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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Glen R. Pulley

Long time BYU fan here.The trash throwing really gave the Church, and BYU's mission another black eye. I think it's time that the Brethren pull the plug, on sports at BYU.

byu's trainer

I hope they bring that strange little trainer to the Hunty.
I wonder why Holmoe didn't make that dude appologize. He was as out of line as Tavernari.


Cmon get over it


Step away said, "Man, you kids are unbelievable!" When you're chanting, "Winning team, losing team," where's the respect in that? It is just inappropriate.

Pull the Pug!!!

I'm with you Brother Glen, pull that plug!!!!!


Well, it is "rally around the Y time." Everyone is at fault but us... Perhaps Coach Alford is simply right in his assessment and has nothing to appologize for? As Max Hall pointed out, it doesn't matter if it is one fan, ten fans, or thousands that throw stuff or - at, the U, may pour beer; everyone gets painted with the shame. He found it most efficient to hate all Utah fans for something that may, or may not, have ever happened involving one or two fans and not the many thousands of others who were there. Same for JT not shaking hands after the game, or fans complaining about the ref's, or those tossing stuff at New Mexico, or everyone worrying about Ute fans commenting upon this situation (which, by the way, is just too much fun to resist for us Crimson folks.) You brought it on yourselves, now learn to live with it.


byu should go back to the drawing board and figure a way to beat the lobos on the court and not with abusive language and trash throwing. byu coach should control his players better,what happened at byu happened at nm when they cried about the refs for losing their first game to unm. go lobos...

Not gonna happen....

Pull the plug.. right, that sets the right message. I guess that goes along with avoiding evil too. LDS schools can't compete without loosing their standards. Pulling the plug would set all the wrong messages.

But, they need to reign in the programs. Having a well respected program is far more important than trying to win a national title at any cost. I support a football program out east that hasn't had a winning season in years. They recently hired a new football coach a couple of years ago that is highly rated. He was offered this year a position at a top SEC school, but turned it down because he had made a commitment to this other school, and the players he recruited. Sure he could have been a national contender automatically at this other school, probably made a lot more money, but his honor, loyalty to his players and staff meant more to him.

BYU needs to get back to those standards. BYU winning a national championship is not the big prize. Competing without bending standards of conduct and still playing at the highest levels is. It is what would set BYU apart.

Just a question Y fans

where did your current FB coach from? When he leaves you can have Locksley, OK?

to Not gonna happen....

You don't seem to give any leeway for human error. Of course BYU needs to strive to uphold its high standards. But who is to say that as a whole, it hasn't been? Sure, athletes lose their cool and do something regrettable. That will always be the case. The school is not defined by the actions of a few of its athletes.

To be a Ute is priceless

Our guy throws a punch, and it is a "flip, a slap, no harm.

JT refuses to shake a hand, and he "take" verbal abuse, and still goes over to the visitors locker room to make peace.

Utes throw cups of beverage, and fans claim that it is part of the game.

The Ute's HC's wife starts a fight with fans, and she is understandably "upset", but a few BYU student fans throw stuff on the floor, and they are classless.

How soon the Uteies for get the punch, Drca's trip, Kyle's onside kick at wyo, because the U of U is the epitome of class.

Max was right, you have no clue...

Remember Araujo

The Mountain West Conference will probably not take any action against anyone as a result of the lack of sportsmanship in Saturday's game. This is the second time in two weeks that Darington Hobson should have been ejected from a game, but the officials didn't take the right action. Hobson punched Chase Stanbeck in the game in Las Vegas two weeks ago, with the ball not in play, just like the Tavernari elbow.

The MWC leadership set the precendence several years ago when Rafael Araujo punched Jerome Blasingame, the smallest player in the league, but took no action because it would have required Araujo to sit out the first round of the tournament and would have jeapordized BYU's chances of making the NCAA tournament.

Gutless decisions.

RE: To be a Ute is priceless

Cougars who live in glass houses.....

re: to be a ute

you live a sad existence.

Re: Bear

Are you still whining about Hall's comments. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Hall doesn't like us...WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, BYU is classless, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Seriously dude, you obviously don't realize how pathetic you look commenting on Hall on a BYU/UNM article almost six months after the fact. Utah football lost, Utah basketball is irrelevant and it's really long since time to move on about the Hall comments. Besides, Hall modified his statement the next morning saying he shouldn't have referred so broadly to the entire organization so, even assuming your comment were timely, your point isn't valid.

That said, obviously the few fans who threw empty water bottles on the court were out of line, but they were reacting to the officiating not Alford. Although, if I were in the front row with Alford swearing in my face I'd have probably dumped my drink on him to get him out of my face. Alford is a great coach, but he's completely out of control as a person. Just taking after his mentor Bobby Knight I guess.

montana cutter

It seems that coach Alford does not believe in apologies on his actions last night. Tavertini stepped up and apologized to Coach Alford at the NM locker room. Even on ESPN Coach Alford did not indicate he made an apology to Tavertini in any way for his actions. That in it's self shows the class that Coach Alford has NONE. Even Bobby Knight would have made the apology if it was he who yelled words at Tavertini. Some people think BYU's student players are cry babies, just look at the NM coaches. One throws punches at his staff and one throws insults at the other teams student players.

Go figure, I think NM should look at who they are hiring as coaches.

Reality check

Seriously guys...reading these comments makes it obvious why everyone gates on BYU. Nothing but excuses! Lobos swept BYU and Utah. Accept it and move on. And by the way, Alford simply stated the truth about Tavernari. Hurts doesn't it?


The whiners have never lost a game in their mind. UNM might have given you the biggest favor by allowing you whiners to play 2nd round NCAA games in SLC. You sorry souls should be praising UNM instead of hating on them. And no BYU fans threw trash..uh hum...get BYU out of the MWC and lets see if they can fend for themselves.

public relations....

byu's public relations department has had to put in a lot of time this year cleaning up messes surrounding their athletic programs.

Alford was really immature in this situation but Taverneri was no saint either.

I loved seeing the clips of "a few" fans throwing stuff - it was more than a few which is so odd because byu never tries to minimalize their own bad behavior right??

This is now one of the top stories being run on ESPN - way to go coogs.

Of course it was all brought on by someone else - I'm sure no byu fans are to blame.

Keep living right.

Lobo Lucy

Hey Montana Cutter,

What about the earlier incident this season with BYU? Wasn't a punch thrown to Jackson Emmery. Sounds to me that BYU continues to be painted as Victims. Wow, wonder what Emmery provoked to onset a punch?

Maybe the message BYU coaches are sending to their players should also be reviewed. FYI, Tavernari has always been a crybaby and will always be a crybaby. What has Coach Rose done about it? HUMMMM.......NOTHING AND IT WAS DISPLAYED.

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