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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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if someone can destroy your faith, does that mean you never had faith to begin with? If your faith is so weak and you truly do not believe in what you "think you believe" then of course someone can persuade you to think other wise. If you have a strong faith, no one should be able to "destroy" your faith. Day in day out people criticize me and tell me I'm wrong, do you think I listen to them? If you feel your faith is being destroyed, maybe you should step back and decide what your faith is and how strongly you really believe in it.


Bravo, Elder Oaks!

Re: @Mark

Just because someone reject mormonism does not mean they reject christianity. They are not one in the same.


I grew up in SLC, graduated from the U of U. Had professors who would throw verbal jabs at my faith in the church I believe in. Tell me I persecuted them because I belonged to Utah's major religion.
Then I moved to the Bible Belt, where I was persecuted for my religion, and unlike my religious leaders, the leaders of the predominant faiths preached against my beliefs, and told my neighbors to not talk to us, or we would posses them.
Knowledge is power. Learning about religion keeps you from ignorance. Fear holds back intelligence. College of all places should be a place to learn about all beliefs, and scientific theories. Thank you Elder Oaks!

RE: Bravo Oaks

Elder Oaks,"If the glory of God is intelligence" why not use it?
Christian missionaries must take an intro to Biblical Greek, very helpfull in reading the Greek Septuagint(Apostle Bible). The Book of Moses is extracted from the JST(Inspired version of the Bible)Genesis 1-6,which is totally refuted by the Greek Septuagint. Joseph Smith may not have had access to the Septuagint,but LDS do.

RE: Poor logic...

Actually you cannot scientifically disprove that God exists. The burden of proof is on those who claim He does not exist. True science and true religion not only can coexist, but they must. And to think that the amount of science that mankind has discovered is enough to explain everything is not only ignorant but arrogant.

There is a very strong argument that everything (including all that has been discovered by science) gives evidence to their being a God. It is far too complicated for everything to have happened by mere chance. I believe this is so, and that God uses natural laws to do everything that he does. A miracle is not something that goes against scientific laws, but is something that cannot be explained by our limited knowledge of scientific laws.


The problem with religion in college is that it isn't taught unless students particularly seek out classes about it. Religion has such a huge impact on so many people, and as a result, the world and if we can't understand where people are coming from we will never be able to understand them. It is important to learn about every religion (that's a tall order I know) to know more about our fellow humanbeings.


In 1941, eight German PhDs met to devise the final solution. How's this compared to "Love thy neighbor as thyself?"


To: Why?

"What happens when intelligent life is found on other planets in the universe and these beings are of another form other than "men?" If God is an "exalted man" then who is the "God" of these creatures? Just asking"

The answer to this question is simple.

Mormons believe that the definition of a soul is the body and spirit combined and that a spirit is formed out of eternal intelligences. God formed the spirits from these intelligences and Mormon scriptures teach that other animals have souls. Can you take this to the next logical step?

That these animals with their spirit and bodies are eternal intelligences and therefore if earth animals are intelligent it wouldn't be shocking for Mormons to find intelligent life on other planets other than a human being since we only have to start with this earth to find them. Each order of life falls within its own sphere and was created by God and "the worth of souls" is great in the eyes of God.

The narcissistic belief that God formed man in his own image and therefore there's no other intelligent life is not Mormon doctrine.


Elder Oaks is such a genius and such a wonderful spokesman for the Church. Many of all different faiths attended and had an opportunity to be enlightened. I'm grateful that Harvard Law School students and others had the opportunity to hear from a true apostle of God.


Mormons and laywers. What a match made in heaven. Both have about the same credibilty.


It takes GREAT COURAGE to stand before a group of unbelievers and declare eternal truth. Elder Oaks is a true apostle and a valiant representative of the Saviour.

Use common sense and logic

To:Poor logic...

"Science cannot disprove God because the burden of proof is on those who say something exists."

Your logic is seriously flawed. The burden of proof in science isn't on the person who claims something exists since science doesn't claim that something is "provable" instead the basis of any science is that a hypothesis must be "disprovable" and any scientist who comes up with a hypothesis will seek to DISPROVE it and when it hasn't been disproved it's considered an accepted or valid theory until it is disproved at a later point.

"Just saying that God exists or a spiritual world exists does not make it so."

That's true but sufficient scientific evidence of his existence exists and all scientific attempts to disprove that existence and if we used a "provable" paradigm then all scientific theories about how the earth was formed have failed to meet their burden of proof and require any logical person to forgo common sense and reason to accept such theories on faith.

I would argue that all things denote that there is a God since theres to much order in the universe for a chance and evolution.

All Knowing


["Is it just me or does Mormonville seem especially desperate lately?"]

All religions are becoming more desperate lately... because people are becoming more liberal and leaving. Atheists are predominantly liberal.

The exception is Islam which is growing and spreading world-wide. For example, a friend from England tells me that he left there because the Muslims are taking over. Some towns in England are up to 90 percent immigrant Muslim. They are taking control... installing their Sharia Law in place of English Law, dominating the political scene, outlawing Christmas, etc.

If you don't like Mormonism wait'll you get Muslimism.


Dear Indiana: Thank you for your wisdom and your testimony. It is so sad to see some of these people who are so full of hate and unhappiness that they mock those, like you, who profess the truth.

...and To: To Indiana: 10:24: Do you really think ANYONE is impressed or persuaded by your silly, immature, pathetic remarks. How sad you are.

Education and intelligence don't necessarily equal wisdom. Wisdom is what comes from knowing God and understanding the purpose of life. I'm afraid there are many, many "educated" people who are sadly lacking in wisdom and understanding of TRUTH.

Louisiana Cougar

I earned three degrees at BYU but am disappointed with President Samuelson and his sister, Jan Scharmann who are probably the two most powerful leaders at that institution.

Their adherence to principles of justice have unfortunately been suspect in how they have dealt with people at the university. I earned a PhD after leaving BYU -- and write about a broad variety of virtue-based topics in large measure because I struggled with the failures of BYU leaders to follow the precepts of the Church.

A paper I recently wrote is about Love, Forgiveness, and Trust as those constructs apply to the modern leader. Another compared secular trust to religious faith.

Here's hoping that those who profess love and respect for others will treat people as "yous" rather than as "its" -- a concept advocated by the German philosopher, Martin Buber. LDS members and people of all faiths would benefit by treating others as valued individuals rather than as commodities.

Logic escapes some anti-Mormons

To:Let's use Logic 2

"Hence Science will one day prove a DNA link between Mayans and the ancestors of Lehi, assuming a person believes that Lehi is from biblical times."

There may be a chance science will advance to a point where it can prove such a DNA link but it can't do it now.

I'm going to use myself as an example. Let's assume that I am o European descent and my wife is African and I have two daughters and 3 sons and my:

Eldest daughter marries a Native American
Middle daughter marries a Asian
Youngest daughter marries a Jew
Eldest son marries someone from Africa
Youngest son marries someone from Asia

What does this say about my grandchildren? Remember that mtDNA is passed on by women and that men can't pass it on to their children and remember that the Y chromosome is passed on from father to son.

Can anyone guess what would happen if my great-grandchildren were to intermarry into a native population?

To find a link to me and my wife would require my direct male descendant or my wife's direct female descendant.


There is an amusing absurdity to almost every comment being made here, irrespective of viewpoint.

RE: Cats

"Harvard Lawyers", Joseph Smith on Lawyers,"Don't employ lawyers, or pay them money for their knowledge,for I have learned that they don't know anything. I know more than they all know."(DHC.. vol 5 p467)


@wrz | 7:48 p.m. Feb. 26, 2010
//Both God and Christ consistently refuse to show their faces. Why??? Why not get with it, God, and remove all questioning about your existence and the validity of your gospel?//

You ask why God and Jesus Christ don't reveal themselves now? You say they should get with the program? Would you believe it if they did?

Do you believe Joseph Smith's First Vision, or the visions in the Doctrine and Covenants? Do you believe God still has living prophets? I do. I believe God and Jesus have revealed themselves in the last 190 years, known as the latter days, or modern era. Now it's up to us to accept it, or reject it. Unfortunately, most have chosen to reject it.

I challenge you: talk to the missionaries, read the Book of Mormon and D&C 76, 137,and 138. Decide for yourself, and don't listen to the ranting of the anti-Mormons who are all over the net like a swarm of termites and will say anything to try to destroy the faith of us Latter-day Saints.

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