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Published: Thursday, Feb. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: Funniest

Oh, yeah, funny thing, but Utah has won an NCAA national basketball chapionship. True story. Look it up!

And, Utah appeared in the sweet 16 in 2005.

Let's see, when was the last time any other team from Utah was in the Sweet 16...?

Re: Funniest

Utah has won a National Championship in basketball and been to four Final Fours, neither of which your precious Coogs can say.

1993....Keep saying that year. It has been 17 years since you have even tasted what it feels like to play on Saturday in the tournament.

Andre Miller won as many tournament games in his four years as BYU has in their lifetime.


Hey all you Utes. Thanks again for the history lesson. I am a slow learner but I am starting to get the picture. Let me review.

You used to be good in basketball. You used to have a good coach. You have had 2 good seasons in football. You beat BYU 1/2 the time in football for a few years. You dominated the 1800s and early 1900s in football. Congrats on your decent, not necessarily recent, history.

LaVar the Utah Cat

Once again, why is Tavita playing major minutes for the Utes? Zero points against AF (nearly two points under his average); poor defense in this game with four fouls. Hines was vastly superior in this game to Tavita. Even the tv announcers were saying, don't bother guarding Tavita; he's not a threat, guard the other four. If Utah's coaches, continue to play Tavita, then they will continue to lose many games. It is comparable to playing 4 against 5 when you start Tavita.

Good Game Runnin Utes!

Keep up the momentum and stick it to the Pokes! I seriously think that they can make a tournament run and suprise people in Vegas.

NIT here we come!

Why are kewgie fans on here? Did you enjoy reading about the Utes? Losers!


LaVar the Utah Cat is the MAN! If he sees it, I KNOW the coaching staff sees it! Tavita, on a good day, CANNOT out-guard Hines! Hines IS a true point AND shooting guard, but NO ONE KNOWS IT BECAUSE AGAIN, THEY KEEP HIM BENCHED! I would bet my life savings on it that if they let him loose, they would NEVER bench him AGAIN! I hope like heck, he gets out of there and go somewhere where his skills are acknowledged and appreciated. He had 8 pts in the short amount of time he played and there were several players that didn't get any pts and played almost the entire game! Even a AFA fan said Henderson did ok, but it was ther OTHER guard that wore them out...that, my friend, was HINES in case you didn't know! And to make it worse, no one mentioned his contributions to the game. It is ALWAYS a Henderson affair, even when he plays like crap! WOW! Instead of Go Utes, I gotta say, Go Figure on this one!

Texas Cougar

Utah is starting to build momentum. I can see them as a dark horse in the MWC tournament (especially since they've proven they can beat UNLV in Vegas). Keep up the Ws, and we'll see you next week.

Little Dance

Utah won the NCAA championship so long ago that the NCAA tournament was't even the most prestigious tournament.

Like the NIT is today, in 1944, the NCAA tournament was the little brother to the NIT.

In other words, the LITTLE DANCE.

Utah's own actions prove this. The Utes turned down their initial invitation to the "little dance" in order accept their invitation to the BIG DANCE of the day, the NIT.

Utah got LOST in the opening round of the NIT to Kentucky.

A little fact that Utah fans conveniently choose to ignore when reciting their basketball "history".


Re: 'Just Think'... "NOT!" Seriously? Did you just use the word "NOT!" in that context? So I can assume you're wearing a neon green t-shirt, fanny pack, bermuda shorts and tevas with socks? Nice post... you came real strong on that one.

Re: Anonymous @8:21... your fellow fans are the ones that needed the lesson. If you morons are going to post erroneous information you are going to be corrected. At least the Utes have a history to talk about. What have your lil' kittens done recently... check that... EVER?


Great adjustments at half. Going small was huge as both Washburn and Foster we ineffective against AF's small lineup and constant motion. 2nd half was dominated by the Utes, and the important thing is they won. Let's finish up the last 3 with wins and have some good momentum as a very dangerous team in the tourney.

As always, a Boylen believer and proud of it.

Go Utes.


"Hey all you Utes. Thanks again for the history lesson. I am a slow learner but I am starting to get the picture. Let me review"

First off, Why do Kewg trolls constantly complain about how insufferable Ute fans are — and then post hate filled comment on UTE ARTICLES?

Because BYU= Hypocrites.

Second, Let’s review Kewg history — shall we.


1)Have not won a NCAA tournament game in nearly 20 years.
2)Has ZERO players in the NBA

1)Has never reached a BCS bowl game- 4 other non BCS teams have reached this goal within the last 6 years
2)Has gone 3-8 against the Utes.
3)Will remain in a Mid major conference as rivals Utah and TCU will move into a BCS conference


This is the Utes best lineup;


But you will never see it because Boylen loves Foster (no heart) Tavita (no talent) and Drca (no brains).

Recent Utah History

--As a #5 seed, got blown out by a #12 seed in their last NCAA appearance.

--Has only been to one Big Dance in the last five seasons.

--Has only won one MWC championship (shared with BYU and NM) in the last five seasons.

--Has had 2 (going on 3) losing seasons in the last five seasons.

--Has suffered double-digit losses in every one of the last five seasons.

2005-06 14-15
2006-07 11-19
2007-08 18-15
2008-09 24-10
2009-10 13-14

Overall 80-73 (52%)

Recent BYU History

--Has appeared in 5 straight post-season tournaments (1 NIT, 4 NCAA)

--Has won 3 straight MWC championships (soon to be 4)

--Has not had a double-digit losing season in the last 5 seasons

2005-2006 20-9 NIT
2006-2007 25-9 NCAA
2007-2008 27-8 NCAA
2008-2009 25-8 NCAA
2009-2010 26-3 NCAA

Overall 123-37 (77%)

Who is now clearly the BIG BROTHER in basketball?

It's not even close!



Funny how 'Recent History' is the most important when talking about y basketball but when we're talking about y football... we're going back to the 80's and 90's.

So which one is it? Recent history or distant past? Can't use both for your pathetic arguments.


BYU won the NIT twice when the NIT was bigger than the NCAA tourney.

RE: Little Dance

At least Utah has danced all the way to the Championship game in the BIG Dance (64 teams in NCAA Tourney). When's the last time BYU even made a final 4? How about NEVER! The cougs best finish was an elite 8 showing in 1981 (48 teams in NCAA Tourney).


Good job, Utes. By beating the worst MWC team you almost improved to .500!

RE: Ute4Life | 11:17 a.m

I can’t agree with you more! Kewg fan takes the polar opposite position when they talk basketball vs. football. So pathetic and very typical. I’ve come to expect nothing less from TDS.

Ernest T. Bass

I think the CBI tournament folks were quite impressed by this incredible victory and excellently played and coached game. And The Ten Foot Wall did score a point this time.

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