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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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So Cal Y Fan

Come on Y fans & players. I'm a big Y fan, but obviously not living in Happy Valley. This school and it's athletes have got to be held to a higher standard because of who & what they represent. Very untimely for Tavernari based on last week's excellent article on him and his faith. I certainely realize there is a lot of passion in sports, but the Y players have to keep their lips closed, as do the fans.

Classy New Mexico

First their football coach punches an assistant, then Lambert turns womens soccer into WWE and is encouraged by her coaches to continue during the match, now Alford and his assistant...hey New Mexico AD, do you see a pattern yet? Classy bunch you got down there...


Like the conference is going to do something negative about the coach of the top rated team in the conference with the highest seeding in the upcoming NCAAs...


Judge not that ye be not judged

Alford should be suspended.

The MWC needs to suspend UNM head coach Steve Alford for the next UNM game. His conduct was detrimental to college athletics. Not only did he swear at JT, but he also swore at BYU fans. The MWC needs to show a backbone and suspend him for one game. Also, what's up with UNM? First, Lambert. Second, Lockseley. Now, Alford. They are low-class and in my opinion worse than the yewts.


Wow. Typical Zoobies, 48 hours after embarrassing your school and losing the MWC on your home court you’ve now created the answer to all your problems as being Steve Alford??? Yea, Steve Alford, that’s the ticket.

I’ve washed my hands of any responsibility and now I can assume the position I know best — VICTIM

Language Barrier

Poor Alford was misunderstood. What he really said was "you're class, whole". It was a compliment, meaning "entirely classy". JT was obviously caught up in the moment and assumed the UNM coach was cussing him out. I can't offer any excuses for the UNM classistant coach, however.


Even Durant on KSL said that Jimmer has got every call this year. He was commenting on the first half that Jimmer "just was not right and must be sick" or something. He and Rubell were already putting together the excuses for zoob nation at the half. Rubell said this about the refs though, and I quote "Yeah, it is like the opposite of Home Cooking today" LOL! I almost drove into oncoming traffic laughing so hard.

Ute fan regarding Alford

I lived in Iowa City during Alford's last three years. He is extremely arrogant and was not well liked at all by the Hawkeye fans. He was going to get fired anyway if he stayed.


If you were not there or have not at least gone and watched the video......PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT.

Seriously listen to the UNM coaches and the bomb Alford throws. Great example coach!!! This is incident #4 or 5 with his staff. Go ask Larry Eustachy how much class the Lobo coaches have.

It is like blaming the BYU soccer player for putting her hair in the UNM player's hand.

I was there and the few fans that threw stuff on the floor was pretty lame.

Grow up??

The players are young adults too so why do people call them kids???

Are you telling me they arent competitive and if they make the next level they are gonna be babied???

Cmon they dont need ear muffs

Unfortunate End

Great game to watch on TV. I thought both sides competed real hard and the Lobos won fair and square. But poor sportsmanship abounds afterward, particulatly on the BYU fans for throwing things from the stands. Cougs have no moral high ground on this debacle. I will give credit to Holemoe at least for making Tavernari apologize. Alford should be reprimanded as well.


to the dumby that said UNM isnt a good team because the had to go OT with UTAH

Get real man they just sweep every team in UTAH and if we would have had Utah State in the Spectrum we would have snapped their home streak too


GO Cougs !

This action should not have happened from player, coach, or fans! Should Tavernari apologize? I believe reports say he did. Should Alford apologize? Sure, if he has any integrity as a person.

But hey, at least he didn’t throw a chair or a phone at Tavernari or Fans! Should there be any MWC actions? It’s the heat of the game and a great game it was. Lets play ball. Cougs will get them in the MWC tournament.

Re: Let the rants

Thank-you for making my morning. I love to read comments like yours. You just set yourself up for a firestorm of criticism.
Here is a summary of what I read into your post: You are expecting BYU haters, (ie: Utah fans), to come on here and rub it in; you are bitter because you lost Saturday; you are still bitter about the football game when your 'Hero' turned a great victory into a post-game 'loss'; You measure your team's success in terms of how they do compared to Utah not thier overall performance.
Paranoia is right!


At what point does our support for our team become fanatasism. At what point do we realize that anything when taken to he extreme can become a negative. We had a chance to show our good to the nation, but instead, we humiliated ourselves. Turn on ESPN and watch the objects being thrown on the court and our players acting in an unsportsman like manner. Read these post and see the excuses,bad refs, it was alfords fault, ETC... our behavior as fans was shameful. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you have lets sports become a false God.

Amazing Game!

It was great to see the passion from the fans this weekend! What a great game to be at. I loved the passion on the floor, the packed stadium, the student section representing and throwing stuff at the punk NM players celebrating on the floor right in front of them. This is why College Athletics rocks. To you Utah fans...it's really sad when you come on a forum related to BYU and the Lobos and post comments. Your team wasn't involved, go post on the exciting forum about how the Utes are now 500...yay for not being total losers.

Excuses Excuses

......and they still continue

Like the dumby up top that said if Jimmer played the second half BYU wins

What a joke!!

And you think he would have more points than Lloyd Christmas???

Big gulps ehh catch you later

Step away

from the ledge BYU fans! Man, you kids are unbelievable!

Rose needs to be addressed

The last 2 minutes of the game were telling. BYU made some bad decisions and JT, again, took a wild deep 3. Hobson leathered Hardsock clean and I think Rose was out coached. I think Rose is a good coach but has shown that he been unbale to control JT over the last 3 years and get out coached late in many games. He needs to quit looking down on the court in front of him qand pay attention to the game. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone try to take out JT in the Tourney. He has been a hot dog over the years and always has contraversy surrounding him.

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