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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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CJ has got to go. He is horrible. Last two games he is 9 - 11. What is Jerry thinking playing this kid? He can't throw the ball into the ocean right now. He is worse than a high schooler.

Houdini is right. CJ can't put back-to-back games together. Trade him now!!

The "A"

Nice win but we still do not box out, we have way too many turnovers and Miles is just flat out bad overall.


Good game, I wonder how many of those who complained and ragged on DWill about his game in Sac., will give him praise and props for his game tonight? Or do they just like to complain?
I'm big on seeing Fes play but he struggled tonight. CJ looked pretty good, didn't force things, shot well. Hopefully he can continue to relax and not force things and let the game come to him more.
Korver had an all around good game.
Hopefully AK doesn't miss many games.
I would love to see Sloan implement into the offense more three point shooting, it really opens the game up.
I thought Mathews had a pretty good game, he scored well, but to those who complain about CJ's defense and allowing those he guards to score, look at this game and Mathews. He scored well but KMartin scored 32. KMartin is a very good offensive player and just because he scored, doesn't mean Mathews had a terrible defensive game. It's like Therl Baily said yesterday, no one can guard really good players one on one.

Ak Fan

Little defence neither team bothered to play, shots were falling. About Deron, he badly wanted to redeem and Houston let him play. Fesenko he isn't good against smaller opponent.

todd from santa ana

The Jazz tonight were so prolific offensively, no one would have had a chance. Congrats to DWIL for setting the tone, being aggressive, hitting everything, still balancing with dishes, and Boozer, Matthews, Okur all benefited with high shooting percentages.

Millsap had a strong night,. outscoring on 3s by 24 is different and critical. Houston did shoot well at 50 percent for 3 quarters, so it is a concern and the defense has to get back to where it last on the last road trip.

Okur did do a decent job, especially in the 2nd half patrolling the paint and giving some resistance and finished with couple blocks. Boozer and Millsap did decent jobs there also. Matthews struggled with his strength defense, but still mainly benefited from DWIl offensively and had a team high plus 30

Martin scored well but that is all he does. Carl Landry was better for Houston. Yao comes back, Houston not likely to make playoffs but finish .500 and that is all they can be expected. They should have let theyr'e team alone.

Hope continue at the Clip Joint. I will be sitting Section 304 row 7, 23-24 battling hwy 110 traffic, Hollyweird.

todd from santa ana

You guys are going to judge Fes by 0-4 from line and 3 minutes of hugh quality "garbage time"


When Williams is in a funk over the officiating, as he was at Sacramento, he nags at the refs and sulks at both ends of the floor. He is the one that gets the rest of the team going and so they just followed after him. When he comes out and plays like he did tonight, the rest of the team follows that also. He needs to quit sulking.


Bench CJ sign Hughes!!!! I would rather have Hughes than CJ!!!!! Cj has to go!!!!


trade miles,clueless,



CJ Mile haters

All you CJ Miles haters are pathetic. This is all you guys do is complain about him game after game. What has he done thats so horrible to you. LAY OFF THE KID!!!


has tended to be in a funk since the Brewer trade. Some of that may be a sore thigh.

It was great to see him get out of the funk. He often struggles with really fast small PGs like Lawson and Brooks.

When DWill goes well the team tends to go well. Price played well also. CJ deserves some credit.

It will take time for the team to adjust to new combinations (without Brewer). They seem to be making that adjustment. If they keep working they may be stronger by the playoffs without Brewer but it will take improvement by all of the wings and Price.

The Jazz are lethal when they have both the inside and outside game going and play some to decent defense.

The Jazz are still Jeckle and Hyde but now they seem to oscillate between okay and great.

Re: CJ Miles haters @ 12:40

Problem is that when you are paid big bucks to produce and don't, well that is when the criticism is somewhat justified. Look, all these guys are overpaid for what they do, so if they get a few jabs thrown their way, so be it. If he can't take it let him figure out something else to do in life. In the meantime, if he wants to draw a paycheck, that, in part, comes from the fan who helps to pay his fat salary, he better be ready for the heat if he doesn't produce.


And Ron Boone says, Here's our two 7 footers. Koufos, all he needs is time on the court. Great game, but remember as Nunn and I have been saying all along, without length we will struggle mightily in the playoffs. Develope the big men!!


Other than increase ticket prices and not play fundamental basketball, C.J. has done nothing. We sometimes forget that yes, we should be kind to a player, it's unchristian to be nasty. However, we as fans DO pay for the players' salaries. It is acceptable to voice discontent when someone that we endorse, pay for, and respect plays in a way that is seemingly lackadaisical, non-committal or simply bad.

C.J. is a good person, from what I can tell (he could be another Vick, but from what we can see, he's a good person) so I do wish him the best. However, I also wish that we could replace him with someone who'd address one of our primary needs.

Our two biggest needs are evey-day consistent 3-point shooting - Korver was supposed to do this but he's been rather inconsistent - or a huge shotblocking lane-clogging eatonesque center. C.J. might work far better on a Don Nelson slash and grab the cash kind of team. Not in a highly disciplined, regimented, Sloan atmosphere.


If the Jazz never lost a game, someone would find something to complain about. You complainers, why aren't you in the NBA then.

FL Jazz Fan

For the CJ Miles haters in general and the Sky is falling when the Jazz lose a game, you need to find something that will make you relax. Therapy.... Month's ago you through the Jazz under the bus when they were playing just under .500 ball. CJ is young right and he will find his grove. For the person that said he can't throw the ball into the ocean he is correct because it's had to do from Utah. He could do it from Florida :.)... Be patient and lay off the kid.

cj miles

11 points,ZERO rebounds,a 6`7' kid can`t grab one rebound ? LAZY


Yes we won big,shot 67.5 but we gave up 110 points to a team missing Battier and Ariza.We got away with it tonight against Houston,but that won`t fly against better opposition.Matthews and Millsap were also huge tonight

Energy And Effort Wins Games

What a difference, when did these guys decide to play with some desire? Thats all we fans want is effort guys, and when it's not given we are upset because heaven knows you all are rewarded money wise for what you do. Just keep it up and the negaitve comments will go away. Effort, thats what we want, can you give us that?

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