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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 1:06 p.m. MST

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to 8:45 PM

"Now I understand why Republicans are so against education. If people become smart, they become liberal. We certainly can't have that."

I love statements like yours because they are flawed in so many ways. If you don't mind please allow me to add to your ultra-intelligent comment: You forgot to mention all those well educated immigrants from south of the boarder who vote for liberals, the inner-city poor with their ivy league universities do the same, and don't forget the low-income PhD's living in the ghetto. Yep, you're right. They all vote for liberals because years of education and reading have lead them to that conclusion.

To quote the popular vernacular..."LOL"


"Does college make people more liberal?"

I hope so.


"As people do better, they start voting like Republicans - unless they have too much education and vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing. " Karl Rove


I am amazed at how weak families must be in that universities can change so much about people- must be a failure in the home to teach anything and give any foundation that all these blank slates show up to college and we prof. fill their brains with whatever we like- this researfch is flawed at so many levels it is just not worth commenting on- notice how it is self published becuase these results would not make it into a 3rd tier journal let alone one worth anything- in a tenure file this work would get you denied tenure as opposed to help you- sad we have all wasted so much time and space on this- worthless at many levels- interestiung questions that need research but this is not it


To tell the truth, when I left for college, I was a liberal. That sometimes happens to 18 year olds.

When I got there, I met other liberals, which were a rarity in my home town. Some of those liberals were my professors, and I still hold high regard for them. But most of the liberals my age I found to be strange, melancholic, self-important, unintelligent, emotionally unstable, incredibly dogmatic people that shout a lot. I thought a lot of them probably had terrible childhoods and never got over the baggage.

Once I mentioned a guest lecture from an environmental scientist that told us that aluminum recycling pollutes the environment so severely that he doesn't do it anymore. They actually yelled at me. In a class discussion. They're like those things on Doctor Who. Luckily I took mostly science classes so there weren't many I had to put up with.

When I graduated, I was a conservative. Working with state regulators later confirmed my decision.

Me? Liberal.

Many students, liberal or conservative, don't need higher education to construct a proper sentence. So, the poster at 10:09, missed the chance at credibility with the name "Why students get more liberal." I believe it should be, become more liberal. No matter. The author then listed various professions bent on massing liberals. Perhaps he never heard of these Actors (Charlton Heston), Musicians (Ted Nugent), Pro Athletes (Curt Shilling), Career Politicians (a twofer with former MLB player, Republican Sen. Jim Bunning) and Academician (Bill Bennett went to Harvard--does that count?).

But the best was this gem from WSGML: The only major exception to this is with union members, who are captive to their hyper-liberal indoctrinating union leadership and fearful of falling out of step.

Huh? What? Seems clear who is really fearful of falling out of step.

Conservativism = Evil

Osama bin Laden is a Conservative.
Papa Doc was a Conservative.
Every South African Apartheid president was a a Conservative.
Stalin was a Conservative.
Hitler was a Conservative.
Dick Cheney is a Conservative.
Sarah Palin is a Conservative.

Jesus Christ was a Liberal.
Gandhi was a Liberal.
Joseph Smith was a Liberal.

When comparing Conservatives and Liberals it is easy for me to decide whose company I would want to be in.


I'm a college senior, and the two things that have most bothered me are the students who BLINDLY FOLLOW the viewpoint of their liberal professors, and those who pretend to be "liberal" (aka secular) only because it is the COOl and POPULAR thing to do. These students are the exact opposite of what they think they are.


Regard Conservatism = truth. Health care may not be a right but it is a moral issue. How can we call ourselves a christian nation when millions of americans have no access to basic health care. What you are advocating is called social darwinism or everyone for themselves. If you don't have insurance or the money for medical care just go crawl in a hole and die. The constitution provides government the right to promote the general well being. Millions of citizens living in poverty is not the general well being. True conservatism is total selfishness or in other words let those who don't succeed fall by the wayside regardless of how hard they have tried. Read the scriptures and focus on charity. Helping the poorest of the poor is not socialism it is a measure of our humanity.

Ever Heard

the term "Educated Idiot". Sure there are many who think they have a ton of education from various prestigious institutions, but I found many do not have wisdom. I'll take wisdom over education everyday. And yes, I have a college degree.


I'll take my Bachelor's degree any day over the "lifelong" listening to Hannity, Glenn Beck and Limbaugh.
When totalitarian forces want to overturn a Nation and silence it's critics, (whether radical Right fascisim, or radical Left communism) they attack the COLLEGES, and it's professors and students, because those citizens KNOW what History has shown to be dangerous.

@liberal Larry

liberal Larry | 5:38 p.m. Feb. 26, 2010
People who go to college tend to be more intelligent than the average population. Since they are smarter there is a greater likelihood they will be liberal. It all makes perfect sense

Agreed and there are a lot of things that can make you "smart" besides college. Everyone should get to live in Cleveland, St. Louis, detroit or DC for awhile.

From my observation the youth who are born & raised and then work for Dad and take over the business have the biggest problems. They may even run the business successfully, but as far as feeling and understanding what others think and having a good basic for their opinions are often the worst.

The attitude of "DON'T CONFUSE ME .... with the alternatives, my mind is already made up" is apparent in many.

I agree with the article that we may not change our ideas but we should be open to hear others and ready to explain our values in an intelligent way to others.

To vote for someone because you like red-headed people and nothing will change you mine is part of that attitude.


Could you start with, perhaps, a less biased title to the article. Yes I am more Liberal having gone to college, but I see that as a continuation of important principle of the Gospel, such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, comforting the despairing (to paraphrase from the Savior), or caring for the widow, the orphan, the disenfranchised as a hallmark of true religion (see the Epistle of James). Yes, I am more Liberal, because that's what I am taught by the Prophet, not as politics but as compassion. PS, my degree was in Bible.

Liberal and LDS

Please show me where in the scriptures we're supposed to hand over our money to the government to distribute to the poor? Please show me where any prophet or general authority has advocated the government as a good solution to helping widows and orphans? Because I can come up with plenty of quotes showing that charity begins at home, not the government welfare office. Remember, we're supposed to depend on ourselves first, then our family, then the Church, and the government comes in dead last. We're supposed to be anxiously engaged in good causes, not compelled to do good.

Does it really matter

Having an education is critical, right now the US is struggling to compete with other countries. And people are arguing if you are college grad you're a liberal communist. Come on man, its up to the individual who they want to be not the school. Its all about you, if you want to have a conservative or liberal attitude. LDS church leaders as well as our President has encouraged us to get an education. We are falling behind, we need to show our children a better education programs, make them bilingual, and make them better mathematics and technology. Its sad when countries like Germany and China are smarter than the US.


I was radically progressive begining in Junior High School, college didn't alter that for me, it also wasn't the cause. I did meet more people who shared my views in college, and some challenged me to broaden my interests and concerns, which made me BETTER.
As for becoming conservative with age, hasn't happened in my late 50's, and my Mormon grandmother until she died in her late 70's, was still a diehard fan of FDR, and would have happily had him as president another 3 terms.


This article is a waste of time. Conservatism has always been scared of the enlightened. What university indoctrination? This is a myth. There is just a strong correlation between being well educated and being liberal.


@Liberal and LDS
At the time of the writing of the Gospels, Israel was under foriegn occupation of Rome. Of course there would be no giving to the government to provide for the poor, it wasn't the Jew's own government, and Rome could have cared less what became of poor, or sick, or hungry/thirsty Jews, that wasn't their citizens.


Some of the most heinous chapters of human History is when persuasive leaders gave a stupid uneducated populace, or a desperate populace, or a frightened populace, SIMPLE answers to complex problems, many times it was to blame a scapegoat,(could be Jews, could be gays, could be women accused as witches, could be Mormons, could be Muslims.)
The intelligensia, the educated citizens QUESTION those simple answers, mobilize against those leaders, then they are attacked and silenced.


The internet killed religion! Open the gates and let the roman lions out!

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