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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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BYU and high standards....all talk and no actions. Lose with class because you expect it when you win.

Ainge's thumb

Alford was just frustrated because he couldn't yank T's hair. In good NM fashion, Alford will choke his assistant.

U know better

Hey Chris Miles has to get a job now since he's been there since 2004

re:RE: To be a Ute is priceless

"Cougars who live in glass houses....."

Which is where I think Uties have lived for so many years, telling BYU fans how to act, while they embarasses themselves on and off the field and court, in the stands and the stadiums...

A BYU player does not shake hands, then goes over to the locker room of the other team, and Ute fans still whine and thow the rocks.

Get a winning program, beat BYU, and show some class up on the Red Hill, then maybe, just maybe, you can worry about the actions of BYU players and fans.

Boss Hog

The no-call here is the problem. Anytime someone gets hit, is a technical. Utes call it whining of BYU, but they would whine worse if their player was hit. Being competitive is not an excuse for hitting someone and should not have been dimissed. If J.T. would have elbowed Hobson, a technical would have been called. New Mexico got away with two, elbowing and profanity. Also a foul at the end of the game was not called and more obvious than the one where Jackson Emery stole the ball about a minute earlier which cost two points and two foul shots for the opponents. This game was gift wrapped for the Lobos just like the first game.--Shouldn't the cougars have had free throws for elbowing? Was this game honest?

BYU Fan to Reality Check

"Alford simply stated the truth about Tavernari."

Personally I agree, but who am I to worry about their personal relationship?

But, then again I think Max Hall "simply stated the truth about" The University of Utah. "Hurts doesn't it?"

Let's both man up and stop the whining, and agree that the truth was told. Can you man up and agree?


I wish I could say I just felt disappointed that the Cougars lost a hard fought game, but I can't. That game ranked in the top 5 worst officiated games I have ever seen on any level. Fouls were called where there was absolutely no contact, fouls were not called when they were obvious (example: the hockey-style gut check to Lloyd by New Mexico that sent him flying out of bounds), turnovers that were called/not called unfairly, etc etc. I understand that New Mexico is a great team and played a great game, but with how the officials were favoring New Mexico I can feel a bit of Tavernari's frustration. If the refs had been fair BYU should have won by about 8-14 points, even without Fredette at his best. What a shame.

Dang Utes

If you would just win your games on the court, and in the stadium, you would not be required to take out so much frustration on BYU's athletic program.

Could we get a little more hustle from U out there.

And try recruiting a better group of athletes, and hiring better coaches, ones that want to stay, not ones that need to stay (Kyle excluded, he was brought up a Cougar, and learned from Lavell)...

Re: Bryan

Another sad sad cougar fan with his pedestal mentality

We could have won if the REf's were fair and if we had pepto or tums - dude seriously get over it!!

you flat out lost and were outplayed outrebounded

in your Marriott wannabe Spectrum or Pit


" (Kyle excluded, he was brought up a Cougar, and learned from Lavell)..."

And left for a much better job. BCS BAAAABBBYYY111

put me in coach

Bryan - get over it

You lost
You lost
Lick your wounds and move forward dude

Uncle Rico

Hey you Napoleon Dynamite's get over it, and accept that you lost!!

Think forward when you lose to Texas A&M the 3rd time in a row in the dance....lights out


I agree that we as fans can't put the game entirely on the officials. If BYU had hit one or two more of those wide open 3's then it would have been all over and so UNM certainly deserves credit for keeping it so close until the end.

The frustrating thing as a fan, and what obviously frustrated JT, is to have so many poor calls go against BYU in the last 2 minutes of the game (Emery foul on steal, foul called on clean BYU block, missed elbow at JT, etc.).

At the end of the UNM game in the PIT Rose walked up to the officials and congratulated him for the win. Provo was more of the same and greg wrubell summed it up nicely by saying BYU was "getting homered in reverse." That's a sad commentary on MWC officiating. Of course UNM is a great team and performed well enough to win, but they would have lost had the officials called it fair. That's a fact and it's not meant to take anything away from a great UNM team or turn attention away from BYU's inability to take the game.

2 bits

The UNM Coach SHOULD be used to dealing with a loud and mouthy crowd (the PIT is their home).

If you've ever been to a game in the PIT... You know there are no louder and hostile fans ANYWHERE in the MWC (including Wyoming). Why do you think UNM sometimes has no home losses even in years when their team stinks on ice. The crowd at the PIT is known for being intimidating to visiting teams, players and coaches. For the UNM coach to loose his temper and cuss-out the BYU crowd after all the abuse HIS FANS dish out in the PIT is the ultimate in irony.

Jdubbs the ute

I think alford was correct in his assessment of JT. If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, quacks like a duck... Its probably a DUCK!! The funny thing is byu coaches know it too. Why would they muzzle JT all of last year and not let him talk to the media after the game??? Hmmmm.... maybe because he's a loose cannon!! I love how byu fans are so offended by what alford said, but they don't seem to mind when JT or max hall was caught on camera saying much much worse. Just goes to show you that byu fan always turns their heads when its one of their players. I also didn't know there where so many utah fans at that game throwing trash on the court either. Ooh wait there wasn't!

Keep Walkin'

JT kept walking the handshake line. The UNM coach got out of line to follow him and keep it going and ramp it up. What did he think... JT was just going to appologize to him right there in the line while the coach is cussing him out???

If the UNM coach would have kept on walking (like he's supposed to) instead of jumping out of line to go after JT... None of this would have happened.

The coach was in the wrong for going after JT and keeping it going instead of brushing it off and moving on and shaking the hand and greating the next player in line. That's what these post-game lines are for. Not a last chance to take a shot at one of the opposing players.

The UNM players were able to put the emotions of the game behind them and shake hands with BYU players. The UNM coach should look at his players and their good example instead of blowing his top.


Once again we have to debate and defend ourselves against the useless ute fans who had nothing to do with anything. I thought it was interesting that after NM beat BYU there were 202 comments, when I checked. At the same time the article talking about utah beating Wyoming there were only 23. It is a sad, sad world. I bet your heads must scream all the time. JT didn't shake a hand...GET OVER IT. Once again, I wish I could feel bad for u guys, but I just don't. So full of hate and ignorance. Silly, silly utes. "Oh be wise, what more can I say."


I can't believe I slogged through all these comments and the self-absorbed stupidity many of them include. To my fellow BYU fans, let me make a couple of points:

1. I attended the game and sat on row 24 - close enough to see clearly what was going on.
2. The game was no more or less well officiated as any other. I did not any tendancy on the part of the refs to create bad situations for the Cougars. I have never seen a game with perfect officiating - calls well be missed, other call made opposite of what really happened because - guess what - the refs are humans!
3. The fans who threw stuff on the court are immature morons and if they could be identified should have their All-Sports pass revoked - at least for a year. That is never appropriate.

Osgrath, pt. 2

4. The coaches did everything they could to win. I personally would have prefered to have Brandon Davies in there than Noah Hartsock for the last minute of the game - he had been playing much better up to that point, and I think he would have been able to get past Hobson for the layup, but then that is a judgment call.

5. If we were to find one single event that led to the loss, it would be Tavernari's loss of control after Hobson's elbow. It was not hard enough a shot to get so upset about, and Emery dragged clear down to the baseline to try and calm him down. Within seconds of resuming play he jacked up an ill-advised three that missed, then failed to block out on a rebound - and that was all she wrote.

If Tavernari had not lost focus because of his perceived injustice, the outcome could possibly have been different. After all, the game could not have been much closer. He allowed Hobson and circumstances to contol him to the detriment of the team. Alford spoke the truth - however inappropriate for a coach - for that moment.

Does not matter

Come on ya'll.....it's BYU basketball it does not matter. They will play 1 game in the tournament and then be done. Just not enough athletes to compete at a high level.

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