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Published: Thursday, Feb. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Only team in mountain west conferenc history to have a 5 seed and lose to a 12 seed. Only team in MWC to lose in the CBI. Only team to lose to SW Baptist, now that is history and tradition!!! Can you say non and done again this year. The CBI called and they are looking for a better team.


Awww the BYU glory years of the disco 1970’s & 80’s when you actually had something on a NATIONAL scale to talk about. I wonder, if I could research these historic “treasures” on microfilm or is it recorded on a cave wall?

Utah? Well let’s just say we have a few NATIONAL accomplishments that actually happened in the age of the personal computer.

Sweet 16 2005
BCS Sugar Bowl 2008


@Boylen@10:35 am - You said it best! That SHOULD be Boylen's starting line-up, but of course, that's surely not the case! That happens to be the best suggestion of a line-up since the season began. Hey, what's your current profession? Maybe you could take Boylen's job since he doesn't seem to know how to do it or maybe replace his incompetent assistants. Send Hill your resume...surely if he gave the job to Boylen, you're a great candidate as well.

Recent History in Football

coming right up


We will be saying bye bye to Boylen at the end of the season. We need to back to our BYU thumping days again. Soon!!

Recent FB History


2005 7-5, 4-4 MWC (4th) unranked
2006 8-5, 5-3 MWC (3rd) unranked
2007 9-4, 5-3 MWC (3rd) unranked
2008 13-0, 8-0 MWC (1st) #2/#4, Sugar Bowl champs
2009 10-3, 10-3 MWC (3rd) #18/#18

2005 6-6, 5-3 MWC (2nd) unranked
2006 11-2, 8-0 MWC (1st) #16/#15
2007 11-2, 8-0 MWC (1st) #14/#15
2008 10-3, 6-2 MWC (3rd) #25/#21
2009 11-2, 7-1 MWC (2nd) #12/#12

Top 25 finishes: BYU 4 Utah 2
10+ win seasons: BYU 4 Utah 2
MWC championships: BYU 2 Utah 1
BCS games: BYU 0 Utah 1
Head-to-head: BYU 3 Utah 2

BYU 49-15 (77%) almost identical to Rose's winning %
Utah 47-17 (73%)

4 of the last 5 years, BYU has finished ahead of Utah in the MWC.

3 of the last 4 years, BYU has beaten Utah head-to-head, in Top 25 finishes, and in 10+ win seasons.

Even in football, BYU is STILL Utah's Big Brother.


"Only team to lose to SW Baptist, now that is history and tradition!!!"

Aw come on know Kewgs. You have some tradition as well. Just look at these “powerhouses” who have skinned the basketball pelt off the might Kougars.

South Alabama
Boise State (numerous times)
Morgan State


When I checked the half-time score I thought I had tuned into a Junior Jazz game by mistake. 19-19 and that with utah scoring at the buzzer to tie it up? If I hadn't seen that for myself I would have thought the final score was for the ladies game.


"When I checked the half-time score I thought I had tuned into a Junior Jazz game by mistake"

Yea, same team that beat UNLV twice this year. You know, the team that beat tds by 20. Remember? no?

Bwahah ha ha ah ah ha ha!

Basketball 101

To the fans that think BYU's two NIT championships were at a time where the NIT was more prestigious that the NCAA championship, think again! The NCAA has always awarded the winner of the NCAA Tournament as the National Champions.

1966 NCAA Final Four: Texas Western(UTEP), Kentucky, Duke, Utah. UTEP beat Kentucky for the National Championship (please refer to movie: Glory Road). Jerry Chambers of Utah was Final Four MVP.

1966 NIT Championship: BYU beat NYU (no movie. Oh, NYU stands for New York University).

1951 NCAA Championship: Kentucky over Kansas State

1951 NIT Championship: BYU over Dayton (FYI, Kansas State beat BYU in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament so BYU played in the NIT and won it).

1947 NIT Championship: Utah over Kentucky

FYI, Utah doesn't claim to be National Champions in 1947 because the NCAA clearly recognizes the NCAA Tournament winner as the National Champions.

National Championships: Utah 1, BYU 0

NIT Championships: BYU 2, Utah 1


RE:Recent FB History | 12:31 p.m.

Yes Cougar fan I’ve seen your stats many many times. But again, your missing the point -I’m talking NATIONAL significance. Really now, does anyone outside of the bubble know (or care) that BYU was ranked and average of #16 over the past 5 years? But does the NATION know about Boise State? How about TCU? And of course Utah? The answer is simple, YES.

What do all three of these teams have in common? They performed BIG when it counted. Go ahead and feel good about being “good”. But get back to me when your team has something that sports fans around the nation are slightly interested in.

There are dozens of “good” little programs all around the nation that chest pump the same way but it only goes so far.


Really, that impressed with a win on the worst team?

Boylen and ute co will finish at 6th.

Sub .500

and found wishing they played in Provo.

It's funny, because they did once: and lost.

None and Done!

nuf' said...


I LOVE how Ute fans jump all over BYU fans for talking about a National Championship in football back in 1984 "reliving the past" etc, etc., yet they quickly turn around and talk about their final four appearances, yada, yada, yada like it's different for them digging up the past. Stay absolutely classy Ute losers.

Anonymous | 1:32 p.m.

Sorry Utah fan, a couple of great seasons in your entire history does not a program make.

As much as Utah fans may like to believe otherwise, BYU is the MWC kingpin around the country.

30 years of being a perennial Top 25 team AND winning a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP carries ALOT more cachet than a couple of flash-in-the-pan seasons, no matter how good they were.

Even in their best decade ever, with BYU having it's worst stretch of football in the last 50 years, Utah still couldn't match BYU in Top 25 finishes.


17 Top 25 Finishes > 5 1/2 Top 25 Finishes

You can disagree all you want, but that's just the way it is.

Get back to us when Utah manages more Top 25 finishes in a decade than BYU!


"Stay absolutely classy Ute losers."

BYU nation must be so proud.


"The NCAA has always awarded the winner of the NCAA Tournament as the National Champions."

You don't have a clue what you're talking about.

In 1944, the NCAA tournament was the new kid on the block; little brother to the NIT, the most prestigious tournament of the time.

If that wasn't the case, please explain why Utah turned down their initial NCAA invitation to play in the NIT.

It was simply a freak series of events that Utah even played in the 1944 NCAA tournament.

You know that; as does anybody who has studied the history of college basketball in 1944.

Please stop lying about Utah winning a national championship in 1944.

It simply isn't so.


how Utah fans dismiss BYU's 1984 National Championship and 1996 Cotton Bowl win as too far in the past to be relevant;

yet their 1998 NCAA finals run and 1944 NCAA tournament championship are relevant.

What about Utah's 1947 NIT championship?

Or BYU's 1951 and 1966 NIT championships?

Can you say "HYPOCRITS"!

Tell me Utah fans, what exactly has Utah done since 1998 to make some real noise that fans outside the Utah bubble would recognize.

What exactly is Utah's statute of limitations on what time frame is and isn't relevant?

5 years
10 years
20 years
30 years
50 years

or in the case of 1944

66 years?

2/3 of a century?!

re: recent history - fb & bb

that's convenient to leave off the Fiesta Bowl year.

That is typical byu behavior - look at history with your blue coog glasses on. Only look at what makes you look the best. Much like how your school views the complete football records between the two schools - not counting the brigham young academy days in football because they lost almost all of them yet counting that record in basketball because they had a better outcome.

Anyway you look at it the Ute's have accomplished more in both football and basketball than your beloved coogs.

Explain and rationalize away until you feel better - but we all know the truth.

Congratulations on your recent number of NCAA tournament appearences. That is huge! Except when you lose all of them!!!

Yes Utah was a 5th seed last year and they got beat in the 1st round. That only proves they were better than the coogs last year.

I know byu likes to blame all of their NCAA tournament losses on their seed - I can't wait to hear the excuse this year.

Oh yeah good job on the win last night Utes.

Go Utes!!!

re: Anonymous | 12:44 p.m.

How many decades did you have to go back to compile your list for BYU?

The list for Utah covers the lowlights for just the past 5 years.

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