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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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re: UNLV Mormon

Really easy to cheer for your team when all you have to do is drive across town, isn't it?

It's true that many fans like the appeal of Sin City for a weeklong tournament. How often do you think BYU would win the tournament if it were held in the Marriott Center, or even up in SLC? Would UNM be a lock to win the tournament if it were held in the Pit?

If it wasn't for location, UNLV would rarely have a shot to make the field of 65.


always an embarrassment.

when will be drop sports?


byu players should be more mature than this. after all most of them are near 30 yrs of age.

Ute Alum

Great game! Wire to wire. That's what college basketball is all about. Congrats to the Lobos! Cougs yall had a great game and it could have gone either way. Hopefully the Holy War will be like this and not one sited. I hate blowouts. Don't underestimate those SLC boys. Go Utes!!


clearly, most of the people that post around here never actually played sports competitively.

alford should have taken the high road as he and his assistant now look like total losers--especially the assistant--"what are you gonna do about it?"--really? Thats the best you could come up with? Are you in fifth grade? You really want to pick a fight with him? Thats really the best course of action that you think should be pursued after you just won an awesome, nail-biter game?

Tavernari was obviously doing something wrong in order to instigate it, but you'd think that as coaches they'd be a little more intelligent and cool headed. in the end, most people are just going to see the youtube video of two, over the top, immature jerks rubbing in a loss.

who's to say if they really are? certainly not me. don't know them personally at all. but the two have created a memorable albeit moronic image for themselves.

Harry Sygnosky

I live in the Missouri Ozarks, and Steve Alford had his temper problems in the local leagues. He is a spoiled brat.


Fans and their poor sportsmanship should be reprimanded!!! Naw, they're to self-righteous!!!

22-yr. old vs. 46-yr. old

Not a fair fight, especially when Alford is being backed by his immature assistant. The UNM coaches are all bad--basketball, football, and women's soccer. Maybe UNM should clean house.

Cougs lost it

First time I turn on a BYU basketball game this year was Saturday's game with 2 minutes left and what do I see? BYU turnovers, missed shots, and an embarrassing blocked shot. If I were to judge their entire season by those two minutes I would have thought they were awful. And the "oh, he's won more games for BYU than anyone else" excuse for poor sportsmanship by Tavernari just reflects how winning is more valued than character. Blah blah blah, heat of the battle, etc.


so it was all UNM ? yeah byu did nothing for alford to blow up eh ? byu is never to blame for anything lol.... figures, im surprised no one got beer thrown on them.

UTE Fan in MS

Why were all those UTE Fans throwing stuff on the floor after the game? Oh, they were BYU fans. What is this world coming too.

What's up?

The bottom line is, if BYU would have won this comment section would not be here!


22 years old is an adult... Don't justify his actions because of youth. Let it go. You lost!!! Not the refs fault. You were bad sports. Not the refs fault, not New Mexico's fault. Take responsibilty. You put yourselves on a pedistal, you claim your better than others. Your not plain and simple. This is why everybody loves beating you... to hear the crying and excuses.

Lobo Fan

If your a "good" team you should never EVER lose at home at the end of the year. I project the Cougars falling to 16 when the ranking come out today, and the out of the top 20 after a lose to the Utes on Wed.

Role Models

That is why sports figures are such great role models for kids. Fighting and swearing are just more of the same. No real penalties will be given because this is just part of the spectacle people pay to watch. As long as the coach keeps winning, he can do what ever he wants. Sports figures are sad role models for today's kids. Golf anyone?

Brush off

Gotta love how Alford acts like a saint and praises JT for coming in to be the "man" when he was the one shouting expetives. He is low class all the way. Of course, his mentor was chair-throwing Bobby Knight. I don't excuse JT for what he did, but coaches get held to a higher standard, period. Alford is a first class loser and doesn't even know it.


Maybe, just maybe Tavernari IS what he was called? Did anyone ever think of that?

Why do we always call the younger of the two people in any incident a "KID". Neither are "kids" they are legal adults and all should be could held accountable.


You know what Tavernari said Dick. Way to write your story around the facts though--typical BYU beat writer.

If only...

this MWC conduct policy were enforced at each BYU/Utah football game. If it was enforced, the stands would be empty and there wouldn't be enough players to finish the game.

Or does this policy only apply when BYU gets beat?

Grow up BYU fans and take your loss like men!

Make him sit!!!!

Tav should have to sit out of the tourny in Vegas! Maybe then he will understand that he can't act that way and get away with it!!

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