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Published: Monday, March 1 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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look forward to watching

Generations Project

BYUtv also has an excellent program called the Generations Project. I highly recommend it.


At last! A new T.V. show that will be worth watching and very informative. Geneology is great!!


I love Family History and I think it's important for everyone to want to know what their family lines are and where they came from, even celebrities.

2nd The Generations Project

Excellent show-and it's available for free at BYU TV's website! Great, wonderful show.

Gemma, UK

Who Do You Think You Are has been a fantastic show oveer here. There have been some fascinating episodes which I refuse to remove from my hard disc. One of my favourites was about a TV nature program presenter who found out that her grandfather had been at Stalagluft III at the time of the Great Escape and had a role which almost certainly would have meant he was one of the people lined up in the hut ready to go. Fortunately for him he was not one of the 75 who made it out of the camp. Despite having a story like that to tell her grandfather had never spoken of it while he was alive.
As a keen family historian I do wish I had the might and resources of a major broadcasting company to help me in my research and bring my ancestors' stories to life.


This show is nothing new. Geneology has been around a long time and people have been researching their family lines for a long time and have many great stories. The only difference is these "stars" get their histories get publicized. Woohoo!


This should be a great inspiration to many to do their geneology. That will greatly assist in doing Temple work. Sorry, but I just had to throw that in.

Re: Cats

Don't be sorry! Those who know the importance, agree with you anyway and those who don't, will pass judgement no matter if you say sorry or not - so no worries. That's why were here - right :)


Ah Chris, while Genealogy has been around for a long time, many ignore it. After all most individuals in America today don't care about their past and live in the now. They ignore their roots, or at best give it lip service.

Shows like this make people interested in their own past, and no matter what you might find out, knowing where your family came from is always a good thing.

Great opportunity

Lisa Kudrow is a wonderful actor having many talents. She is very intelligent. She lends a marvelous introduction to a "reason to watch TV again" show.

Generations has pioneered the concept of "the stories around genealogy" and run with it wonderfully!

This process invites interest into the correction of stereotypical labels placed on people and history. Not all people who speak Spanish eat tacos. Germans were not Nazi murders, but hopeful misled people. Our ancestors cared about their progeny. We should too.

The airwaves and the internet can produce desirable content!!! Support it.

Genealogy Rocks

I will be watching. I too had relatives that were in the middle of the Salem Witch trials- they tried to defend those that were accused of being witches. I am very much into genealogy and currently my PAF has almost 40,000 names in it.


"Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to the fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." - Malachi 4:5-6

Gee I wonder why genealogy has become so much more popular during the past 100 years?


"Who Do You Think You Are" has been running here in Australia for sometime. The Show has been on Australian personalities, we have found it interesting and it gives us a better understanding of these people that we see and hear on a regular basis. I am sure it has helped many to do there own family searches.
You will really enjoy this program if you have any interest in genealogy or are just interested in people.

@Generations Project

LOVE that show! I saw only one completely through - with a suave and debonair gentleman who was intrigued by his great-grandfather's picture hanging in his mother's house. Finding out his great grandfather was a former slave and landowner, one of the wealthiest African American men in the south, having a 'great' business sense as well as a dapper man; it was really fun to watch. He is much like his great grandfather.

Arizona Reader

Awesome idea! We all care where we come from and it would be a benefit in our lives if we knew more about it. I hope this show motivated people to pull out old photos, talk with family members and dig deeper into their roots. From the out set, I can't see anything negative about this show.


I have been working on my geneology only to find out that my husband's family had both Nazi and gypsy heritage from Germany, and I have some Jewish roots.

Many of the Germans were conscripted into the war and we must forgive them. Americans are made up of all kinds of backgrounds.


As my user name implies, I am a very big fan of the UK show. I've seen a lot of the Australian show too and love those as well. I hope this show succeeds in the US as it means we are not all stupid channel surfers who only care about the latest scandals. I am not holding out too much hope for its success, so surprise me America and make this a ratings hit for NBC!!

I know Americans are sentimentalists by nature so I hope the US show isn't too maudlin or emotional. What I love about the UK and Australian shows are they try to keep fake emotions out. The only episode I didn't like too much for over emotion was the Patsy Kensit one, but even that was watchable if you just ignored Patsy.

Thank you Lisa Kudrow for bringing this show to the US. The beauty of this series is the famous people become secondary to the story they tell. Although I can see the Brooke Shields one be like the Matthew Pinsent episode where the royal ancestry is played up to the nines. Even people you don't know are interesting.


I would like to see the history of everyday Americans and their roots... not much interested in the celebrities though! Many of us have interesting and colorful ancestors. This is what makes Americans great and individual.


I hope that they show the research methods used to get their answers to the genealogical answers and facts about the histories.
Many think that ALL answers are found on the internet. Far be it from the truth - eventually research has to be done in the courthouses, libraries and even the churches in the areas where the ancestors lived. Oh, and do not forget the old newspaper archives in the areas either!

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