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Published: Friday, Feb. 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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We wish you well on sustaining a happy, fruitful, love filled life.

Hometown (Boise) fan

Congratulations! Absolutely amazing! A hard earned accomplishment, richly deserved. Equally impressive is your success in facing so many difficult life situations and overcoming them! Best wishes for continued happiness, peace and success!


I thought he was from Boise


The story said he is a Boise native (born and raised), then moved to Park City 10 years ago. Good job Speedy.

Read the whole article.

It mentions that he grew up in Idaho, but has just lived in Park City for the past 10 years.

Re: Boise

He is from Boise! Why does Utah have to claim every athlete that lives and trains in Utah?


He is that's why th article says "Boise Native"

Speedy is awesome

Dude his flipin and twistin like no other last night. I live in Idaho and love Speedy. I'm just surprised he didn't win gold.


Sweet jump, man. AWESOME!!!!


He's an inspiration to me!!!

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