, then you can talk football trash.

Guess that just leaves women's gymnastics trash talk for you buddy. Have at us!


Yawn. Is it tournament time yet? Of course this game is important. Utah needs this game to have a shot at staying above .500 on the season, BYU needs this game to remain ranked and for seeding purposes at the NCAAs, and its still the rivalry game. So it does matter, even if it has no bearing on the Vegas Invitational seeding. I definitely prefer this game to have the conference championship, but it's still a high energy game and great preparation for the post-season.

Go Cougars


Why are you quoting Chris Miles? He is byu's 10th best player, and not very good at all. Could you really not get anyone better to talk to you?

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