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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 1:06 p.m. MST

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Activism can be great, but I dislike impressionable college students who take one or two political science classes and then are all of a sudden extremely opinionated, and "know it all's." They tend to bash capitalism, and support socialism because they wrote a few papers on Karl Marx. They hang out at Starbucks with their lap tops.

Roland Kayser

The basic position of Socrates was that he did not know anything. Everything needed to be questioned, nothing could be assumed as a given. He did not teach the youth of Athens "radical"(or liberal) theories, he taught them to question everything they thought they knew.

Critical thinking

This is an interesting study, but it's worth pointing out that it was produced by a group with a well-known conservative bias; it should come as no surprise that their conclusions matched their ideology.

Holy Cow!

Don't give Buttars any ideas! He'll certainly ax college in addition to grade 12.


I have worked with a number of college grads over the last 25 years and unfortunately there is some truth to college grads being more liberal. I have even talked with parents who have mentioned that their kids have taken on more liberal views after attending college. Those who voted for Obama in my view voted against Bush and didn't pay attention to what Obama said he intended to do. Then again what he said and what he is doing are not the same either, the guy told people what he thought they wanted to hear to get elected. Obama said, I won't raise your taxes, no pork barrel spending, I'll support manned space flight, just to name a few. The supposed stimulus package was nothing but a pork barrel spending package, cap and trade will raise our taxes all by itself let alone the need to pay for the enormous deficit spending. The manned space program, Ares and Constellation are to be canceled, setting back our manned space program thirty years a putting the U.S. behind China, India and France and maybe even Russia in space. That's change alright!


Yes, but then reality bring them back to the real world.


Religion - darkness. Education - light.

Skewed Stats

The only shocking statistic in all of this is the dwindling numbers of advancing people who believe the Bible is the word of God. That is likely something America should worry about. Other staistics can be attributed to the fact that people become more calloused as they go through life, realizing a more open-minded approach is more realistic.

As a young teen, I wouldn't have known nor comprehended the amount of "hard work and perseverence" required to make the life most people desire. Nor would I have considered same-sex marriage an ok thing to do...but now that I'm older, and have actually experienced more and been around more people, the social technicalities don't matter as much as a person.

i am reality

We mistake Liberal views with Liberal politicians.

Liberal politicians are convinced that money grows on trees and that we taxpayers can pay for everyone's education, health-care, and climate change.

Jesus was able to cure anyone without a 20 percent co-pay because he believed in miracles.


Stop to think about WHO is teaching at the college level! Most are products of the 60's and 70's, and they are advancing very liberal and secular views, especially in the social sciences. Their students are fed what they espoused. What she describes in her teaching is not real critical thinking, but rather secular ethics. I have seen the sad results, and I worry about "so called" higher education. Much of it is a paper mill of qualification. Very sad. It should not be this way. There is an epidemic of secularization in the world, so we don't have to wonder where it starts.


Well, perhaps you should have gone to masters programs at schools where you actually have to interact with people, and work somewhere else. Branding management as all "republican" just shows how isolated you really are. Political leaning has nothing to do with you capacity to earn money. It does impact what you do with it once you have it though.

I also reject college makes one smart - it just make you more informed. But there in lies the problem. A good college professor will teach you how to learn and ask questions. A poor college professor makes you memorize a bunch of stuff. We are turning out way to many memorizors and way too few thinkers - regardless of political affiliation.

I don't want employees who just do. I want employees who ask why and seek better ways of dong things. I don't want church goers who attend because they blindly follow. I want fellow observants who have challenged what they believe and work it out for themselves - regardless of what religion you are.


More educated people tend to be more liberal.

More educated people tend to make more money.

Wealthier people tend to be more conservative.

Something tells me that several of these correlations only hold true in a slight majority of cases.


Conservatism is about keeping things the same, keeping people from deviating from the "norm", keeping people from challenging the status quo. Had Joseph Smith been conservative, the Church would never have been established. Ironic, isn't it?

the closed mind

When are conservatives going to figure out that the more they try and demonize liberals the more liberal the liberals become?


Why is Paul Mero so cynical about college education? He's the proud ownwer of a 4-year degree--what qualifies him to offer commentary on this subject when he's only been one campus for a short time?


See the "seventeen factors" chart on the website provided. The results seem inconsistent and may reflect sampling bias.

For example, the table implies that someone leaning conservative tends to earn more money and live in the South. Being liberal reflects being female, college educated and living in the Northeast.

I would disagree...

with the assumption that every educated person I have met happens to be liberal. However, most liberals that I have met do think that they are smarter than most everone else and look down on those that have a religious belief as shallow thinkers.

However, I do find it interesting that you can only be open minded and free thinking when you agree with a liberal and that their open bigotry towards ideas that they disagree with is not often recognized.

Labels are the Problem

Conservatives like Mero have convinced Americans that Liberals are Godless and Conservativism is the only true and living religion. The problem is both Conservative and Liberal approaches are both Christian and anti-Christian.

To over simplify, Liberals support abortion on demand, Gay Marriage and sexual freedom, which are considered by many to be anti-Christian. They also support the fatherless, the widow and turn the other cheek in the search for peace, which are Christian virtues.

To similarly over simplify, Conservatives believe in the Bible, support individual responsibility and preach chastity, which are considered Christian. They also support greed (do not tax me to care for the lazy), enforce their moral code on everyone (Satan's plan) and lied us into a war of aggression in Iraq (I am a proud veteran), which are anti-Christian.

When we align our religious thinking with one of these labels, we grossly oversimplify and therefore accept the bad with the good. Education should make us more discerning. The great Utah State Senator James E. Faust political motto was "I am very conservative when it comes to money and morals, but very liberal when it comes to people."

to oldman

darkness = middle ages, totalitarinism, fascism, communism..that was the dark.

Light= Enlightenment, Republic, Democracy, Newton who attributed Nature's Laws to our Creator.

College Professors - Where those with Secular Progressive/Global Government views remain insulated, untested, and all too comfortable. Where over 80% of proffessors voted for Democrats...and that is tolerable? Some of the most oppressive/intolerable/inhumane people I've ever met were college professors.


If you're young and not a liberal, you have no heart. If you're old and not a conservative, you have no brain.

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