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Published: Thursday, Feb. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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no more convenient

than Utah fans making the cut off date 2004

or the BCS era

or since Utah developed a pulse in football again in 1992,

or let's just "conveniently" forget the 1970's and 1980's because Utah football didn't exist then,

or let's talk about the overall series record, but "conveniently" ignore the fact that Utah did absolutely NOTHING on a national scale during those leather helmet football days when the Utes were busy beating up on a BYU team that was little more than a club team

btw, BYA was 3-2 versus Utah in the 1890's

Utah, CONVENIENTLY, includes a spring scrimmage as a real game, just to even the record

even in the 1890's, football was a fall sport

and no, BYU doesn't leave out the BYA days because the Cougars lost most of their games

BYU omits the BYA days because BYU didn't even have a football team from the late 1890's until 1922

If you're going to spout off, at least no what you're talking about and use real facts instead of pulling them out of your backside.

more convenience...

By all means look at the whole record. Besides the Lavell days, it's petty lopsided. Even with the coog dominance in the 70's and 80's Utah still holds a sizeable lead on you.

You are the perfect why fan - make excuse after excuse until all the bad goes away.

Whatever!! I never made the claim that Utah did anything on the national level in the begining - either did your school. I was simply talking about the rivalry between the U and the y.

Yeah - it was just a "club sport" that should make you feel better.

Your jealousy is all too evident in your posts - just admit you would trade all your Vegas bowl appearences in heart beat for 1 BCS win - to claim anything otherwise is a joke.

Go Utes!!!

no jealousy

BYU has been a nationally recognized football program for over 30 years.

--Over a dozen National individual awards, including the Heisman Trophy

--a National Championship

--a perenniel Top 25 team

--a perenniel WAC/MWC champion

Utah has a couple of BCS wins, that's it

--no National Championship

--no National individual awards, ever

--only a handful of Top 25 finishes and conference championships


Even if BYU goes one-and-done in the Tournament (which they won't), one-and-done is still a heck of a lot better than none-and-done.

No comparison, jealous yoots

1 Football National Championship > any number of BCS Bowl games that are not for the NC.

Something yoot fans don't seem to get (or refuse to acknowledge): A BCS bowl game that is not for the NC is just another bowl game except with a bigger payout.

Stop by and see our football National Championship trophy some time, yoot fans. It's real shiney.

Jealous Coogs!!

Keep up your ridiculous smack talk about your national championship!! You beat the 6th place team from a 10 team conference in a pre-new year's bowl game with $500,000 payday! The big bowls paid teams over 10 times that amount (USC and Ohio State each received $5,800,000 from the 1985 Rose Bowl).

What that means is FIVE other teams from the Big 10 were invited to BETTER bowl games with higher paydays! The big boys play in January and the big paydays are ALL in January.

Enjoy bragging about your huge win over 6th place, 6-6 Michigan during a season that byu won all it's games against teams that didn't finish in the final poll.

Being invited to a $17,000,000 per team BCS game to play against the big boys twice in the past six years, finishing in the top 5 each time is definately a greater honor.

Having to award BYU the NC for the 1984 season after they took the lead with 1:23 left in the game against a 6-5 unranked team was the joke of college football. Congratulations on your NCAA NC "gift"!!

Re: NCAA BS - 2:45 p.m.

"You don't have a clue what you're talking about.

In 1944, the NCAA tournament was the new kid on the block; little brother to the NIT, the most prestigious tournament of the time."

FYI, NIT started in 1938 and NCAA Tournament in 1939. The NIT champion for 1938 and 1939 were considered the national champions.

Early on the tournaments were played at different times allowing teams to participate in both. Utah did in 1944, BYU did in 1951.

The NIT Champion and the NCAA Champion played each other three times, 1943, 1944 (Utah), and 1945 with the NCAA Champion winning each time. It would be hard to say that Utah wasn't the national champion in 1944 based on this fact!

BYU lost in the NCAA Tournament in 1951 then played in and won the NIT. #1 Kentucky beat #4 Kansas State in the NCAA Tournament championship game. Note, Kansas State is the team that defeated BYU. Again, the recognized 1951 NCAA National Champion is Kentucky, winner of the NCAA Tournament.

I hope this helps.

re: Basketball 101

Sorry, you failed!


The 1944 NCAA/NIT champions matchup was a fund-raising exhibition game.

The fact that Utah was beaten soundly in the opening round of the NIT by Kentucky (46-38), which then lost to St. Johns (48-45), which then beat DePaul (47-39) to win the NIT, makes moot the fact that Utah later won an EXHIBITION game against St. Johns.

current superiority

As an unbiased objective observer who recently moved to Salt Lake City from Iowa and is not a fan of either BYU or Utah (go Hawkeyes!), I would say to the fans posting to this article that the most common way to determine which program is "superior" is to look at the most recent seasons.

BYU had a better season in football last year and beat Utah in the rivalry game. BYU is also doing much better in basketball this season than Utah and beat them once already. Therefore, both of BYU's programs are currently superior to those of Utah.

None of the ancient history being quoted and posted means much at this time with the exception of very notable events like BYU's national championship in football and their Heisman win for Ty Detmer. Believe me, other schools and their fans outside of Utah are very much aware of these two BYU accomplishments.


RE:current superiority | 9:25 a.m.

"As an unbiased objective observer who recently moved to Salt Lake City from Iowa and is not a fan of either BYU or Utah (go Hawkeyes!)"

Kewg troll alert!

Re: current superiority

question, is lying a sin?


Re: No comparison, jealous yoots... seriously? So you're one of those guys that talks a lot but never played the game? Because anyone that knows anything about football would never say that a so-called NC is greater than two BCS wins. That's just flat out brainless. Sorry lil' fella but 2 BCS wins in the current system is far greater than one so-called NC (even national pundits question the validity of that game) in the old system. End of story.

Re: current superiority

Despite the inability of jealous, juvenile Utah fans to accept the truth, your assessment is spot on.

Utah does get some credit for winning a couple of BCS games, but, in that respect, Boise State receives far more attention for it's BCS wins, especially the Oklahoma win.

From an historical perspective, nothing speaks more to the quality of a college football program than:

Winning a National Championship


Winning a Heisman Trophy

playing in a BCS game is small potatoes by comparison

ute4life 1:30pm

Yes we can tell that you know what you're talking about and you must have been quite a player yourself...NOT on both points. Talk about being brainless AND clueless, you win the big prize there, you little woman. Anyone who knows anything at all about sports knows that a National Championship is worth a heck of a lot more than any post-season game that is NOT for a championship. But why do we even bother trying to explain these simple and obvious facts to utah fans who probably have trouble tying their own shoes, let alone getting them on the right feet? Two BCS wins in the current system that are not for the NC mean only as much as any other bowl game that also did not decide the NC. End of story.

re: Ute4life at 1:30pm

Oh wow ute4life, you sound like one of the yoot fans who likes to claim that utah's win over Alabama was good enough to make you guys national champs. Right? Yeah I though so. U don't even understand how the system works, both u and Whitt voting yourselves #1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Losers!

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