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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Henry Drummond

I'm very sorry to hear this. Depression is a real disease that is so difficult to deal with. I know people who are struggling with the same thing and wish there was a way to help them more effectively.


This is just horrible. My prayers go out to Marie and her family.


This is a terrible thing for anyone to deal with.


having survived the suicide of someone I love, I know this grief and how complicated it will be, especially as a parent, I would imagine. They will question everything they've ever done that may have contributed to this tragedy, no matter how lovingly they raised Michael. It wasnt their fault... but they will have a lot of processing to do before they actually believe that. I am heartbroken for Marie, Brian and their families. Michael's at peace now, but for them, peace will come in time,I pray.


My heart goes out to Marie & her family. They have my prayers n sympathy.


I am so sorry to learn of this devasating news that has happen in the Osmond family, I add my thoughts and prayers that God will calm and comfort and strengthen Marie and the entire Osmond family as they deal with this devasting loss.


This is very sad to hear. My heart goes out to the Osmond family. Depression is such an insidious condition.


Our thoughts and prayers will be with the entire family as they deal with this loss. I am so sorry that this happened, we just never know when it could happen to any of us.


Our prayers are with the Osmond family.


my heart goes out to maria and her family will be praying for you and yours


My prayers are with your beautiful family. I can not say enough how sorry I am for your loss.

Mark Thompson

I have been a fan of the entire Osmond family since I was just a kid. I can't even imagine what Marie must be going through right now. My prayers will be with Marie, her ex-husband, her children, and the rest of her family through this terrible ordeal. May God's love surround, protect, and uplift them through their grief and loss.

Depression is aweful

..meds help most people, be can make it worse for others.



Everyone pray for the family.
That there will be peace in the Osmond's homes.

Carol LeSueur

My prayers are with the Osmond family and with Marie's son. I hope they all will feel peace when the storm has calmed.


I am so sorry. So sorry.


Marie, I am so sorry. Talking with you really helped me when my son attempted suicide a few years ago. You're in my prayers.


I am so deeply sad for Marie's loss of her son, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

Anonymous 2

I'm sorry to hear this. Our prayers are with you family.


People think the lives of those who are rich and famous are perfect and they have no problems because they have money. If you have read Marie's book about her battle with post-partum depression, you will understand she has faced many challenges in her life. My heart goes out to the Osmond family at this time.

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