Comments about ‘NBC's 'Parenthood' isn't great, but it got better’

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Published: Tuesday, March 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Charity Spring

Pierce has missed the mark yet again. The point is not that a change in actresses has made this so-called show slightly more tolerable, the point is that it strikes at the very heart of the institutions of marriage and parenthood. Once again, modern Hollywood has produced a program that makes husbands look like idiots, and wives look like horrendous nags. In addition, it makes children look like demons and makes the nuclear family look like an out-dated, foolish tradition. This is a program to be avoided at all costs.


Perfect family's aren't funny.... heck they aren't even entertaining!! If you don't like it, go watch "Nick at Night"..... "that's the way they became the brady bunch!!!" BORING!!!!


The rule of television and movies is very simple: If someone doesn't like a specific television show or is offended by a particular movie....don't watch it.

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