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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Well at least Tavernari and Alford showed some emotion about the game. That's more than I could say about the BYU coaching staff. Maybe they should be reprimanded for doing such a horrible coaching job. Credit the players for playing with some heart. The coaching staff at BYU should have their jobs reviewed after such a display of ineptitude.

A teaching moment

As I watch the YouTube video I see several players exposed to the ranting of a alledged coach of the year. What message are we sending to our young players? Tav is smiling and trying to remain upbeat and possitive, but. The winning coach is insulting and abusive. Where did he learn this leadership style and how contagious is it? I think Steven Covey ought to seek a speaking opp in New Mexico.

D. Aiken

Forget about Tavernari and Alford's exchange. I paid to watch players play not "Referee's", boy were they bad, I'm mean really bad! Well they were about as good as the " Three Stooges". Get better Refs. or no more season tickets!

Oh 22yr. at 4:58...

and your mother should be reprimanded for having U!!!! And Max Hall should be reprimanded for his poor showing in the NFL Combine.

Hoosier Coug

Tavernari, Alford, and the Assistant Coach should all be suspended for a game. That kind of behavior does not belong on the court at all.

Lost in all of this are the fans who threw trash onto the court. BYU should look closely to see if they can find out who it was that did this and ban them for life from any BYU games. I consider this to be the worst behavior exhibited for the entire night. This is the first time that I feel some shame for being a BYU fan.

@ Job


Look at the box score. 18 fouls were called on each team. BYU lost due to poor shooting percentage.

As for the exchange. Who cares. BYU lost.


Alford is a crumb just like Bobby Knight

Re: Lobo Fan

If you are a "good" team...you should never have to go to overtime against Utah this year. Take away your leading scorer and BYU runs you out of the building. Have fun getting blasted in the Conference Tourney!

Ernest T. Bass

Its always there fault. No way Jt Tavertini was wrong he was elbowed than swore at.
I get so sick of the mountain West getting so mad at byu. We dont deserve it.

simply amazed

I don't think I have ever heard more whining from a fan base that cannot accept defeat. There has not been a school that received more breaks from the officials in MWC history yet when the shoe is on the other foot the whaling is almost unbearable.

For the ones that are moving on congrats on a good game. For the whiners, get a life.


I'm a Cougar through and through, true blue. I think the fans' behavior after this game was completely out of line and I'm ashamed. Yours is an institution that should be an example of good sportsmanship. Many Cougar fans are out of touch with the mission of BYU right now, particularly in the student section.
Tom Holmoe, thank you for taking JT over to the visitors' locker room to apologize for his actions. I believe a lesson was learned and you led by example.

Max Hall

thinks BYU fans are "classless" for throwing things on the court.

Stay Classy Cougar Fans!

Throwing garbage in the direction of opposing players after a game.

If only Maxie could have seen that, he would have been so ashamed. Or not. The double standard is alive and well in Provo. Not one comment from BYU fans disparaging the garbage being tossed onto the court.


Looking in from the outside

It seems that the BYU fanbase and media cannot handle defeat without laying blame on anyone else but themselves. Quite a display.


should watch the Alford and dopey assistant coach from lobo town video. I just did and these two men are outrageous children. I don't care who you support, this bobby knight like conduct is unacceptable.

Now to the WeAC MWC, "What are you going to do about it?"

To Alford, grow up man, you won the game..where's your sportsmanship..This didn't happen as you shook hands, the two of you followed JT down the line taunting him!!!

You can hear

at least three profanities from Lobo coaches directed at Tav in the exchange where two men follow him back up the line taunting him..Nice job Steve??

He Alford

throw me a chair!


You are so correct. Let's see, he should sit...a young college athlete who still has the mind of a college student and makes youthful mistakes based off emotion of being elbowed for no reason (which should have been a flagrent dead ball foul).

Let the coach keep doing what he is doing. It's pretty classic when the whole conference is represented by what the coach says. A leader; a coach, someone who should epitomize what the Mountain West is. Someone who should be mature enough to walk the higher road and not mix it up with a college kid. Yep, sure enough, make Tav sit. That would teach the coach. Teach coaches that Flipping the bird to another coach, or swearing at a player on video is a great idea. This conference needs to get rid of their TV ads on the Mountain that show how "sportsmanship" is important.

It must just be something about wearing red that gives people the right to do what THEY want and get away with it.

Great ideas people. It'll be a lame public repremand for each of the two. That is the commish's way of handling it.


Tavernari seemed out of control and really should have composed himself better on his last night. The officials are a joke for not calling a foul on Hobson for an elbow after the play that was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE. On replay you couldn't see the elbow connect because of the angle, but you could see the official looking right at it at the time and ignoring it. JT was obviously as mad about the official turning a blind eye as he was about the elbow. As for Alford, I really don't care what JT said to him. Even if Alford congratulated JT on a great career and JT said something about Alford's mother in response, Alford has no excuse for acting the way he did. As a coach, you don't yell expletives at the opposing player or the opposing fans UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I don't justify whatever JT or the fans did to set off Alford, but, as a coach, Alford could have just said "scoreboard" and walked away, but he went after JT. That's inexcusable in every way.


No, Tav isn't but you clearly are!

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