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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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let's get hockey in college up to division 1 status in this state. gymnastics is not really a sport. it's an athletic event and that is all. it's like figure skating and the BCS football scene - all up to the judges according to their whims and tradional views.

See UofU...

At least we have GYMNASTICS!

the U

BYU is improving and should be proud of how they performed. However, the U is still the U. BYU didn't have a chance against the Red Rocks. The falls by the U on the beam were certainly disappointing. The U has a lot of work to do before tournament time. They need to be scoring in the 196's not theh 195's. However, Deetscreek and Robarts were a joy to watch last night. Very impressive.


"Utah Ute gymnasts outperform BYU Cougars." No surprise there. Well done, Utes!!!

Go Cougs

Gymnastics is without a question a sport; it takes a toll physically, emotionally and mentally. Anyone who cannot see that, has obviously not been exposed to the sport very often. That being said, I am SO proud of my Cougars! They are making improvements every meet, fixing little details, and its only a matter of time before everyone starts realizing how good of a team they really are! You looked beautiful out there tonight ladies keep up the good work, and GREAT JOB!!

Cougar Fan

The meet last night was great. We attended with our granddaughters and enjoyed watching these fantastic athletes. The sheer physical power of each event, the remarkable self-discipline, the personal focus in demanding competition, and the great team spirit were inspiring.

Congratulations to the Utes and their great coaches. They represent their fine university extraordinarily well.

Congratulations to the Cougars. Their improvement is noticeable and they have our support and respect.


re: Gretsky

Just because you can't do it doesn't mean it's not a sport. You are one of 0.01% of the population who believes that.

No understanding

So does shopping.

Re: Gretsky

First, review what NCAA stands for, especially the third letter. Look up nearly all collegiate programs on their website and you will find "sports" under the title "Athletics". You sound foolish with your "traditional view" of what is and is not a sport. Last, go to one meet and then see if you still believe this isn't a sport.

Re: Utes

Congrats!!! You got your number 1 wish for your athletic program this year. Your main bread winner for your athletic program is still doing well.

Who writes the captions?

"BYU's Natalie Eyre competes on the balance beam during a gymnastics meet against BYU at the Marriott Center in Provo on Friday. The U. defeated BYU", this is the caption under picture of BYU gymnast along with the story. I thought they had a meet against Utah???

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