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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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No excuses being made

Foolis utes, thats what U do. Waa

But even you should be able to recognize tha Alford was out of line... The chicken hearted MWC issued a public formal reprimand(big deal) and ESPN let him skate. He's part of the fraternity and didn't even say sorry!


At the Pit...BYU called for 25 fouls, NM 17.
MC...Even at 18.
If the refs would have given BYU the same advantage they gave NM at home, we would have have slaughter NM.

Some facts...

1) 2 of the first 3 posts were childish BYU fans egging on Utah fans to say something... then they will point fingers and throw a fit if they do!
2) When people are talking about the problem with the program and poor behavior, they aren't talking about JT, they are talking about the fans throwing things, people getting sports out of perspective with testimony!!! So, the comment "The school is not defined by the actions of a few of its athletes." is completely missing the point!
3) Comparing the number of fouls called between one game and the next is about as foolish and invalid as can possibly be!
4) I am not a Utah fan or a BYU fan. I am a Lobo fan who thinks that Alford did not behave with maturity and self control.
5) I also wish Jimmer would have played because I preferred the victory to be over a full strength Cougar team!
6) Thanks for the apology JT, no worries!
7) Oh, and the way the "other" BYU players (Lloyd and Haws) stepped it up was impressive!


it shows that the fans at byu are human, they do get angry too, and know what is fair. i'm glad jt didn't get hurt, hoping someone was watching his back when "the two" were coming after him. hey immature, i'll be willing to say that these 30 something players will jump all over you in a game of horse. great game.

getting angry at injustice

I have no problem with BYU players or fans being angry at this New Mexico injustice. I wish more Americans became angry at injustice instead of sanctioning it with their silence. If UNM won the NCAA championship in April, it would always have an asterisk by it:

*Won at the expense of sportsmanship.

saw it

saw the film of this... but didn't get the words. Didn't see the game.

shoooot. missed some excitement in my life.

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