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Published: Thursday, Feb. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Be scared. Be very very scared!


Good D and great rebounding. Can't wait for Saturday!

amber leaf

Very funny. The outcome of this game wasn't hard to anticipate as San Diego State played their characteristic um... bad game. Anyone who took the time to look out from under their dunce cap would have known this would be an easy game for the Cougars. Jimmer lit up a fat one and BYU is easily one of the best teams in the country. HaHaHa.


Congrats Cougs! Another double digit home win. Keep it up against the Lobos on Saturday!!!

Louisiana Cougar

I was able to get an internet feed while monitoring a class.

The three J's did the job for the Cougars, but it was a team win too!

One game at a time is the key . . . I was worried about the Aztecs.

Way to go, men. Glad to see Utah top Air Force.


Solid win for BYU. A win on Saturday puts them in the driver's seat for the conference reg. season championship.

RE: Utes

If you look past the Lobos, you will be sorry.

Fiser s a good coach

and a gentleman...the kind of coach Utah should look for!

I Bleed Blue

We'll dine on Lobo this Saturday and then cleanse the pallet with some Runnin Utes next week.

Congrats BYU

One down, one to go for the MWC championship!

The Marriott Center will be rockin' Saturday Lobos!

cya then

Goooooo COUGARS!

Louisana Cougar

Great rebounding and defense. Concerned about Saturday against a more athletic New Mexico team.

One game at a time . . . .

Utah will be ready next week, but that game can take care of itself!

The Three J's took care of the offense!

re: Utes

Be scared? Why? We are expected to lose and have nothing to lose... what is there to be scared of silly person??? Oh wait, I know, it sounded cool in your head. By the way, good win tonight... big game, I thought San Diego State would give you all you wanted and you beat them fairly soundly. Jimmer was solid, 26 points, yeah but 6 rebounds and 5 assists. As much as I hate to admit it... impressive.

Full house...

and Saturday BYU will have more fans present than Utah has had for their home conference games combined...two programs headed in the opposite direction


Saturday will be a great game. Hopefully UNM plays like they did against Air force, and BYU also plays like they did against Air Force. :) Should be a close, exciting game.

Great Game Cougs!

Rebounding and the trademark transition won it for the Cougars in front of their own sell-out crowd for a sweep in the series against SDSU. And it was cool to see it on CBS College Sports. Take it to the Lobos Saturday, BYU!

One and Done

Cewgs - does it really matter whether you get a #4 seed or a #9 seed? One and done is one and done no matter how you look at it.

My Utes still have as good of a chance at winning a tourney game as you do


How it is

Nothing but silence from the haters. So, how many will BYU lose by Saturday?

Lobos have no chance. Top 10 come Monday.


TDS - You're going to lose to New Mexico, us in SLC, probably the 2nd round of the mwc tournament, get another #9 seed, and then well you know the rest.

Don't book your march madness hotels past thursday

knock it off

I'm a BYU fan and I think it is childish the way some BYU fans are bringing up the failures of Utah in this article. Without any trash talk from Ute fans, you guys are writing irrelevant posts. You are just as annoying as some of the ignorant Ute fans. Just knock it off. Focus on BYU and its success.

re: How it is

What haters are you talking about? Are you asking for it? Ridiculous. You people are filled with so much hate yourself you don't even think straight. Then come on here asking for it and when you get it, you have the audacity to be indignant! Silly really! Congratulations BYU... could have been a tough game. Fredette was impressive... adding 6 rebounds and 5 assists!

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