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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 1:06 p.m. MST

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Re: Liberal and LDS

Liberal and LDS writes, "Remember, we're supposed to depend on ourselves first, then our family, then the Church, and the government comes in dead last. We're supposed to be anxiously engaged in good causes, not compelled to do good."

This may all work fine if you're a Mormon living in Utah, but what if you're not? When caring for the poor, sick, and infirm is left up to biased individual citizens, aid gets distributed in a way that is fundamentally inequitable.


Does college make one liberal? Gosh, i sure how so. I don't want my kids--future college students--to follow conservatism's key tenets of greed and callous disregard for the poor.

Re: liberal Larry

"People who go to college tend to be more intelligent than the average population. Since they are smarter there is a greater likelihood they will be liberal. It all makes perfect sense."

This is an age old myth with no proof. As proof to the contrary, I can tell you that many of my friends and I have IQ's well above average with multiple college degrees. We run businesses and a few of us teach at the university in the evening to young minds thirsting for real world education rather than pontifications from ivory towerites who have not so much as ever made change for a $5 bill.

Given the fact that liberalism has never worked at any time in any place and that taken to its end, it has to be mandated by force, I think it's safe to conclude that liberalism and intelligence are not related in any way.

re: Anon 7:46

"Does college make one liberal? Gosh, i sure how so. I don't want my kids--future college students--to follow conservatism's key tenets of greed and callous disregard for the poor."

Let me know which school you send your kids to and I'll send mine elsewhere. I don't want my kids to learn laziness, entitlement and corruption. And when you don't get your way, whine loud and sue everyone. That's the liberal way!

George Nada

re: Illiterate people | 5:12 p.m. Feb. 26, 2010

FWIW; Mississippi has the highest per capita rate of church goers and the highest illeteracy rate?

What the...?

Quote: "The ISI's survey of 2,508 U.S. adults shows that graduating from college "does not significantly impact a person's views on economic issues," nor does it significantly influence a person's "civic knowledge" – their understanding of American history, government or foreign affairs."

So, what exactly are these people studying?

john in texas

I am a college graduate.
1)I am against same-sex marriage.
2)I am against abortion on demand.
3)I support prayer in public schools. (I grew up
with that experience in the 50's).
4)I believe the bible is holy scripture.
5)To be economically healthy, spend less than you
make. Save something. live within your means.
If you want something, labor honestly for it.
Help your neighbor when they are in need. Don't
steal. Be kind to others. Be true to your marriage


I find it interesting and delusional that liberals talk of being liberal to be compassionate to the poor when various studies have consistently shown that conservatives give more generously of both time and money to the poor. Liberals are good at emoting compassion with other peoples money in the form of government handouts. I know a highly educated liberal acquaintance who admitted the truth that he believed in gov handouts to minorities in order to "through them a bone and keep them happy". Conservatives believe in empowering all people to succeed whether they are educated or not.

Jack M

I had a hard time understanding this article. In the opening paragraph I get the impression Moore is suggesting that the liberal college professors are not open minded or tolerant.

Yet when I read the article Dr. Englehardt sounded as much or more open minded and tolerant to me than did Mr. Mero.

Maybe I'm not sure what it means to be open minded and tolerant.


@George Nada- That's just the South. I lived in Alabama and the non religious were equally as illiterate as the religious.

Henry Drummond

You might want to check out the web site of the group that did this survey. I don't think this is any kind of non-partisan think tank. The link is in the article.


Even if colleges caused more people to become liberal, and I don't believe you made that case...so what?
It is perfectly legal to hold liberal views in this country, what is ILLEGAL is trying to force someone against their will to believe something, which seems more what the "CONCERNED" "Focus on the FAMILY" and "National Organization for Marriage" folks try to foist on our population.

George Nada

re: Anonymous | 11:36 a.m. March 1, 2010

Dennis Miller back when he was funny once quipped, "Alabama is Darwin's waiting room."

Your point is...


FWIW; Mississippi has the highest per capita rate of church goers and the highest illeteracy rate? "

If you must thumb your nose at the reading and writing skills of others, please spell "illiteracy" correctly while you do so.

Also I'd have to point out that correlation doesn't prove causation. There are a lot of social, cultural, historical, and economic issues faced by the southern states, their problems are complex enough that you need to do a lot more than simply point out that religion and illiteracy are correlated to prove that religion, as an institution, causes a lack of education wherever it occurs. As I've said before, there have been times in history where nearly all literate people in Western society were involved in churches or monasticism. In fact, there are some very fine Jesuit universities today (Georgetown, Washington University-St. Louis). I'm considering a graduate program at a Southern Baptist university (not a baptist myself). BYU is a great school, especially the law program.


The liberal agenda is out to get you!

The Conservative agenda said so!

Normal in Provo

Being born and raised in a conservative LDS home I have something to say.

TO ALL CONSERVATIVES: face reality, in order to survive in the world today you cannot pretend like it does not exist. And your children will need educations so they can get jobs that can support families, think about it. And recognize that your children didn't write the rules to the game of life. So stop disowning us when we try to survive today.


So, because I am a liberal I have less value?

I think not.

To Jack M

Academic translations:

Open-minded and tolerant -- descriptive of a died-in-the-wool liberal, pro-abortion, anti-religion, anti-US, anti-business, anti-capitalist, unskilled in anything important to society, tree-hugging, anti-freedom true believer, who will never be swayed by any argument contrary to his own unreasonable and unfounded beliefs.

In other words, a college professor.

Bigoted -- descriptive of a conservative, regardless of education level, race, religion, charitable inclination or experience. One who loves the United States, its founding documents, and the democratic system they produced before being attacked and eroded by liberals [see "Open-minded and tolerant, above]. A businessman. Someone concerned for innocent human life, the traditional family, quality and quantity of life, and freedom. A person who distrusts government but is supremely confident in the inclination and abilities of people.

In other words, the rest of us.


"At UVU, we don't encourage them to change their point of view, just to be well-educated on the issues."

The problem is that if you express a conservative point of view in college, they see that as being uneducated, regardless of how well you back it up. "Being well-educated on the issues" is just code for adopting the liberal point of view. Besides, the left decides what the "issues" are at college in the first place. Every conservative at college finds out really fast that if they want to graduate with good grades, they better fall in line and tell the professor exactly what they want to hear. No thinking allowed. Liberal leaning students don't ever have the burden of having to back up all of their opinions. They just regurgitate what the professor tells them. Conservative students, if they wish to express their opinions, spend lots of time digging up statistics, facts, historical records, only to have their professor reject their opinions as "uneducated" anyway.


"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." ~ Stephen Colbert.

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