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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Let the rants

begin from the bitter utah fans who just barely got to .500 for the year.


It is one thing for teenage or players in their early twenties to get heated, say, or do regrettable things. That is why I don't fault Tavernari, Hobson, or the University of Utah's Marshall or Jackson Emery for the heated exchanges. However, coaches need to be better. It is their job to be more mature, to set the better example. Alford failed miserably at this. He should be reprimanded and suspended at least a game. This is not a single incedent for Alford, he has a past history. There is no excuse for this behavior.

Inviting all Ute Fans

let the name calling and BYU insults begin!

We expect your very best shots at JT.

All three

Alford, Tavernari and Hobson should all be reprimanded.


BYU got the short end of several calls including the end when the officials did not have the guts to call a flagrant foul and throw Hobson out for a cheap shot. The coach needs to be reprimanded as this is not his first time with the post game swearing toward players and fans!!!


Alford was reacting to a player who was behaving more like a spoiled brat then an ADULT. Do not forget about the GARBAGE that was thrown at the LOBO players some of the FANS were also behaving like SPOILED BRATS. Tavernari refused to shake hands with Hobson who was makingan effort to keep the game civil. Tavarnari apologized and amends were made PERIOD.


Did he think about proofreading the column. Tavernari is a senior not a junior.

Great Game

Yesterday's game was a classic. Classic games like this always bring out emotion, discussions of officiating, and discussions on boards like this for days after. Truly an instant classic. I will say, however, that I am extremely dissapointed in Alford's behavior. He is a coach, an allegedly mature adult. There is no excuse for his actions or words. Young players acting in the heat of battle are one thing. Coaches are different and should be held to a higher standard. Poor show, Alford, and poor sportsmanship.


This issue has so many gray lines. Not happy with Steve Alford but then Tavernari lost his cool also. The MWC won't do anything because New Mexico is on top and they want them to have smooth sailing heading into the NCAA tourney.


A couple of things:

first, I wish posters like the first would take a look in the mirror. If you start criticizing BYU-haters before they even get here, they're going to feel (and be) justified in their rants. Sheesh.

Second, I'm sick of hearing the arguments from everyone that the game was called fairly b/c there were an even # of fouls. By that same logic, the refs must've clearly given the game to the Lobos in the Pit b/c of how lopsided the calls were. So those of you using this logic, take your pick, which game did the refs decide?

Third, if you actually watched the game, it was obvious that the refs "controlled the game," as Alford said. Yes, there are always missed and bogus calls, but a couple were so blatant, you really had to wonder. For example, when their boy Gary was on the floor and spread-eagled it to kick the ball away from the cougs (which didn't work and led to another Lloyd Jr. dunk).

I went and watched this......

on You Tube. From what I can see in the 16 second clip, Alford and Tavernari are jawing at each other for a few seconds and then Alford and the assitant coach of New mexico continue to instigate this against Tavernari. Real Classy-Alford....a 46 year old Alford is about as immature as the 23 year old Tavernari. Alford should be at the very least reprimanded, and I would suspend him for one game as well. I lost any respect I have for Alford. What an immature coach!

Re: Let the rants

Wow talk about paranoia!!


"Wow talk about paranoia!!"
Paranoia? Really? How often do you read online comments either here or the Trib?
That being said, cougar fans need to chill.

Did you View the Replays

To those who think the game was called evenly by the officials, you need to have been there and sat on the third row on the end as I did. Actually, the refs made some poor calls and many in favor of New Mexico. I could see the floor clearly and in many cases was in a better vantage point than the officials. Next, the instant replays bore out what I saw. Fouls called on BYU when there were none. Hobson's fouled Hartsock's shot right infront of me. Alford should needs to be held to a higher standard than his players. Here's hoping that the two teams match up in the MWC tournament. Sure Loyd played great, but what if Fredette had been able to play in the final minutes and been able to unleash his deadly three's? Here's hoping that his health has not taken a turn for the worse again. And to you Utes who feel you had to comment on the game. It wasn't your game, nor was BYU playing Utah. Your petticoats are showing!


Alford was clearly out of control. Although the fans could not tell what was being said. Why didn't he go apologize to Tavernari, if what is reported to have been said to him by Alford is true. He was the one who was out of control and I hope he gets a kick and pants.


HAHAHA. You cougars are funny. All paranoid about something nobody cares about or blames JT for. Heck, the kid was just being a kid. And he owned up to it like a man an went so far as to go to the opposing teams locker room to apologize. It happens. The coaches though...

On the bright side, a two point loss sans your best player (best in the conference, I'm sad to say). Ute's are down, but we'll be back. And hopefully the awesome Ute team will show up in the MWC tournie. Good game cougars. GO UTES!

A Utah Man

RE: Alford | 9:40 p.m.

Hey, "Alford," what "past history" are you talking about? I'm an Iowa and BYU grad who followed the man's career there and I have had nothing but respect for him. He left the Hawkeyes because of a change in the AD's office amid a couple of rough years for the team, not over any "incident."

Every competitive guy has his moments, but in general, Alford has NOT been known for cursing or abusive behavior in his career at SW Missouri, Iowa, or UNM--VERY much unlike his chair-throwing and player-choking college coach, Bobby Knight.

This spat with JT is out of character for Alford, not part of a pattern of misbehavior. The guy's normally a class act, but he lost his cool in the heat of the moment. Just like JT, come to think of it. Both will probably get a well-deserved reprimand. Fine. But don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

Alford's human, but not a jerk. The forthcoming reprimand ought to be the end of it.

Holmoe and Rose

Both showed a lot of class, a word thst BYU fans seem to love using. Alford did not show any grace or class. He is a coach for goodness sakes and much more is expected from him. Tavernari clearly lost his cool and his meltdown hurt the Cougars when he failed to box out on UNM's final basket.

I'll tell you what, if these two teams meet up in Vegas it will be fiery and I think the Zoobs will win it with a healthy Fredette and a purpose to prove a point. Go Utes!

UNLV Mormon

The Rebs will beat you all again in the MWC Tourney next week again.

re unlv

probably not as the utes will take them down again.

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