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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Robin...If a fellow Mormon makes fun of Mormonism is it persecution?


There are no "truths" in science. Only facts and theories.

Junk science (Al Gore, Carl Sagan, Bill Nye) comes when people get confused and think that science is "true."

John C.

It is very interesting to read so many comments by people who didn’t even bother to read the actual talk. But they are consumed with the desire to tear down and not build up. They mock but not praise. And yet when their house has blown down by a hurricane, or tornado or other natural disaster they don’t complain when we show up to help.
“[Our] religion . . . prompts [us] to search diligently after knowledge. . . . There is no other people in existence more eager to see, hear, learn and understand truth.”[
And to Olin | 9:01 p.m. Feb. 26, 2010
“No long term good has ever come from organized religion.” Just another empty comment.


These people who love to point the finger of scorn at "religion" are obviously motivated by their need to justify something in their lives that they feel guilty about.

John Pack Lambert

It appears that Elder Oaks spoke in his normal well-crafted way. I really hope they do show the tape of the talk between conference sessions.
Thomas Griffith was my stake president for a time at BYU, that was back when he was BYU's general council before being apointed a judge. He was a good stake president.

John Pack Lambert

To the 6:31 commentator,
Actually Elder Oaks was dean of the University of Chicago Law School, or at least a professor there. This would actually make you defense of him stronger.
The BYU law school was inititated while Elder Oaks was BYU president, and he basically went straight from being BYU president to being on the Utah Supreme Court, from which he resigned at the time of his call as an apostle.


And people who love to point the finger at doubters are obviously motivated by their need to justify something in their lives that they feel guilty about.

John Pack Lambert

Along the lines of the 6:41 commentator,
BYU does sponsor the New World Archaeology Foundation, which could be argued to be "Book of Mormon Archaeology" along the lines of "Biblical Archaeology".
However, most of the Foundations discoveries have related to events after the end of the Book of Mormon (even more so if Dr. Sorenson is right and the Book of Mormon authors used 360-day years, which is the only way to get 600 years from the start of Zedekiah's reign to the date of Jesus' birth at 4 or 5 BC as is generally thought to be the case based on when Herod died, and also is the length of year that the Mayan's used, which would put the Book of Mormon authoris in good Meso-American company).
Howaever many of the people who have done research for the NWAF have not even been Mormons. Beyound this, with the formation of BYU's anthropology department under the leadership of Sorenson there has been a recognition of the sever limits of archeology, and a realization that linguistics tells us a story that archeology can not yet flesh out.


Wow, Elder Oaks is brilliant. As a Ph.D. student, men like Dallin H. Oaks are an inspiration.

RE: Metaphysical delema

personal experience is entirely subjective, true. Therefore there must be a test for subjectivity. one's faith is only as good as the object of that faith. God has provided that grounding or the object of that faith(Jesus) through propasitional revelation,the Holy Bible(Hagios Biblos)

John Pack Lambert

To the 7:43 commentator,
Elder Oaks did not "only speak to the Mormon students at Harvard". His speech was sponsored by the LDS Law Students Association of Harvard Law School, but as you would be able to tell if you had read the article, the majority of people at the event were not Latter-day Saints.


Oaks said "LDS doctrines and values are not widely understood by those not of the LDS faith".

Ya know why?

'Cause the so-called leadership never says anything more than the most basic "follow the prophet" lines. The general membership is left to its own devices to come up with all sorts of interesting "doctrine" that has absolutely no basis in fact and then it is spread amongst the membership as truth, then later it is called false doctrine by the leadership.

ie: Hill Cumorah, settings for the BoM, BoA translation, what really is against the word of wisdom etc etc etc. Like nailing jell-o to a wall.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks

is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. His understanding of God's purposes are higher than mine, I know, and every time I hear him speak, something in my soul catches fire and I feel this perfect clarity. All the apostle speak with this power and knowledge. The glory of God is intelligence and there is no separation with Him. He really does know everything. From the beginning and to all everlasting, as there is no end.

RE John Pack Lambert

Elder Oaks may be a great lawyer but he is inconsistent on many issues,(Zech 12:1)"...The Lord,who lays the foundation of the earth and who forms the spirit of man..." And (Ecc 12;7)"...and the spirit returns to God,who gave." The Bible rejects his teaching on pre-existence. as well as The several Church councils have condemened Neo-Platonism.(pre-existence)

@anon 6:52

It seems that recently there was a scientific article that said that there were earths like ours in the universe, that couldn't even be numbered there are so many. It seems that scripture says "worlds without number have I created." Is this science trying acknowledge religions presence in the room?


Gross overstatements like your's are exactly what Oaks was talking about. Science rarely debunks any religious doctrines and ever more rarely debunks them in a way that can be thoroughly proven without bind faith in science. You act like religion is 100 percent at odds with science when in reality they barely cross each other.


To LDS Member: You are tired of Church leaders raising the fear flag? I can't believe you would say that about an apostle.
To Thankful: Right On!

Let's use Logic

Let's go back to beginning Geometry. If this, then that. Or The Scientific Method to Research.

Much of the Sciences are not out to prove or disprove a Religious Belief, rather explain or disprove a scientific theory.

Because we are in Utah or most readers to this site are either LDS or LDS-bashers, not all, but most; then we want to discuss the Origins of the Mayans and are they decendants of The Book of Mormon people?

To say the Mayans came from the Eskimo people can not be proven in the DNA. There is a link, but not necessarily proving one or the other, In other words, If the Mayans have Eskimo DNA, then that is where they came from.

Poor Logic.

It's like saying, If there are Clouds, there will be rain. (There may be water in those clouds, but it isn't raining) Stay with me, Religion haters.

The Book of Mormon states that the people came from Israael. So if they came from Israel, then there would be Israelite DNA.

But remember to mix seed was looked down upon in many Israelite communities.

So the discovery has yet to be made.


EVERY college student needs to study religion, (or LDS specificly)...like EVERY fish needs a bicycle


@Elder Oaks
Show me all the BYU classes in Hindu and Shintoism, how about Wicca or Voodoun or Navajo religion or Jehovah Witness and Scientology?

yeah, that's what I thought. only SOME religious teachings are what you want.
no HYPOCRICY there

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