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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 1:06 p.m. MST

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What questions did the survey ask?

And did it ask people about their parent's political views?

Political compass org has an interesting quiz.

Big surprise

Colleges used to teach civics, economics and the history of Western Civilization - but that's been gutted at most universities. Now they teach women's studies, minority studies, and Marxism. College professors overwhelmingly are extremely liberal - and that carries over into the curriculum. That's well documented. At many universities, especially in the soft sciences and the humanities, there are NO professors who are conservative. So we send 18 year olds there, without any prior knowledge of civics (since the public schools barely teach it either), they get indoctrinated for 4 years with liberal dogma, and then they come out thinking they know everything and that conservatives are stupid.

Thinking and Tolerance

Good colleges encourage thoughtfulness and an openness to unfamiliar ideas. Openness fosters tolerance for divergent opinions. I don't know if higher education makes people more liberal, but I do believe it helps them to analyze and question their own opinions and other people's ideas and to embrace a more nuanced view of the world.

Why do they become liberal?

"if a kid goes to college, they become more selfish, more cynical and more secular."
Isn't it also interesting that they don't learn anything about "civic knowledge."
They don't understand that freedom isn't free. that's why they become more liberal.


In Alice in Wonderland, Humpty-Dumpty proudly proclaims, "Words mean exactly what I want them to mean", boldly denying that they have any intrinsic meaning. That's what Paul Mero does here - "conservative" means someone who agrees with Paul Mero, and "liberal" means anyone who does not. When you twist definitions, you can accuse anyone of anything.

The truth, though, is that Paul Mero and the Sutherland Institute promote positions that require a more invasive government and less freedom for anyone who does not fit his definition of "conservative". But a larger and therefore more invasive and restrictive government is actually a LIBERAL position, by any reasonable definition. Paul can't even define himself, how in the world can anyone take him seriously when he tries to define others?


Here's the harsh reality; the individual is empowered in the United States by the Constitution as the Founders believed, and rightfully so, that government is the greatest threat to personal liberties. America is about freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happinness. Our rights are not, not provided by government, but by God. Hence, government has no foundation to take away our rights, nor to provide them, but rather it is We the People who secure them. Fact= health care is not a right; social security is not a right, illegals are not entitled, education is not a right..the only rights we have are those enshrined in the Bill of Rights, chief among these are: freedom of speech, worship, right to bear arms (shall not be infringed by anyone or any government), private property..and you can read the rest on-line.
Liberalism = Progressivism = big govnerment = no personal freedom or liberty.

What is ISI?

"Intercollegiate Studies Institute" sure sounds like an objective, non-ideological organization. Something I learned from my "liberal" college education was to do a little digging and not readily accept information at face value. It's website says, "Every study shows that the university is dominated by liberal professors. It is no wonder this country is currently on a slippery slope to socialism. Young Americans need to know their history. They cannot win battles if they cannot win arguments." OBJECTIVE???

Its online bookstore carries "Conservative books from yeterday and today." According to its website, Ronald Reagan said, "By the time the Reagan Revolution marched into Washington, I had the troops I needed - thanks in no small measure to the work with American youth ISI had been doing since 1953. I am proud to count many ISI products among the workhorses of my two terms as President."

Of course Americans are historically and civically illiterate. We must work to fix this. But I don't believe that a "test" created by an agenda-driven conservative institution accurately measures America's students' historic knowledge. Shame on the Deseret News for portraying this study as newsworthy.

Sad journalism

Why does the Desnews continue to use Mero and his Sutherland institute as a source for all things political? Give a group a name and suddenly they are qualified to state their opinions authoritatively on any subject. Ridiculous. That Mero is even allowed to claim that his group is somehow a safe-haven for independent thought is laughable. Prove it Mero. Give me one documented instance of an idea not fully capable of passing the conservative purity test that has ever been given serious consideration in your "institute." An education does not create liberalism; it defeats totalitarianism.

re: conservatism=truth

I'll take your last statement one step further.

Liberalism = Progressivism = big govnerment = no personal freedom or liberty or personal responsibiliy.

Their idea is do whatever you want and don't worry about the consequences. If it feels good do it, and don't think about the road it puts you on. Someone else will bail you out later.

Christian Colleges

Christian missionaries must take Biblical Greek 101.
The Greek Septuagint(the Apostles O.T.)when compared to the JST(inspired Version) totally refutes, JST Genesis 1-6, Which is where the Book of Moses is extracted from.

" If the Glory of God is intelligence,Why not use it?"

Education is a good thing

It turns out that common sense is intrinsically more important than education. A person with good common sense is a smart person. A person with poor common sense will always be an idiot no matter how many facts and figures and theories you cram into his brain. He can't compute. That defines liberals, they can't compute. They may be educated but they don't understand how to use it. Exactly describes Obama, for example. A person with common sense understands that he can also be a faithful person. A person with no intrinsic intelligence will never have faith and will never understand how to use his education, so it will be wasted. Education is wasted on the liberal, they still are not intelligent and they have a warped view of the world.

A Dream Life...

I kind of like the liberal viewpoint... I've worked for a few years now. I'm not at retirement age yet, but I want to quit work, so I think I will. So, all you liberals... start sending your money my way. I still have needs you know... a new house, a new car, a new TV, a trip to Europe. I "DESERVE" all those things and I am in "NEED"!

A Dream Life (2)...

Oops... instead of I "DESERVE", it should be I'm "ENTITLED"!

College people more thinking

I went to university later in life, and I am more liberal now than before I went.

University didn't teach me to be more liberal.

1) It taught me to think critically, to examine in depth any argument.

2) It taught me to pay attention to both sides of an argument.

I am more liberal now because I realize the foundations that caused my deep conservatism, were somewhat faulty. Where it was shaky I replaced it with a more sure foundation.

Now I see truth in all philosophies, conservatism, liberalism, capitalism and socialism. Its ironoc that in a way I have returned to my roots, as Paul says, "Prove all things, hold fast to that which is true".


So I guess most of you think that people shouldn't go to college and learn anything? You are probably the same people who are posting in the earthquake story that the earthquake and impending tsunami are because of unrighteousness.

Earth's forces are easy to pigeon-hole into "God's wrath" rather than learning about Geology, Meteorology, etc.

Yes, I'm a college grad from a religious school and I am as liberal as can be. I also work hard, do not have a sense of entitlement, and understand civics, economics, etc. Religions want to keep people uneducated, or at least keep them indoctrinated in their faith. It is easier to control them that way.


Education is a good thing | 11:13 -
As a member of an old established liberal church, I'm wondering if liberal Christians fall into your "unworthy of education" category also? you seem to assume all Christians are hard line conservatives, whereas I do not find the actual teachings of Christ to be compatible with contemporary aggressive commando style conservatism.

A Dream Life... | 11:38 a.m
As a liberal who owns a business, in my fantasy world it would be a land of free flowing milk and honey for everyone however reality is and probably always will be a 60 hour work week. But if my investments and hard work pay off I intend to remain just as idle as you accuse me of wanting to be. Oh, horrors!

Take the "Quiz"

Visit the ISI website (link at the bottom of the article) and take the quiz. How well did you do? Do you consider it a good quiz?

To "Cedarite"...

My problems with liberals is not that they are "as idle as you accuse me of wanting to be"... It's trying to force your FANTACY world ideas on me in the REAL world.

I'd love the world of free flowing milk and honey as well, but it's not going to happen in this day and age. It didn't work in the communist/socialist/liberalist USSR and it won't work here either. As long as the liberal belief includes "ENTITLEMENT, the liberal agenda will only make things worse.

Like I said before... send me your money to fill my needs. I'm as "ENTITLED" as anyone. If you want everyone to give, give, give... might as well give to me.


Why do Conservatives seem to always think liberals hate them just because they don't agree with them? I believe the better educated a person becomes the more likely they are to take the middle ground and judge each issue on it's own merit, education makes one more prone to look at many sides of an issue. As the populace become more educated the more independent thinkers and voters we be come. People are not being sucked into either party as in the past and are laughing at the talking heads of TV, both liberal and conservative. People are thinking for them selves and using their free agency in decision making.


It's a fair statement that education makes one break free of the superstitions of the past.

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