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Published: Saturday, Feb. 27 2010 1:06 p.m. MST

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Illiterate people

If you want to find the most reactionary, fundamental, staunch believers in religion, find illiterate people. If you want to find people who contribute to the arts, advance medicine, write the great books, then look to educated, well-read folks.
Throughout time Religion has sought to keep people in the dark and supress questioning anything. The Dark Ages were not caused by liberal minds. Fundamentalists believe in their myths and stories, educated folks use the scientific method

Mero is completely wrong.

College is where you generally lose your cynicism, assuming you open your mind to all the things you might learn there.

Some people, Mero included, perhaps miss much of what is offered in a university level education. Maybe that is why it is Mero, and not your average university student, who is so cynical.


"education has long threatened a sector of the population, noting "Socrates died for that," after Greek rulers decided he was corrupting the youth of Athens by teaching them theories that didn't align with prevailing beliefs."

Something’s never change... I always find it ironic that Conservative Christians are forever "bashing" universities hatefully labeling them as liberal...

My 2 bits

College opened my mind.

Seeing people suffering through out the world made me Liberal.

liberal Larry

People who go to college tend to be more intelligent than the average population. Since they are smarter there is a greater likelihood they will be liberal. It all makes perfect sense.

American conservatism

is incompatible with the teachings of Jesus. I find it ironic that I, as an agnostic, have to be the one to point out to religious folks that Jesus would never ask for a co-pay or if you had a pre-existing condition.


Why is it that so many liberal people who post in these articles are so full of hate for "conservatives"?

I know plenty of brilliant people with great jobs who are very thoughtful, tolerant, literate, and oh yeah - religious and conservative. I also know a lot of people who fit the same basic description but are liberal instead. And we are all friends - imagine that!!

Despite the liberal

indoctrination that the vast majority of colleges and universities give to their students, many turn out moderate or conservative or perhaps liberal, but not quite as much as Ward Churchill. I guess students leaving our liberal colleges are more "open minded" and "freer thinkers" than we think...go figure.


They're minds are so open that there brains fell out.

The Truth

will set us free.Therefore we need to look for the truth. If we think we have it, then the search is over and our minds, values become stagnants.
The glory of God is intelligence, why not use it?
There are many, many (myself among them) liberals, who question everything and believe in social justice and in the gospel because we are liberals. Because we see Jesus as a leader pursuing the dignity of all human beings. I'm a Christian and as such I am not afraid of respecting different life styles, values, and ideas. God is bigger than any church,human principle or interpretation of his word.Education formal or informal is liberating and challenging, embrace it and start living.


Instead of taking the "micro" view, as Mero does, why not see the "macro" view as it pertains to the entire country? Where is the greatest concentration of college students, and where are they hardest to find? If the answers are "Boston, MA" and the "Deep South, excluding Florida", respectively, then you have your answer. Higher education does have a liberalizing effect. It's not by accident that the GOP is now based firmly in Dixie.


Strait is the gate and narrow is the way to eternal life.


Now I understand why Republicans are so against education. If people become smart, they become liberal. We certainly can't have that.


some people get educated far beyond their intelegence. learning is good but it doesnt make you smart or give you wisdom


Education builds charactor, appreciation and concern for more than ones self with a liberal heart to help and share with others.


republicans aren't against education any more than democrats hate free speech.

Why students get more liberal

You liberals would like to think that the reason graduates have become more liberal is become they've become smarter, but that's not the case.

They've become more liberal because they've been immersed for four years in theory instead of real life. In theory liberalism makes all the sense in the world; it suffers terribly in practice.

The further one gets from the reality of what it takes to get ahead in life, the more liberal they become.

Look no further than actors, musicians, professional athletes, career politicians, academia, etc., etc.

The only major exception to this is with union members, who are captive to their hyper-liberal indoctrinating union leadership and fearful of falling out of step.


Paul Mero is just mad at college students cause they voted for Obama.

Glad Grad

College grads more liberal? I'm not so sure about that. I know from my college Statistics class that you can prove about anything you want in a poll. The Sutherland Institute is going to get a different outcome than a Liberal group will. I think I met an equal amount of Liberals and Conservatives in College. What I did learn is to open my mind. I became more aware of the Cultural differences and similarities between people and to respect that.


I attended a liberal college for my undergraduate degree and basically told the profs what they wanted to hear for 4 years, got my degree, and came out of it even more conservative than when I went in.

Most of the profs there had never had a job in the real world and were constantly griping about their pay and funding for education. Very few of them cared about me as a student or really educating people.

I got the first of my 2 master's degrees from an oft-maligned on-line school. The instructors were people who (gasp!) had actually worked in the field they were teaching and I learned so much more than my wasted 4 years in undergrad.

In the private sector, I haven't found many liberals - at least not in management. Most of the liberals I encounter are obsessed with grievances instead of bucking up and getting the job done despite the challenges.

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