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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I wasn't there

but if I saw what these two coaches did after the game, I might have poured my beer on their mother.


In typical BYU grand fashion neither the boorish player and fan actions from Saturday’s game will be addressed by administration. Instead BYU will employee the Dnews to create spin articles to point blame on everyone and everything except themselves. Within two weeks all evidence of Saturday’s atrocities will be swept under the rug and yet again BYU will project the image of the victim.

BYU is only fooling themselves — the rest of the world see’s them for what they are, HYPORCRITES.


I think UNM did well to win and seemed respectfull after the Tavernari apolagy. BYU missed to many shots. Jackson Emery needed to step up and make some shots without Fredette and he didn't do it. I think we know that if Fredette plays BYU wins but he didn't and UNM did some nice things they have a good team.

After a win?...

If that's how A-ford reacts right after he's WON can you imagine if he'd lost? Isn't when you've just won when you act all classy? I don't think I've ever seen such a loser coach. And then the flowery sweetness interviews minutes after are just hilarious...

Zen Master

UNM football coach suspended for punching an assistant.... Lambert goes postal on the BYU women's soccer team... Alford and assistants try to pick a fight in the handshake line... Sounds like UNM needs some anger management classes taught to the athletic department.

The Ghost of Max Hall

Glad to see you are staying classy, BYU!

re: Bass 7:50am

You are the worst Ernest T. Bass impersonator I've ever seen on this board.

Come on little JT let's go shake

hands with the other team you naughty boy . . . WHAT? Why are we worrying about this; we should be more upset that JT SHOT US OUT OF ANOTHER close basketball game!!!

JT may be a winner but I'll be glad to see him go. He's to high risk for our team.

Bad Johnathan:)

Rose Holladay - Lehi

byu does it again. The Utes will dominate you again!


y has no class


anybody else seeing the irony of BYU fans here? The ghost of Max Hall rides again.

UNM fan

I saw the film and am appalled that someone representing UNM would treat a student athelet like that. And this time it was a coach not a soccer player! How low can we get.

Shameful display

by two paid professional coaches! They should be fined like NBA coaches for their outrageous conduct.

Excellent example of modeling

...behavior. Did steve see this offensive conduct modeled when he played at Indiana? The only cure is shock therapy.


I like how Alford said he went to go tell him how good Tavenari is, but there is no evidence in the video replay of that. Just Alford going over and yelling at him, and then following him all the way to the end of the line. Interesting...


What do you expect from Alford. He learned from the worst out of control coach the NCAA has ever known. The winning record not withstanding, Bobby Knioght has always led the way in immaturity and blamed it on competitive nature. Throwing phones, chairs, abusing his players officials and intimidating the NCAA every step of the way. Alford learned from the best/worst to ever coach the game.

to u fans

you don't get to comment since your school didn't field a team this year.

the Utube video

shows alford's boys swearing at least three times and taunting jt, who responds with All right, all right, all right. No wonder he had to apoligize while Alford says nothing.

Life just wasn't intended to be fair. I bet SwearinSteve is named coach of the year. Who cares that he needs anger management treatment. He wins and the networks like him!

Classy, Y men or women?

First Max now Tav. Is there a theme here? Lack of sportsmanship in front of the camera does not help sportsmanship of BYU fans. Better idolize the women's sports programs, not the men's, when it comes to sportsmanship. Who did better in a difficult situation, Hall (who administered a cheap shot from behind on Sylvester after the whistle blew on the way to the Y endzone celebration, see youtube tape), Tavernari (see article) or Kassidy Shumway, on the receiving end of the infamous hairpull? Hall never apologized for anything, Tavernari was made to apologize after the game and Shumway KEPT PLAYING. It's obvious who had the most self-control, the BYU women.


"you don't get to comment since your school didn't field a team this year."

And I’m sure if the Utes did have a “team this year” Cougar fans would welcome comments from Ute fans? Riggggghhhht.

BYU= Hypocrisy

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