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Published: Friday, Feb. 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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So I guess the "big conferences" aren't knocking on the door of byu - rather it was byu pushing for the invite.

From what all the coog fans have stated, they have had invitations from just about every BCS conference except the Big East.

Go figure.

The ironic thing here is that in order for byu to be considered a contender for the BCS, the Ute's would have to be invited to join the PAC 10.

The qwest can once again continue - just hope you don't have to play Utah.

Go Utes!!!


When mentioning Big 12 changes, Missouri to the Big Ten wasn't mentioned as a reason to open a spot for BYU in the Big 12. Has the Big Ten changed its mind about expanding from 11 to 12?

I still think that the BCS boys don't want the inevitability of the MWC becoming BCS-worthy in another two years and having to deal with either adding another BCS conference or replacing a current one. So, they'll either need to raid the MWC enough to make it not qualify, or eat humble pie.

That means getting both Utah and TCU out of the MWC conference while not letting Boise State or Houston into it (to maintain stats in some way).

It's pretty likely the Pac-10 will go to 12 teams to have a post-season championship game like the rest of the BCS conference do (assuming the Big Ten expands and does it, too).

This all means BYU is likely to get picked up by either the Pac-10 or Big 12. UNLESS they want to pull an SEC move and add a previous nobody like South Florida.

re: Hmmmm...

If the choice is Sabbath day or anything, I'm pleased to support the team that keeps the Sabbath day holy.

As for playing Utah, hmmmm... Any time, little brother. You've been to the big dance, kudos to your team. When you aren't BCS busting, though, your Mountain West rusting. You have downs to go with your ups that would even give Washington State hope.

Look on the bright side. In the PAC 12, you just might still get a chance to play BYU. In Las Vegas. You haven't earned many trips there in this league, but in the PAC 12, I think that will about be your speed.

Another hater!

As usual, the first one to read and comment about a BYU article is a BYU-hater claiming o be a Ute-fan.

Grow up!

What really makes sense

Honestly what makes the most sense is for Utah and COlorado to go to the PAC 10. That way the PAC 10 gets part of the SLC market and the Colorado market. Then since the BIG 12 wants to get rid of COlorado because it drags the conference down they can then add BYU. The BIG 12 is a much more conservative conference and BYU would fit in better there. However, I don't see the U or the Y going anywhere. What I would prefer is for Boise State to join the MWC, but that probably won't happen either.

SD Blue

utes are like the embarrasing "uncle" that no one wants to be around or claim. I agree with the post above, taking what we believe in over everything else is exactly why I cheer for the Y. I hope beyond hope that this rivalry is broken up and if u lose every game I won't care less because I cheer for my team, not against others.


Pleas quit running these "conference-hopping" stories until there is some REAL news. Until another conference formally invites one of our teams, or the MWC invites another team, all this speculation is a waste of time.

Oh, by the way BlueBoy, South Florida does not play in the SEC. They are in the Big East.

Utah market?

Are the PAC 10 television gurus really so foolish as to believe that inviting Utah to the PAC 10 sans BYU will grab the Utah market?

In the end, as far as BYU is concerned, I really don't care if Utah goes to the PAC 10 or not.

BYU carried the WAC for almost two decades and did just fine. BYU would be just fine remaining the kingpin of the MWC.

If Utah and TCU leave the MWC, the MWC just adds Boise State, and the Cougars and Broncos battle it out for the annual trip to a BCS bowl.

Meanwhile, the Utes, after getting everything they wanted, would be looking back longingly at the MWC from the middle of the PAC 12 standings and wondering...

"Was having a chance to play in the Rose Bowl every 10 years or so really worth it?"

Louisiana Cougar

Thanks for the history on this issue.

Tuckett and Hale certainly knew the background. They are both fine men who served BYU well. My memory is that the PAC Ten hurdle has always been the University Presidents' resistance to BYU joining their conference.

I think the Cougars are well placed in the MWC -- although I see Utah eventually leaving the conference (and from Hill's comments it is apparent that he has been trolling for options).


silly zoobies, GO UTES !

What's up?

You still don't get it.

The Sunday thing may be an issue, but the academics is the stopper. BYU is basically an undergraduate school and all the PAC 10 school are focused on being big time research schools with academic freedom not questioned.


Right now Utah and BYU are in a stronger conference than the PAC 10 in both football and basketball. But what counts is money, and since there are approximately 12 Californians for every Utahn, the Utah market just is not very important to the PAC 10. However, BYU draws viewers from every state in the nation, much as Notre Dame does, and so BYU is more attractive to the PAC 10 than Utah is if it weren't for the fact that the Mormons cling to their religion.


When the Pac 10 thinks about BYU their pea brand minds come up with two thoughts - Sunday play and Prop. 8. Next to the SEC, the Pac 10 is the most arrogant conf. in the nation. Left coast mindset led by Cal and Stanford. As for Sun. play, the Y has taken an infalible position. Last time I checked, keeping the Sabbath day holy is still one of the Ten Commandments. Morality tops politically correct. As for Prop. 8, the same rule applies. I live in Orange, Ca and saw, heard and felt the wrath and indination hurled at the Mormon church. The Pac 10 connects BYU directly with the church. Thusly, they are morally blind and kiss up to the gay and lesbian community. Conclusion - BYU will never get an invite. The Pac 10 can take a crappy Colorado school to beat up on. Utah will land in the middle with football but stink otherwise. No BCS invite ever again there. The Y will end up in the Big 12 and be a welcomed addition and be competitive.


Let the Utes go to the PAC-10/12 with Boise State and be the door mats. I would love it! ! ! Let the Left coast beat them like the red headed step children that they are. Then everyone can see what it is like having fans that are the worst in the nation. I can just see it now....the ute fans sitting in the wonderful settings of the Pac-12 and asking their opponents fans to "pull their finger" Aaaahhhh yes, life would be sweet without Ute fans trying to tell us how great they are when they are NOT, and letting everyone else see just what they really are....WANNNNA BEEEES!

My hope is that the

Pac 10 hurries up and expands so we don't have to keep seeing this stories (save your breath, I know I don't have to read them). I sincerely hope that Utah and BYU stay where they are. The Mountain West has been at least as good as the Pac 10 in recent years and is getting better and better.


is dumb. If they ever get invited (big if) they will be the new Washington State. I would enjoy seeing Utah lose regularly while BYU goes year after year to the BCS.


@Utah Market

"If Utah and TCU leave the MWC, the MWC just adds Boise State, and the Cougars and Broncos battle it out for the annual trip to a BCS bowl."

Since when has BYU batttled anyone for a trip to a BCS bowl? I don't expect BYU football to start a trend anytime soon. From Boise State's recent history, they are the last team anyone in the MWC wants to face. Just ask TCU, BYU would be the big boy on the block and Boise St. doesn't seem to have any problem beating big boys. Or should I say prettiest girl at the dance. I like how some of these DN writers put things in such perfect perspective. Personally, I don't believe either team is going anywhere. Until I see "BON VOYAGE" in a headline, the rivalry continues....



If either were that compelling

Both would have been in other conference situations long ago... as it is, they've kind of found the level they're going to rise to and that's being dominant in one sport or the other in the MWC and competent in the rest... with a smattering of national level games/wins half a dozen times a decade.

All about the $$

All of these changes are about the money. ADs would like great opponents that will raise their national standing. However, presidents (the decision makers) are all about the money.

Consequentially, the athletic programs will benefit greatly from the cash influx. Specifically, Utah and BYU bring in about $25M a year for athletics due to their affiliation with the MWC (TV rights, bowls, etc.). The biggest programs in the country (Florida, Texas, etc.) bring in over $100M. By moving to the Pac-10/12, Utah would instantly double their revenue take ($50M+). Those funds would buy better coaches, facilities, accommodations, and ultimately be a major factor to drawing better players.

Better players = more wins, and more wins = more money.

This is a financial decision.

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