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Published: Sunday, Feb. 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sending prayers for the people of Chile and Hawaii...


My parents are serving in the Chile Concepcion mission. We heard from the mission doctor and they are doing okay, but a little shooken up. According to what I heard the missionaries are okay.

Howard Stevens

My son is a missionary in the Conception South mission and is working in the area of the earthquake. We pray for him and the other missionaries. We just hope for news soon from the Church

Cali Marty

I am 100% sure that the supplies/Donations from the LDS Church are getting ready to arrive in Chile....many prayers go out for countless of people in that area..

Katie Dixson

My nephew is serving in Talcahuano, in the Concepcion South Mission of Chile. We still have not heard if he is okay. We are praying for all of them and hope to hear something soon. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families who have missionaries in Chile right now.


plz post information on the wellbeing of the missionaries in the chile concepcion south mission when it comes to hand. thank you xx

David Wenger

Our son is in Santiago. We have faith he is okay, but it would really be nice to know for sure. We are hoping for news, but also understand that communications are disrupted down there.

Our son's last area to serve was Pichilemu, and their house was near the beach, so I've worried about the missionaries and all others there. I saw a report early in the day that some houses were swept into the sea in that area, from Pichilemu to Punto de Lobos.

Bessy Ramirez

My cousin is serving in Concepcion South mission. He's Honduran, we are Honduran and haven't heard from him yet. Please if you have any information please let us know. He's Elder Narvaez. Our thoughts and prayers are with all people in Chile and the ones serving God.


My sister is serving in santiago north, our prayers go out to all the families waiting to hear from missionaries in concepcion.


My prayers to all who are waiting to hear news from their loved ones.
My daughter is in Santiago well away from the quake and I now know she is safe. Not knowing is tough and my heart goes out to you who are looking for news.

Howard Stevens

Just talked to Church Headquarters. Concepcion South Mission finally reported with all missionaries accounted for.

L E Simmons

Our son is serving in Santiago North and stationed in San Felipe. We are so relieved to hear the confirming news that they are ok but praying fervently for those Elders and Sisters in Conception. We await further news and would love to hear any news on our son, Elder William Simmons.

Katie Dixson

Just called church headquarters. They said all missionaries in Concepcion South Mission are safe and accounted for. We are so grateful!!!


Oh my goodness we are so relieved that all the missionaries are okay. My brother is serving the Concepcion missionary and wow so much stress is gone Thank you thank you heavenly father


My question is? Why are people calling church headquarters? Let them get their info to you through the church website and not bombarding them with all the phones calls. I understand imitate family members or leaders of stake, wards, and branches with individuals serving in that area. Think about it. Really! Are you on the need to know list?
I found out everyone was safe without intruding or being pushy just by going online. TaDa! Patience is a virtue so I've heard.
And I'm thankful they are all safe and will continue to be so.


Glad to hear the missionaries are all accounted for. Our prayers go out for the chilean people and the rest of the world that may have problems with the tsunamis.

Thankful Grandy

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the opportunity of finding out about missionaries in Chile. My grandson is currently in his second year of his mission and my mind is so much more relieved after reviewing this site, as I am sure are the minds of my daughter and the rest of her family as well as others related to the young people serving in Chile. I am now contacting the rest of my family to let them know that Elder Hand is accounted for. May the heavenly Father pour blessings on everyone in the country and those that will be helping with reconstruction.


I am glad to hear all missionaries are accounted for and safe. My son's best friend is serving in the Concepcion South Mission and I emailed his family to see what they had heard. I am sure they will be busy helping those who lost homes, etc. I hope that the death toll doesn't rise. It is hard to go through a big earthquake. I went through the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and that was really scary. That was much less than the size of the Chile earthquake. All in Chile are in our prayers.

Re: Howard Stevens

Glad to hear that Phillip is safe. I'm sure that the last few hours have been tough trying to figure out his status, as well as Kevin's. Hope everyone else in your family is doing well. We miss you from the Hillsboro, Missouri ward and appreciate all that you and your family did for us.

Shawn Udy and family.


My little brother is serving in the North Chile Mission and I am thankful that he is okay. And for all you family members that called the church headquarters to inquire news about your loved ones thank you because that is what anyone would do if they had a loved one missing. So there is nothing wrong with that. So to those of you out there who are saying to quit bombarding the mission headquarters its really not your business.

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