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Published: Thursday, Feb. 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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19 at half

what a beast!

Utes rule

Watch out Coogers next Wednesday! You are gonna get it.

Ugly game...

utes are real weak!

Here are two teams

that don't belong on tv...even the lowly Mtn


I feel sorry for all fans who saw this game. 19 at halftime Utes? You were playing Air Force. And by the way, holding them to 19 is not nearly as impressive as being held to 19 yourself is embarrassing.

get what

that the Utes aren't very good this year

I think we already get it


Chick ball might be more entertaining

Just Think

Just Think Yewts, one more victory and you'll be a mighty .500 on the season. Impressive, NOT!

Keep hating BYU fans...

Oh wait, that was supposed to be Utah's job.

What's the dealio? Either you're hating, or your getting nervous... can't think of any other reason to post the drivel I'm seeing here.

Ute Alum

Nice Finish! Great Job Utes! Go get dem Pokes den skin them kitty katz down south next wed!!! GOOO UTES!!!!!

coog fans....

nothing but coog fans posting on yet another Utah article.

Keep talking please - it will just make it even better when we beat you next week.

You should all probably stop talking trash at this point in the season - it's getting very close to the time that your team completely falls appart and leaves all you to come up with excuses of why you can't get past the first round yet again.

It's true the Utes aren't that great this year but they still have better wins than the mighty coogs.

Can't wait for the fall.

Go Utes!!!


I am not a big supporter of the cougar race as I am a bobcat and we fight over the terrain for food and survival. But I despise Utes even more for they try hunt us as food. For this they shall be slain by our clan and the cougars shall join us in this battle!!!

Cal Ute Fan

I thought one of the top priorities was defense. This season is gone, but I saw Air Force take two of the most open drives ever witnessed in major college basketball. Wide open and totally uncontested drives should not occur this late in the season against a team that is average at best.

RE: Bobcat

This is why they harp about people spending Waaayyy too much time playing games on the computer and losing touch with reality.


Cougars have a good year and everyone is talking smack!! Isn't this the same program that is 11-29 in NCAA Tournament games? Isn't this the program that doesn't have a single ex-cougar on an NBA roster? Isn't this the cougar program that has never played in a final four, one elite eight and two sweet sixteen games all time?

Hahahahahaha keep on talking your smack! Can you say one-and-done?!!!! Ignorant and arrogant simultaneously? Isn't that a rather odd combination? Only in the bubble??

Good road win Utes. Keep improving. Two more tune up wins then the MWC Tournament.


RE: Cal Ute Fan

Um... have you ever thought that those drives are a result of Air Force's offense? The Utes' top priority IS defense. Utah actually is quite the defensive team this season. The Utes are leading the conference in blocked shots and in three-point shooting defense. The Utes also shot 50 percent from the field against the Falcons while holding Air Force to their lowest point total of the season.


The program that has won a gazillion NCAA games, but has never won a national championship, and has now fallen so low that nowadays it misses the Big Dance more often than not.


I love Boylen. Dr. Hill, please keep him. He is awesome for the program and really knows how to coach. Not only that, but his personality is PERFECT for the U of U. You might as well laugh at yourself too while everyone else is.

A.F. Fan

Come on and give me a break!!!!

The yewts didn't put us through the grinder!!! If we would have rebounded a couple more offensive boards, we would have won!

And don't forget the miss call by the refs in the 3rd quarter that would have given us the lead and maintained our momentum.

Freshman Marsha Hendrickson did okay, but it was the other point guard that did us in!!!!
The yewts are going to be beaten badly at BYU.

GO FALCONS........you're the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!


"The program that has won a gazillion NCAA games, but has never won a national championship, and has now fallen so low that nowadays it misses the Big Dance more often than not."

You felt compelled to say this after the Utes won? Take your hate and shortcomings over to the Kewg articles. Ok?

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